Will the Mavic Controller be large enough to hold an iPad mini? Or is an iPhone the largest viewing option, when still using the DJI controller

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DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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    The controller will hold an iPad Mini with no problem. The other two people who answered "no" are wrong. Go to YouTube and search "Mavic with iPad mini".


    I've been following new conversations on the mavic pilots forum that indicate a change has been made to the mavic controller by DJI. The original design would allow a mini 2, mini 3, or mini 4 to fit inside the controller's arms. But when an ipad mini is mounted in this fashion on the original design apparently the end of one of the arms could press in on the sport mode button and create problems.

    DJI appears to have addressed this issue by modifying the controller's arm design. They've been slightly relocated. As a result some people who have received the upgraded units are reporting that a mini 4 will no longer fit (it's 3.2mm longer than a mini 2).

    So - it may no longer be possible to fit a mini on the controller. There are 3rd party companies that sell mounts that fit inside of the arms and place the ipad mini above the controller (thereby blocking the controller's LCD screen). People who have purchased them have said that all of the display information shown on the controller is also shown in the DJI GO app, so you shouldn't have any important information covered up if you choose to go that route.

    Still waiting on my Mavic to ship, so I can't verify the issue. But I wanted to make sure that you had this info too and could research it for yourself.

  • Both answers were wrong. YES YOU CAN use an ipad mini and the remote opens up sufficiently to allow an ipad mini to sit comfortably into the grooves of the arms on either side. Then with a short lead its plugged into the remotes USB socket.

  • Just purchased a Mavic Pro and my iPad Mini 2 fits fine. It may look precarious, but the controller arms keep a really firm grip on the iPad Mini even though they only hold the top edges each side. It does mean that it is more comfortable to hold if you have your thumbs at a slight inward-facing angle when holding the control sticks rather than vertical. This makes the combined set up nicely balanced with the 2 arms sitting on the palms of your hands and you can still access the buttons and dials at the front. IMO a small tradeoff for having a much larger screen with a longer battery life compared to the iPhone 6. The iPad connects to the iPad via the USB connection at the bottom of the controller. I just need to find a suitable sun shade as it is difficult to view in bright sunlight as is the iPhone 6.

  • I purchased my Mavic Pro Dec. 16th. It arrived Feb 4th. I tried using my iPad Mini 3 with the controller and I WAS successful. It fits, but you have to be careful when sliding it through the grips. Be sure to hold it firm and enter one corner first then slide the opposite side in.

  • Yes, it can. There are several mod kits out there. Google "Mavmount".

  • here are the specification on the remote capabilities as far as the device that can be used right from DJI:

    Supported Mobile Device Size
    Thickness Supported:6.5-8.5mm
    Max length: 160mm
    Supported USB port types: Lightning, Micro USB(Type-B),USB(Type-C)™

    I think the iPad mini is something like 200mm or more so the answer is no yo ca not use an iPad Mini in the holder built in to the controller

  • Nope you cannot.

    Iphone YES