What do I need to do in order to watch Cars with Lightning McQueen and watch him react to the movie?

I tried to watch to the movie Cars with Lightning McQueen to see him react to the movie, and it told me to plug in his charger and your device. What dones that even mean? I tried plugging in his charger and my phone's charger into the extension plug/lead. After that, I tried tapping the screen multiple times and nonthing happened, what do I do after I plug in what I need to plug in and how do even plug in what a need to plug in? I now have no idea how to watch Cars the movie/film with Lightning McQueen.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Robot by Sphero

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Robot by Sphero

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    Just plug him in the electrical plug charger.

    On your iPad or iPhone or tv start watching the movie and the car will react to it nothing else to it

    I am doing it on my just right now