Will this work with the New 10.5" iPad Pro?

Logi BASE Charging Stand with Smart Connector for iPad Pro

Logi BASE Charging Stand with Smart Connector for iPad Pro

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    I have this dock and been using it for the past year with a 9.7" iPad Pro and generally very pleased. I just purchased a new 10.5" iPad Pro and it appears the unit sits fine in the dock however I am about 50% successful charging. Meaning 50% of the time docking the iPad there is no recognition of charging while the other 50% time power is recognized. This same question was posed on Logitech's community without an official response so I would advise waiting for an official response.

  • It's been working perfectly with my 10.5 inch iPad Pro since early November. I wonder if those reporting that there is insufficient charging still have it connected to a less powerful charging cube.

  • It worked for my 9.7 Pro but not the 10.5 No charging, and worse, it keeps asking if I want to re-set the Smart software. When I click "update", nothing happens. The Apple Store tried duplicating my experience with their own iPad Pros, and got the same result. I trashed it.

  • It worked for me initially, but abruptly stopped. Nothing I do has gotten it to start charging again. I asked an Apple Genius about it, and was told (incorrectly, obviously) that charging is not supported from the side port.

  • I accidentally ordered this for my new 10.5" iPad Pro but it appears to be working fine.

  • Yes, I use my 10.5" Pro with it.

  • Yes. I picked one up today and it works perfectly.