Updating OS from Tiger to Snow Leopard. When I update using the disc, will my present files save into the new OS (ITunes, IPhoto, videos?

Will my present files automatically carryover into the new OS?
Should I back them up onto disc or external hard drive?
Have a Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    When I moved from Tiger (10.4.11) to Snow Leopard, I installed Snow Leopard to a separate empty partition from Tiger. I wanted to play safe, since I heard that Snow Leopard needs to update the formatting on the partition it is installed to. This also preserved all my data on the Tiger partition in case there was a power outage that interrupted the installation of Snow Leopard.

    During install, the Snow Leopard installer asked if I wanted to import OS settings, files and/or applications from the Tiger partition. I said yes to all and ended up with everything copied over and ready to use on the Snow Leopard partition. The only difficulty was that I have some old printers and a scanner that do not have drivers specific for Snow Leopard. It took several weeks to figure out how to use these printers and scanner in Snow Leopard, so until I could, it was good to have the option to start up from the Tiger partition if I needed to use the scanner or a printer. (Simply press the Option key during Start Up to switch to Tiger, or use the Start Up Disk utility in System Preferences.)

    Another suggestion: if you have an external drive partition with no data, use Disk Utility to "RESTORE" your Tiger partition to that partition on the external drive. This will be a clone. Make sure you can Start Up from the external partition. Then install Snow Leopard over your internal Tiger partition. Afterwards, you can Start Up from Tiger on the external hard drive if you need it for some reason.