Will this still work for the Gen 2/3 Apple TV's? It looks like the height is flexible, but I'm not sure.

Innovelis TotalMount Pro Mounting System for Apple TV

Innovelis TotalMount Pro Mounting System for Apple TV

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    I forgot I asked this question. I ended up buying this for my Gen 4, but instead, used it for my Gen 3. IR works fairly well by reflecting off surfaces, so I put this on the back of my tv near the top and now I just point my Apple remote at the ceiling above the TV.

  • previous versions of Apple Tv's utilised remote controls that operated "line of sight", so basically if the remote couldn't see the black box, it didn't work. If you stick you 2/3 gen Apple TV box to the back of your TV, your gen 2/3 remote won't work.

    There are of course ways around this problem with i.r. transmitters, but it becomes complicated and potentially adding to the clutter and untidy cables. : )