Will this keyboard work with my iPhone?

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Product No Longer Available

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    At this time you can not plug in any external keyboards to an iPhone.

    Even if the ability to plug in a keyboard is included in future iPhone OS, this is a USB keyboard and the iPhone connector is not USB.

  • You can experience "Not enough power" error when connecting your iPhone to the keyboard itself.

  • If you want to type on the keyboard instead of your iPhone keyboard, then the answer is now but if you want to connect your iPhone to your computer then yes it'll work fine

  • yes, you can plug in the iPhone to either of the 2 USB ports on this keyboard. it will be able to sync with iTunes that way, and it will also charge it.

  • Yes. I am currently charging a new iPhone 4S that I purchased today. It only had 10% at the store and is now at 40%. I haven't yet compared the speed of using the include wall wart charger. I would guess it would be faster.