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    I am seeing the same problems as everyone else. It drives my Samsung 305T plus for a while, but then it flickers and vertical stripes appear, requiring a reset.

    Waiting for a fix, firmware or otherwise.

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    Terrible Product

    We bought 6 of these for work to connect the new Mac Minis with our 30" Samsung displays. Many of them have problems, and need to be disconnected and reconnected several times an our. Apple should be ashamed to have it's name on this product. It is garbage!

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    Received with new Nehalem Mac Pro... fuzzes out about every 30 minutes when connected to Dell 30" monitor. Have to disconnect and reconnect the monitor to get it to come back.

    Apple: This MUST get fixed.

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    Fundamentally Flawed Product

    I'd actually give it zero stars since the product fails at the one thing it's supposed to do -- the short is that all current macs, except for the mac pro, do not really support DVI based 30" displays, and the mac pro only supports one, contrary to product documentation. As Apple has yet to update their 30" display to native display port, this does include their 30" cinema display as of this writing.

    The long of it is that it appears that adapter is intolerant of its power source. The above makes the decision to use USB power instead of having a proper adapter a very BAD decision (not sure why they didn't just make a power adapter -- it's not like you are going to tote a 30" display around like a laptop). The result is that you get snow artifacts on the screen, which range from annoying, to distracting, and into the downright not usable range depending on how good or bad your power source is. Either the team who QA'd this product, or the pointy haired dude who ignored them and let it out the door should be fired. Apple needs to recall these and replace them with, I don't know, maybe functioning adapters? A tip -- a real DC power source that provides the consistant power needed by the adapter instead of reliance on an USB bus would work better.

    PS: That said the best power source I've found thus far is an Apple iPhone charger -- I happened to have an extra and tried it as well as a few other USB powered devices. So far it's the most usable of the lot, tho I still get significant snow and flicker even with it.

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    Bought 4/6/09 fails exactly as described by others.

    Bought new Mac Mini, + dual-link DVI adapter together. Its driving a 30" Samsung 305T at 2560x1600.

    Video looks perfect for about 3-10 minutes then becomes scrambled with an interlacing artifact. Unplug/replug the DVI cable fixes the issue momentarily. Video flashes on/off at random every few minutes.

    There is nothing wrong with the monitor, I've been driving it at 2560x1600 from my previous generation 17" Macbook pro with 0 problems.

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    Initial problems now solved with Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC

    I had the same problem as anyone else with flickering and bad noise intermittently. It got so bad at some point that every switch back and forth with my Dual DVI KVM switch screwed up my display.

    What finally solved my problems was to connect the usb cable directly to the usb hub in my Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC monitor. As another review states here the problems seem to have to do with the quality of the power that the usb cable receives. Apparently my monitor does a good job with that.

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    Avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really wanted this to work, I didnt want to believe all the bad reviews about this product. But as soon as I got it home and connected it to my new mac mini (Nvidia) within 10 minutes my 30" Apple cinema display got the snow and artifacts on the screen and the only way to get the picture back was to restart the mini and replug in the adapter. Lately apple has been really disappointing me. It seems to me that there quality is going down the drain. I wont even get into what a bad experience I had trying to return the mini and the cable. They wont be getting my business anymore if this continues.

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    Have they recalled this yet?

    Flickers the monitor to the point of uselessness.
    Worked great for 5 minutes. Since then it is worthless.
    Almost as if something burned out inside once it was plugged in to a 30" monitor. Seriously, Apple, overheating batteries, cracking logicboards, and now this!

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    Apple owes us a refund! (Avoid this product)

    There are lots of complaints in lots of places about this product, and they are all justified -- you won't get more than a few minutes at a time flicker-free if if you buy this product. Avoid it until Apple provides a real fix.

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    I purchased the 2.8GHz MacBook Pro. I have a 30" Cinema Display at the office and the new 24" LED Cinema Display at home. I was disappointed that I had to order a $99 cable for the 30" display. Initially worked fine but develops an annoying flicker in the background. Usually not seen in an active window. This is an annoyance and significant disappointment considering the upfront costs.

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    Ruined My Experience

    I was looking for a new computer to drive my 30 inch Dell Monitor, and I decided to make the switch from PC to Apple -- but after dealing with this cable, I'm going back to PC.

    After hooking up this adapter I experienced sporadic issues with screen flickering, blurriness, and white lines. I've tried several work-a-rounds to eliminate the problems but none of them work.

    Don't buy a new Macbook if you want to run it on a monitor that requires dual link DVI, you will be disappointed.

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    Agreed: worst Apple product ever.

    I really hope this is a software problem with the NVidia chip and not a problem with this adapter... but the flickering is ridiculous! They say it's not compatible with non-Apple monitors and say that's the reason for many users' problems (complete nonsense...) but that doesn't explain the identical problems I have with my NEW Apple 30" that worked perfectly with my old MBP 17".

    There had better be a fix soon because this is ridiculous.

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    worst Apple product ever

    I've been happily using my 30" Dell monitor with previous MacBook Pro (which had dual-link dvi output), when I upgraded my notebook I purchased this adapter, hoping that it will work fine too. Unfortunately, it didn't! Simply put, this adapter is very unstable. I'm always using with power adaptor is connected, with "High Performance" graphics mode. Couple days it worked fine for couple hours, but usually it goes crazy after 10-15 minutes usage; seems like having a refresh/synch problem. Some times unplugging and plugging it back solves the problem for another 10-15 minutes... This is really frustrating....

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    At least it doesn't catch fire

    Unfortunately I ignored all the reviews and gave apple the benefit of the doubt. I get the distorted unreadable picture about 20-25 times a day and have to press option > command > eject to put the display to sleep. When I wake it up, it is fine again.

    I will probably retire my new macbook and fire up the old and rusty but trusty HP desktop. It's faster anyway.

    Do buy this product until Apple can recognize (let alone fix) the issue.

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    Causes pixel snow with new Unibody MBPro and 30" Apple Cinema Display

    I just bought a new 2.66Ghz 17" Unibody MBPro 2 days ago and hooked it up to my 30" Apple Cinema Display with the Dual-Link DVI adapter. At first, it worked fine and I thought I got lucky, but after the first waking from sleep, I started getting the flickering pixel snow in the background. Now, after 2 days, it's gotten worse--and it's really distracting while I work.

    I've tried unplugging/replugging the adapter, tried both graphics cards settings, detached all USB peripherals from the 30", but it doesn't solve the problem. I don't know if it's even worth exchanging the adapter or MBPro given how persistent these problems seem to be based on what I've read here and in various forums. I'm hoping there's a software fix in the works and it's not a hardware issue. I love Apple products and have been a customer for 15 years, but this is extremely frustrating.

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    Works most of the time.

    Apple 30" Cinema Display, Macbook 13" unibody 2.4Ghz, 4GB mem

    I experience flickers (so far only right after the computer starts up), inserted DVD, DVD player automatically opened and full-screen, just got black screen, everything besides the mouse cursor became unresponsive. Had to power-off via holding power button.

    Its just doesn't seem stable, but what choice do I have if I only have a MB and want to use my 30" display (used to have a PowerMac G5, but sold it)

    Hopefully this is something Apple could address in the future with a software/driver update.

    $99 to use my $1600 laptop with my $1800 display. A complete rip off. I might possibly have been able to overlook the $99 if it worked perfectly without problems, but that is certainly not the situation here.

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    Mac Mini(2009) Problems w/Adapter

    Just to chime in with the rest of the crowd, I'm also experiencing flickering issues with this adapter. I have a new Mac Mini w/Nvidia graphics that powers the 30" Cinema perfectly, no graininess or distortion, except for that irritating screen flickering every 15-40 minutes. I thought the Mini had issues, I'd never suspect it was the adapter until coming to this forum. Hope Apple fixes this problem soon considering that the adapter was 1/6th the price of the Mini.

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    It works - for those who can't get it to work read below

    I read all the negative reviews on here before buying and still made the purchase anyway to try it for myself. Don't forget everyone - most people who write reviews on the Internet are complaining about something. The majority of purchases that work never get written about because it is as expected. So always take "reviews" with a grain of salt.

    So anyway, I hooked this "Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter" up to my MacBook Pro (2.53GHz model) and to my 30" Apple screen. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING YOUR GRAPHICS IN PERFORMANCE MODE to not get any color or tearing issues. You might also need a fresh reboot to make it reset as well.

    1) Click on your battery or charging icon in the upper right hand part of your screen
    2) Click on "Energy Saver Preferences"
    3) Ensure that the "Higher performance" button is selected when connected to the adapter (you can switch it back when portability is needed)
    4) Then exit


    1) Go Apple>System Preferences> and click on "Displays" in the Hardware section
    2) You can play around with the settings in here to get the resolutions, colors and displays set-ups however you want.

    **Important note - make sure your laptop is using the battery charger when connected to the adapter for all of the above to work consistently.

    Hope this helps - worked for me.

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    DisplayPort Adapter (or Nvidia driver) Freezes/hangs macbook or causes snow

    I, like many here, am having problems where one of these behaviors occur when I connect the DisplayPort adapter:
    - There's snow on my external display (Samsung SyncMaster242MP)
    - The external display blinks on then off.
    - After returning from display sleep, the monitor continues to display nothing (black).
    - The MacBook hangs when removing the adapter and then plugging it back in. But not every time I do this. And I'm usually doing this to get the MacBook to re-detect the display due to one of the aforementioned issues.

    There was mention of an Apple update to the MacBook Pro Nvidia drivers that occurred in late January. That update has since been removed by Apple from their support site.

    I'm giving the adapter a two star rating because it does work, for as long as I keep the MBP from not sleeping the display, once I convince the MBP that there is a display attached and it syncs up without snow.

    Soooo...I'm anxiously awaiting news from Apple in some form (support KB, new driver, new adapter, anything!).

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    Awesome =] works GREAT!

    I got this for my 42 in PHILIPS LCD 1080p. I was very disappointed at first as it did not work, but after reading some of the reviews on here I realized I had to plug in in the USB to supply power to the dual-link (I know Duh!). Now, it not only works but the picture is crystal clear!

    hence my review title, Awesome =]

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