What is this MagSafe 85W connector compatible with? New 15" MacBook Pro? 2011 13" MacBook Air? Both? Neither?

I currently have a 13" MacBook Air with a MagSafe connector in line with the cord like this one. However it is old and coming apart. I have purchased a new 15" macbook pro. Will this work on this macbook as well if I get the 85W version? Will the 85W Version work on my macbook air? Remember, I need the one with the connector in line with the cord and not the one which comes out at 90° to the macbook. I'm looking for one cable to work with many MacBooks.


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  • Do not even try this. If you have a new computer get a charger especially for it, it is not a good idea to have multiple/different macbooks using the same charger. Either the new battery will drain from the old charger or the new battery will kill your charger, which will result in you purchasing a new one anyways. The macbook Air is not running as much processes as the macbook/macbook pro, so if you tried charging macbook with macbook Air charger, your Air charger will stop working.