Which sports band color will go well with the Space Grey Aluminum watch?

I currently have the black space grey watch with the black band. Has anyone else gotten a different color to go with the space grey watch? It seems to me that the bands match or go well with the silver watch. I feel like I may return my watch for another color.

  • Asked about:  42mm Sport Band

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    Don't return it! I've found that the space grey is most versatile. I have the Product Red, White, and Black bands. Also the black Nylon band looks and feels amazing. As do the black, white, red, grey, and brown Classic Buckles but I'm a vegan and recommend against purchasing leather. I'm also gonna get the neon green one. I thought I'd hate the sport bands because they looked kitchey and cheap but they really don't.

  • James I originally thought the exact same thing. I have found the Apple Milanese Loop band (stainless color) looks surprisingly great with the space grey watch. I have looked into the Black Milanese Loop Band, but reviews from others have described an inordinate amount of scratches on the back of the watch, obscuring the sensors. I have not noticed this issue with the Apple-Brand Milanese Loop Band; it fits, looks, and works great with the watch you described. Just a thought. Thx.