Will it work with the wireless charger?

OtterBox Statement Series Case for iPhone X

OtterBox Statement Series Case for iPhone X

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    Not for me. The phone "looks" like it is charging. The icon turns green and the charge indicator shows. The battery percentage, however, never increases. Case off, phone charges great. Case on, complete disappointment. Do not be fooled by a charging mat demo. Wait to watch the percentage increase. It doesn't work for me.

  • Yes it works for me. I'm using the Belkin wireless charging pad. Not sure about other wireless charging pads. I purchased the Belkin from the Apple Store to avoid any incompatibility problems. If you're going to pay $1k for an iPhone X ... it doesn't make sense to skimp on case protection and charging accessories ... I'm just saying. The thing about the Apple Store is that you can return any of their items that are not functioning properly, so I try to stick with them for most of my electrical accessories. I've had mines since the X was released and its holding up quite well, other than minimal scratches on the clear plastic part of the case. I did purchase a privacy screen from another retailer that works well with the case, in case you're wondering if you can use a screen protector. Just make sure it has the smooth beveled edges, so the case won't pop the screen off. Good luck