• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    A Clear blot on apple's Image

    Very good in design but very very very poor in handling and durability.

    Just after 3 months... scroll ball has stoped working. There is no way to clean or repair it.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I can't believe they have not withdrawn it from sale

    Words can not describe the sheer frustration and anger i feel towards this product, 10 months and 3 mice later and the track ball has failed again each time i have to wait 5-7 working days for it t be replaced resulting in me having a lovely $3000 paperweight (iMac) sitting on my desk, i feel like i need to buy a spare one so i have one to use when it is in being serviced, i don't care about a 360 scroll i would rather a 180 wheel that work for more than 3 months at a time. will think very long and hard before purchasing another apple product again if this is the quality of what is being offered now

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    Buy the Wireless Version

    I have several of these all quickly put back in the box and replaced by the wireless mouse, the main problem i have is that the cable is too short for working on larger screens (by that I mean you run out of cable if you are dragging before you run out of screen width) and secondly and most annoyingly the cable is the perfect width to fit snugly under the curved front of the mouse body where it prevents you clicking, a most frustrating problem particularly when editing or working in fine detail.

    The wireless version on the other hand is unaffected by either of these issues and suits my purposes admirably.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Scroll wheel? What scroll wheel?

    I'm already onto my second Mighty Mouse in six months and I'm about to return it for a third. The scroll wheel on this mouse can barely be considered functional — regardless of how clean one keeps their paws this flimsy little ball mechanism will get clogged with dust and stop working. It can't be properly cleaned and it appears that even oxygen particles will hinder its functionality.

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    Ratty Mouse

    I have two mice, and both have the same failing. The scroller stops working after a few months. DON'T BUY THIS!

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    Should've spent the money on a ham

    I demo'd this mouse in an Apple store in the Sydney CBD and I loved it. So I bought one. When I took it home, I was like "Yes, it looks so sexy" but only after 20 days of using it. I have realised this mouse was a ripoff. For example when you play Halo, you need your whole hand on the mouse and the two fingers in front. When you try to left click, guess what? It right clicks. Making me throw a grenade and run into it. Definitely do not buy this. You are better off spending this money on a ham or a pack of smokes.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I loved this mouse from day 1, but exactly as many people on internet warn, the scroll ball stopped working today - I can't scroll down any more. Going to the shop tomorrow to do a warranty claim ... I don't think they'll give me a refund, but if they do, I'm buying something else. Why did you make this mouse so unreliable, Apple? Didn't you get enough feedback from users to fix this ??? It doesn't suit a company like you, to sell such a cr... product!

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    Looks good, but...

    I've owned my iMac now for just under 3 weeks, and I've REALLY tried to like the mouse that came with it, but...

    The right mouse button is incredibly unreliable. I could live with this, annoying as it was (I'm a reformed Windows user, and I'm VERY used to right-clicking to get things done), but what I couldn't live with is when the mouse ball stopped scrolling up (it'd still scroll down). So, I've had to steal the Logitech cordless from my old DELL, and the PC users are just gonna have to put up with a mouse that doesn't work properly.

    Very disappointing (in fact, the ONLY negative experience I've had with the iMac so far!).

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    Might Moose

    The design is nice but the mechanical scroll ball system is problematic after a short time of use. Cleaning the scroll ball is only a short term fix. They should design it with an internal laser to sense movement of the scroll ball which would eliminate the mechanical problems that occur with use.

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    Achilles scroll wheel...

    Only around 1-2 months before it began to get sticky. Never experienced such bad performance from such an expensive mouse. Really needs improvement to be brought up to Apple's usual standard.