what length is the cord on the magsafe power adapter?

  • Asked by fn from Raleigh
  • Asked about:  QA Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

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    It's 70 inches long, excluding the extra extension cord. so that's 5 feet, and 10 Inches. Or 5.83 Feet. Or 1.778 meters.

    • Answered by Gyldaine T from Manila
  • Its just under 6 feet which is 2 feet shorter than standard PC cords and I find limiting. Is a longer cord available? Many thanks.

    • Answered by J Frano V from Boston
  • Each part i.e. the bit that plus into the mac and the bit that plugs into the power socket is about 6ft I reckon (assuming you've got the extended plug cord), so more than enough for most situations.


    • Answered by David C