Will the Airport Express extend the guest network of an Airport Extreme?

  • Asked by fn from Albuquerque
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    Talked to Apple Support today on this issue. They said that the bridged Airport Express will not extend the Guest Network of the Extreme. She suggested that I create a request (complaint?) regarding this feature. She seemed to believe that it could be offered in the future as a software patch/update.

    • Answered by Brian T from Los Altos
  • I tried doing what you were trying to do: to extend the guest network with a newly bough Airport Express (2012). It seems that by default, when extending the network, it extends the main wireless signal, not the guest. Afterwards I keep trying to go into the Airport Express and changing the default to extend the guest, and I keep getting an error. So, I think the answer to your questions is no. This is a bummer for me. Does anybody else have any comments on this? Has anybody else tried extending the guest network and not the main network with an Aiport Express Base (2012)?

    • Answered by Mario R from Socorro
  • It seems as if firmware 7.6.3 is not the answer. As was said previously the AirPort Express (1st Gen) will extend the primary network of an Airport Extreme (5th Gen) but doesn't seem to see the guest network during configuration. If I manually type the name of the guest network into the extend a network field on the AP Express and click update for the AP Express it restarts and the orange light just keeps blinking and blinking, as if looking for the network. I've call Apple network tech support but have not heard back. So I thought I'd throw this out for you all to chime in.

    • Answered by Kenneth J M from Quakertown
  • AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.6.3 is required to extend the Guest Wi-Fi network on a network that is configured with multiple AirPort Base Stations.

    • Answered by Jonathan C from Auburn
  • I have been able to create a guest network on an Airport Express used as a Wifi Repeater.
    Once all my Aiports were configured to extend the wifi of my main Airport Extreme (Tower), I manually was able to create the guest network on each Airport (both Extreme 4th Gen, and Express).

    Unfortunately, it seems that the guest network does not have internet access when using the Airports as repeaters -- to make it work, they probably need to be hard-wired.

    • Answered by Michael B from West Covina