What kind of network performance should I be getting from this display's usb-c ports?

I have the Belkin Ethernet adapter connected to the display's usb-c ports and I can only get between 25-35mb of throughput. But if I connect the Belkin Ethernet adapter directly to my MacBook Pro I get around the top end of my service 200+mb! Does this display slow it down almost 10 times?

LG UltraFine 4K Display

LG UltraFine 4K Display

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    The specs say that the additional ports are USB-C but configured as USB 2.0. You should still get decent speed as USB2 is rated at 480 Mb/s. Probably a Belkin compatibility issue.

  • Well I have sent this monitor back 2 times to LG for warranty repair. The best performance I can get from the USB-C downstream ports is ~50 mega bits per second. That is about 1/10 the stated maximum throughput of 480mbps. The last time I sent it back I included a letter that detailed the issues along with several pages of test results and adapter information that there might be a possible issue with the Belkin Ethernet adapter. All I got back was a servicer report stating "Diagnostic Test Results - No problem found" and "Service Performed - No problem found"