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    New keyboard works great

    We got two keyboards directly as they came out. Since we had never used them it was a buying decision based entirely on aesthetics and the clear advantage of them being obviously very easy to clean. We've been using them for about two weeks now and the ease of use is tremendous. Not only do they look good and are easy to clean, the typing itself is fast and a lot less noisy, the keys are more solid and easier to press, and the flatness dramatically reduces strain on the wrists when typing (why didn't anyone come up with this before?). All in all a tremendous product we would recommend to anyone.

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    Love, Love, Love It!

    I ordered this keyboard as a replacement for the one that came with my iMac (that keyboard significantly slowed down my typing speed and accuracy) and I absolutely love it, after having used it for a mere 10 minutes. My typing is faster and more accurate with this new keyboard.

    All of the special keys worked perfectly as soon as I finished downloading and installing the keyboard software update.

    The only thing I do not like is that I cannot plug a USB drive into the keyboard. When I do, I get a message saying there isn't enough power for the device. Other than that one minor difficulty, it's an excellent keyboard, which I would recommend to anyone.

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    Quiet, clean, and solid.

    A huge leap forward for Apple keyboards. The new keyboards are more comfortable to type with, due to the low-rise of the keys from the desk and due to the crisp, responsive motion of the keys. The new key style is extremely quiet. The particular location of the auxilary USB ports means that the keyboard maintains its slick and elegant appearance even with all manner of devices plugged into it. (Besides, it appears to me that it will be less prone to dirt build-up beneath the keys as most keyboards are.) An overall excellent product, of which I have no complaints. I make excuses to use this keyboard!

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    An incredible achievement.

    The new Apple Keyboard is a work of art. The tactile sublimity must be experienced first-hand; I can't adequately describe it, but I'll try. The keys are solid. Really solid. I can hear the faint "thud thud thud" of my keystrokes resonating through my desktop as I type.

    For right-handers, the smaller footprint allows you to move the keyboard closer to your mouse, bringing the letter keys into alignment with the center of your monitor. The low profile provides for a much more natural positioning of your hands, even if you rest the heels of your hands on the desk.

    Aesthetically, it is stunning. I've never been emotionally moved by a keyboard until now. It is design in its purest form. There are no unnecessary lines or forms. Only functional beauty. As a product designer and an engineer, the keyboard simultaneously fills me with joy and envy. If you have one in front of you, take a close look at the corners of the keyboard frame. Notice how the radius of the frame is concentric to the radius of the key. That is a line of poetry in a love letter to design.

    Though seemingly insignificant compared to the recent high-profile product launches, I believe that the future will look back on this keyboard as a watershed achievement in Apple's legendary design history.

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    Love it!!

    I absolutely love the new Apple keyboard! It works great on my Mac at home as well as my PC at work. My desktop looks much less cluttered with my old PC keyboard out of the way! I will definitely get a second one for work. The only problem with using it on a PC is that there doesn't seem to be a way for me to use one of the function keys beyond F12 for the weird DOS button like Pause/Break and Print Screen. I wish this weren't the case, but some of my work apps require those buttons. Anyway, again, this is a wonderful keyboard and I highly recommend it for Macs and PCs.

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    Neat! Recommend upgrade.

    Very low profile. Will take some getting use to. Very fast typing. Smooth key strokes. Keys are spaced perfectly. I also like the new keys and layout. I have full control watching movies with DVD player using the control keys. This keyboard works perfect with the keyboard update 1.1. I did not have to manually change anything.

    Very sleek design worth the price. Recommend buying.

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    A Must Buy For Everyone!

    Until I got my new keyboard, I thought there was a limit to how sexy a keyboard could be. But Apple did it, they created to coolest (by far), the best designed keyboard in the history of mankind. Good job guys.

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    I Love this Keyboard!

    Wow, this keyboard is night and day better than the older ones. I have a 6 month old iMac and when i bought it i got the wireless keyboard. it was ok but i really didnt care for it much. Yesterday i picked up this wired new apple keyboard and it is fantastic. Im writing this review because im simply looking for an excuse to type something haha. Apple came out wth yet again another fantastic product. If nothing else this one shouldnt get near as dirt as the old ones because the old ones had all the cracks and creases everywhere and were only white. Im very happy, you just have to download the software for the hotkeys to work from apple downloads

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I mean every word of my review title. :) The design is clean, minimalist, functional, very pleasant to look at. Materials used feel great. VERY WELL DONE APPLE!

    (I've read someone complaining about top control buttons not working (sound, brightness etc, but that's because that silly person didn't read the user manual - to get those work, you need to download a driver from Apple website! Good idea - prevents wasting resources by producing millions of useless CDs.)