Are the Apple watches waterproof ... swimming?

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    The Apple Watch models are not currently waterproof but they are water resistant.

  • The 3 previous answers are incorrect. The Series 2 IS Waterproof to 50 meters. It's designed for swimming NOT scuba or deep diving. The Series 1 and the original Apple Watch (Gen 0) are water RESISTANT....splash resistant.....so you can wash your hands and not worry about being caught in a tiny bit of rain or if you get splashed. That being said, the Series 1 & Original (Gen 0) Apple Watch models do not have the capability to withstand water under pressure /under any force. Eventually the difference in pressure will force water into the internal mechanism of the Watch (I believe it's via the speaker) which is the reason it cannot be submerged,

  • The Watch is not waterproof so sadly no, you cannot go swimming with it on. Also, I believe you can't shower with it on either but it is water resistant so you can wear it in the rain. Basically, it can only get slightly wet not completely submerged.

  • No. Water resistant, but not submergible. It is not recommended.