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    Amazingly BAD

    it all looks nice and everything and worked perfectly for the first 4 months and now i have to buy a new one because it is just cutting out. at least with the T shaped charger, it only broke by the wire ripping and you will see when it is breaking. this one overheats often so just stops and now i have to constantly move it around to work.

    anyway looks nice but doesn't work

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    Not even worth 1 star!

    Come on Apple! With the price of your computers being high, you'd think these power adapters would be GOOD. My 2009 Macbook is now on power supply #3, and battery #3... This is ridiculous!!! My old Dell Laptop lasted me 6 years, only replaced the battery once, and had the same power supply throughout the entire time! Your computers may be cool, but they severely lack in quality....

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    Second Time I've needed to replace this!

    Last year, I replaced my power adapter after the cord burnt out. Just today, the same thing happened! I love my Macbook, but I can't afford to replace the cable every year! I never had this problem with other laptops.

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    Not Up to Apple Standards

    I love my Macbook, but am very dissatisfied with this power adapter. Why can't Apple get this design right? This is the second time I have had to replace it. Even when the power adapter is working, it becomes too hot to touch. It's very frustrating to be without a power supply when the adapter quits working. It is even more frustrating to have to pay to replace it.

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    Terrible design. (Bonus: the feeling that nobody cares!)

    Apple—please read the hundreds of negative reviews here and kindly redesign your charger. (Yes, again. The first try didn't take, I'm sorry to say.) I purchased my MacBook in October 2008 and am off to buy yet another $79 replacement, bringing my total to five (including the original). The last one died for the usual reasons: exposed wires, fraying . . . complete with worrisome crackling noises for extra fun this time.

    You know, my husband has a big chunky PC laptop with a big chunky charger. The thing's a dinosaur in computer years, and yet that charger has never failed. I'd give up a little sleekness in exchange for a charger that can actually withstand daily use for longer than six months.

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    poor quality

    I had to buy new charger after first stopped to work. The new charger lasted only six months because of the poor quality of components. The low quality of materials caused the jacket covering the wire to split.
    In the apple store I have been told that it's look like I pinched the cable with doors and therefore they will not provide free replacement. They do not want to admit that their product is simply - a rubbish one!

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    stinks big time

    worst charger ever.

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    Another cord demolished

    My cat finds Apple products as irresistible as I do. Unfortunately, this plays out in a negative way - He just chewed his third cord and has moved up from iphone to Mac, which is getting expensive! I'm amazed that he hasn't been electrocuted. Has anyone overcome a similar problem? Apple - I love the esthetic of these cords, but they are a lot less cat durable than any other cord in my home!

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    18 months life expectancy

    I have never gotten more than about 15-18 months out of a MagSafe Power adapter before the cord begins to fray or shorts out. Fortunately they are relatively cheap to replace.

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    Low quality design

    Identical problems to so many other MacBook users:

    Cable wear where it joins the 'brick' - low quality design means the cable at that end simply can't offer the flexibility it ought to.

    Overheating of the 'brick'.

    Loss of connectivity between the MacBook and the Magsafe connector, meaning charging gets interrupted.

    The problem is that there is no alternative to Apple's own charger. If, like me, you already own a MacBook (and if you're reading this chances are you do), then it seems you're stuffed. For the same reason presumably - i.e. a captive market - a new charger is so expensive compared to similar devices for non-Apple products.

    If you don't yet own a MacBook, well, the sheer number of 1 star reviews tells its own story, as does the complete absence of a response from Apple. Something to consider if weighing up whether to buy Apple.

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    Not a fan of the charger design...

    Charger lasted 6 months...a little expensive for something I have to replace twice a year.

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    My connection to the power outlet just stopped working from nowhere. It blows.

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    Fix this!

    I think my charger finally stopped working. And by finally, I mean absolutely. It never worked to begin with. A few days after getting my Macbook Pro, I would have to jiggle it every single time for it to work. Real piece of junk. I really don't want to spend $80 for something that won't even be guaranteed to work.

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    It broke after just 1 year!!!

    My boyfriend had his adapter for 3 years without any issues because he bought his Macbook pro in 2009. He has the T-type adapter which is much better than the L-type I have. I literally had this adapter for one year and it just doesn't work anymore. I don't know why Apple chose to change the design when the previous design was far superior!

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    4th adapter in 3 years

    This is the 4th adapter I am buying in 3 years for my macbook. No wonder apple is making so much money.

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    I bought this about in October 2010 and it was working really smoothly until about a week ago. Then the tip of it where the cord meets the tip to plug into your computer fried. The layering peeled off and then wires are coming off it. One week ago it barely charged the computer, but it said its full. Now the charger can't even recognize that it is in there, so it doesn't charge.

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    Magsafe Power Adapter

    Let's just say, I've had my macbook for less than a year and I've had to replace my Magsafe power cable three times. Apple really needs to rethink their power cable.

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    power adapter

    I bought my Mac Book Pro in 2010 (March). Before the end of the year I started to have problems with it. I took it to MyMac, the authorized dealer in Brasília/Brazil, and they gave me a new one. Yesterday, it fried again. It must have something wrong with this accessory.
    By the way, never had any problems with the power supply of my Mac Book (white) bought in 2007. I am still using it!

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    No Complaints

    I have been using Apple laptops for some years and with the first charger that came with my old white macbook I had a problem with, but since they have changed to the new design neither myself nor the wife has had an issue. What are people doing to bang them up and get them frayed.
    I take care of how I wrap the cord when I need to take my laptop with me so no complaints at all, but I guess it is still early. I have had my Pro since July '11 and my wife has only had her air for a month. So no problem but I guess this is to be continued.

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    Absolute rubbish

    The charger that came with my £800 MacBook broke after about 18 months. Apple will not replace it for free. I know this is outside of the warranty, but I think it is fair to expect something that costs that much money to work for longer than that. The charger that came with a Sony Vaio which I got almost 6 years ago, and which was much cheaper still works. The magsafe connector is poorly designed, it has inadequate strain relief, causing the wires to fray, breaking the connections and shorting them to the metal case. This also causes a potential fire hazard. Get your act together Apple...

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