What does this thing do?

It doesn't really help to say it "offers fast, efficient charging" and "is compatible with X".
What equipment (eg, your MacBook? a USB powered item like an iPhone?) is it meant to charge?
What do you plug it into (eg, wall socket? USB power source?) to get the power?

In other words: [This item] plugs into [specify power source] to charge up your [specify power target].

  • Asked by fn from Philadelphia
29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

Product No Longer Available

1 Answer from the Community

  • You plug it into the wall outlet (110-240v it's worldwide) and then you plug a USB-C cable into this charger brick which you can then plug into either a MacBook, MacBook Pro (2016 Models Only but a higher wattage charger would be better for those laptops but this will still work), or any other device with a USB-C port. You could also plug in a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge any device with a Lightning port (any iPhone, iPad, or iPod made after 2012). Hope this helped!

    • Answered by William W from Pittsburgh