Will this smart cover work with the original iPad air?

iPad Air Smart Cover

iPad Air Smart Cover

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    Yes. It's designed to work with both the all-new iPad Air 2 and previous-generation iPad Air.

  • Yes, it is compatible with the original iPad Air.

  • Yes, it will as it has the same dimensions as the new iPad air 2. It also states on the site it does.

  • Edgar, I have it on good authority (I asked a very helpful Apple Store employee) that it will work on both. Some commenters were a little harsh, but I'm glad you asked this question. I was wondering the very same thing!
    p.s. don't march to the beat of their drum :)

  • Under compatibility, it says that this smart cover fits both the iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

  • Well, considering that it says that compatibility is "iPad Air and iPad Air 2", yes.

  • I am assured by Apple that the iPad air 2 cover will not work for the original ipad air. It is too large and you risk the ipad falling out. So if you make sure that the cover is for an ipad air and not an ipad air 2 you will be ok.