What kind of lens mount is on the Raven ? What other brand of lenses can we use on the Raven Kit ? Thx

RED RAVEN Camera Kit + Final Cut Pro X

RED RAVEN Camera Kit + Final Cut Pro X

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    Red Raven has a fixed EF Mount

  • Raven uses the Canon EF mount. Most EF mount brands are compatible.

  • EF. Anything with a Canon EF mount.

  • any canon EOS mount lens

  • It does NOT have a PL mount, and the mount cannot be replaced like some of the other RED cameras - the Raven comes with a fixed Canon EF mount, and the crop sensor can use both EF and EF-S lenses.

  • Hey, it is the canon ef mount that is built into the camera

  • It's a fixed Canon EF mount, so any lens that is an EF mount, but the crop factor makes full frame lenses a bit zoomed in. So a full frame 24-105mm lens is multiplied by 1.6x so really it looks like a 38-168mm lens.

  • The Raven has a fixed EF mount. It is not swappable like other RED cameras. Several cine lenses come in the EF mount option, such as the Canon CN-E line.

  • Canon EF with a secondary locking ring.

  • Canon EF.

  • The RED website says "Canon lens mount".

  • The lens mount is standard Canon EF so any lens made for Canon DSLRs will work including EFs lenses designed for APS-C sensors

  • Hi Xavier,

    The lens mount on the Raven is a canon EF mount, this would allow you to use any lens that features a canon EF mount.

  • Canon mount, EF.Anything with EF-mount should work.

  • The RED RAVEN is only available in Canon EF mount, but there are 3rd party manufacturers that may allow you to adapt other lenses onto the RAVEN.

  • Hi, DSMC MG PL Mount2. You can always buy the correct module to suit your lenses.