Will the case protect the corners of the iPad mini 3? as my last ipad landed on it corner and smashed the screen.

iPad mini Smart Case

iPad mini Smart Case

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    I have this case on my iPad Mini 2 and it does encase the corners. I have not dropped it from any higher than 18" to know how robust the protection is. It is better than nothing though.

  • It will provide some protection but I wouldn't rely on it for drop protection. You should look into an Otterbox or LifeProof type case.

  • The case has a microfiber lining that will allow easy insertion but a tight grip on your iPad while still showing a generous amount of its chamfered edge. Take note though, that the microfiber lining, notably the top left and top right will be loose overtime. I had purchased mine 9 months ago and they were already loose.

    Also, if you dropped your iPad face down, the slim cover won't do your screen shatter protection.