will the 60 watt AC adapter work on the macbook pro 15 ?

want to have a lighter charger when traveling. will it charge the battery?

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    Any of the Macbook adapters, including the MacBook Air will run on any other Macbook model if you're only charging it when off or in sleep mode. The adapters are rated to handle the unit running the drive, display and processors under load. In a pinch you can use the 45 watt 'Air model to run the 85W 'Pro BUT I wouldn't recommend you run it that way except to quickly check your email, etc. If you HAVE to use the 45W or 60W to charge the battery in an 85W model, shut the laptop down, plug it in to charge and THEN run the laptop in the battery without the charger connected I have all of these models and have had to do this on occasion.