What is the expected battery life?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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  • Real world results depends on the conditions of the weather. I net 21 mins with 10-15mph wind (variable).

  • Ignore the official runtime and previous answers. Expect a real life useable flight time of 21 mins (landing with 15-20% remaining), 18 mins if you ascend 500m.

  • DJI says 27 mins.

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    27 minutes

  • Its said to be 27 minutes, but thats in perfect conditions with all the extra fancy bits turned off.

    However in the first couple of test it has managed to stay up i the air just hovering for 26 minutes!
    bearing in mind that the phantom 4 which boasts the same flight time under the same condition only managed 21minutes

  • They say 27 minutes, but depends on use and specially if thats in sports mode or not, real world use seems 24mins thou which is still great.

  • Continuous running 28 Mins or else depends