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    i have no idea what these people are talking about. i got my macbook in january 2008 and the power adapter has worked every time and has no signs of damage to the cord.

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    A few words of caution

    Like a few others, I've experienced the usual failure mode of this product - the broken cable where it exits the "brick".

    I too baulked at the cost of a replacement from Apple and repaired it by opening the case (relatively easy - it only seems to be welded/glued in four places), cutting out the broken section of the cable - which shortens it by an inch or two and soldering/ reinsulating/re-assembling the case and re-glueing sparingly with super glue.

    It seemed to work but I thought that the broken cable might have shorted and caused a potential problem for the longer term so, I purchased a replacement on ebay at half the cost of the Apple product. This duly arrived from Hong Kong and seemed to be identical to the Apple product - even down to the label.

    BIG MISTAKE!! Although it seemed to work OK I experienced some strange behaviour on the Trackpad. The cursor would move jerkilly and sometimes just lost it's accuracy. I proved it was the power pack by operating on just the battery and am now re-using the original power pack that I repaired - result; smooth cursor.

    Anybody want a Hong Kong copy of the Apple power pack - you too can have a cursor with a mind of it's own!!

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    not worth it

    I've had the same problem as other reviewers. My charger failed after about a year. I know it's the charger because i used my friends original charger on my mac and it works just fine. Of all the great Apple designs, please pay some attention to the charger....

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    power cord is a piece of junk

    Don't count on this working very long. This is the 4th time I have had to replace mine in 4 years. I wish I could give this item zero stars but that option was not available to me.

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    3 adapters in 3 years

    I have just about everything apple related and love the company's products. I am, however, extremely disappointed in the need to keep replacing my adapter because they eventually fray and come loose at the end that connects to the laptop. My latest replacement just sat plugged up at my desk, not being bent up or coiled and recoiled, yet it still ended up failing around the 1 year mark. At $80 each, this is not acceptable. I understand some users probably cause theirs to wear down with misuse and bending, but there is undoubtedly a design flaw involved for this issue to be so prevalent. I love your products, so please design better adapters to power them.

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    The expensive power adapter can only last for 1 year.

    This adapter won't last, you will have to buy it again 12 months later. Hope you will not be terrified when you see the exposed metal threads at the end of the adapter. More importantly, it will stop charging your computer soon after seeing them.

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    Great adapter

    Got this adapter with my Late 2008 Macbook. It's keeping my MacBook alive for over 40 months now. Lately ,since about 1-2 weeks now, it sometimes won't connect properly with the MacBook. I just pull it out and back in and it works. Besides that awsome adapter.

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    Worst power adapter ever!!!!!

    I have owned my macbook for two years now. I am now shopping for a fourth power cord in a two year time frame. Apple needs to improve this product. Its nice to see that you've built a reliable laptop but without battery charge whats the use?

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    Very Dissapointing

    I use my MacBook Pro for everything, but the fact that i take it to school everyday can't be the reason why my adapter is almost shredded to pieces in almost one and a half year.

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    I am now on my third charger in 1 and a half years. They burn out quickly and suddenly without warning cease to function. You fiddle with the cables thinking if you hold it up high or coiled in a certain way it will suddenly fix itself. This does not happen. Simply the mac adapter’s are sub-standard and apple know of this too well but do nothing about it. Instead the price for new ones has remained at £50 despite all the complaints. This has put me off buying a macbook again and simply will be going back to windows for my next computer in the coming year. For now I have to fork out more money to get a charger which will probably last until the summer.

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    Terribly disappointed in Apple

    I haven't had my Mac book long, maybe just under a year and already the charger is broken, the magnetic connector is loose & spins all the way around, it also gets awfully hot.

    Seeing reviews here I am now wondering if I should bother continuing with a Mac at all, the chargers are pricy and I certainly cannot afford to keep replacing them if this is going to be a regular occurrence.

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    worst than the last one

    worst than the older magsafe

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    I had had to replace this bs 4 times within a span of less than 2 years... it just stopped working out of nowhere.. The last time I replaced it was roughly 1ish month ago and now it had stopped working.. ... WTHELL APPLE?!?!?!?!

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    I thought Apple stood by their products?!

    Just like the others, my cord would work intermittently at first, depending on how much I jiggle the cord, now it doesn't work at all and I haven't even had my laptop a year :(
    I love my Macbook but I'm really disappointed that Apple is not addressing this HUGE issue! I'll think twice before recommending their products anymore

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    Buyer Beware

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 18 months and I am about to purchase my third power adapter. The design of the power cord is significantly flawed as the magnetic part detaches from the rest of the cord. I do not place stress on my power cord, it doesn't get thrown into bags, I don't spin in circles while holding my computer, or even have it in a place where stress is placed on the cord, yet they continue to break. Beware.

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    Bought my Macbook Pro about a year ago, and I love it to bits.
    My charger, on the other hand, keeps playing up, the LED light flicking on and off.
    Had it replaced, and now its doing the same after 3 months.
    Never dropped the charger, no spills, not happy.
    Apple needs to look at this, can't afford this routine!

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    Evidently Flawed

    Having owned my MacBook for coming on 2 years with no problems at all with the power adapter, I was glad I'd forked out the extra pounds on an Apple product. However, in the past two weeks, I've had 2 power adaptors fail on me. Reading the reviews, and experiencing it myself, it seems quite clear to me that there is a serious design flaw with the power adapters. What's worse is that they expect us to pay £50 for an evidently substandard product, with no alternative for the consumer. Now I'm going to have to spend another £10 in petrol travelling to and from the Apple store for the third time in two weeks. That's £80 plus 3 lost mornings of work. I hope this problem is fixed as soon as possible. I cannot afford such frequent journeys to get a replacement. Please, Apple, maintain my loyalty.

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    Failed after 13 months

    I was kind of shocked that there are so many bad reviews but like most my power adapter failed after barely one year. The problem ca from the cord/connector where a wire must be broken/loose.
    At $80 a piece, this is surely an expensive piece of junk.

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    Apple Do Something!

    I bought this adapter to keep at home so I wouldn't have to take the one at work home every night. I bought it for $79, but thought the convenience would be worth it. However, when I took it out of the box and plugged it in, it did nothing. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong, or the outlet was bad, but after trying everything, I went to some troubleshooting blogs. I found that this is a common problem with older Macs that came with the T style adapter.

    The general recommendation I got from the blogs was to take the battery out, and put it back in. It worked! In the last two days of using it, sometimes I have to do it, sometimes I don't, but after paying $80 dollars for something what a pain! There is nothing wrong with my computer, and I'm not getting a new one anytime soon. Since Apple isn't making the old one any more, shouldn't they address this problem? Is anyone at Apple listening out there?!! I would give this product zero stars, but it wasn't an option.

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    Must be replaced every 9 months. You don't just have to pay the Apple Tax when you buy your computer, but to continue to use it too! Never buying a Mac again!

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