will this work out doors?

  • Asked by fn from Houston
Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

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    Sure they can. They still need a power source though.

    • Answered by Jennifer K
  • Depends on what you meant by "work outdoors." If you meant will the Velop work outside exposed to weather, no it is not designed to withstand the extremes of weather - hot or freezing temperatures plus rain snow or ice.

    However if you meant - will the Velop broadcast its signal outside of the home? The answer is yes, but with the normal limitations of wifi. It is the same as any other wifi router in that its signal (2.4 OR 5.OGhz) can be attenuated by walls and, like all other wifi routers, has a limited free air range due to its FCC -mandated limited power.

    Also Im not sure that, if you do decide place one Velop unit outside the house in a weather proof enclosure, detached garage, shed, etc. (remember it must be plugged into a 120VAC wall outlet), how far the Velop's third (backhaul) signal can travel to handshake with another Velop unit, which it has to do in order to work.

    If you want to extend your wifi coverage area to an area outside of your home (say your backyard), you would best accomplish that by placing one of the Velop units in a window facing the backyard or directly against the house's back wall (adjacent to that outside area). That would still limit the outside wifi coverage to that side of your property and likely only for maybe a hundred feet or so (maximum) out from the back of the house. Every unique house/yard scenario will be different in effective coverage.

    There are other mesh networks that are reportedly stronger than Velop. There also Wifi range extenders designed specifically for outdoor usage (they have no ethernet or USB connections on them to prevent unauthorized tapping into the network). In your favorite Serach engine, enter "outdoor mesh wifi extender" Good luck with your project!

    • Answered by Charles A M from Sykesville