what will happen if i use my 65w magsafe power adapter on my 15'' macbook pro

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    It will work ok, but it wont necessarily charge your battery.,

    A Macbook Pro 15 & 17 need the extra power to run the LCD panel, so it the macbook is off, or you have an external monitor plugged in with the cover closed, it'll work fine, and charge the battery.

    But - if you are using the LCD panel, one of 2 things will happen - either the mac will run, but not charge the battery, or, the battery will slowly drain, since 60W not quite enough for full running. When the battery runs out, it will suspend, even with the adapter plugged in (and the adapoter will also power off, and not work again until it's unplugged for 10 seconds when this happens).

    I have the newest MBP17, with the top spec - and this is precisely what happens when i use my wife's mac Air's 60W power adapter...