What is the best router to purchase and pair with an Airport Extreme? Comcast provides my internet

I have Comcast Blast internet with speeds north of 200 while plugged into the ethernet but wireless is rarely faster than 50. I am currently using the Airport Extreme as my router and the Netgear 6300 as my modem.


AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • I use , and highly recommend , the arris surfboard model sb6190 .
    Paired with an AirPort Extreme , it is a system offering great signal strength and range on my iPhone on 2.4 .
    And phenomenal speed when using my iPad Pro on 5.0 .

    my phone automatically logging on to home wifi sets in place a number of home automation sequences, so the far greater range of the extreme means I'm logging in as I turn the corner at the bottom of my road , so plenty of time for things to be in place for when I'm walking towards the front door ...