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    I thought Apple stood by their products?!

    Just like the others, my cord would work intermittently at first, depending on how much I jiggle the cord, now it doesn't work at all and I haven't even had my laptop a year :(
    I love my Macbook but I'm really disappointed that Apple is not addressing this HUGE issue! I'll think twice before recommending their products anymore

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    Buyer Beware

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 18 months and I am about to purchase my third power adapter. The design of the power cord is significantly flawed as the magnetic part detaches from the rest of the cord. I do not place stress on my power cord, it doesn't get thrown into bags, I don't spin in circles while holding my computer, or even have it in a place where stress is placed on the cord, yet they continue to break. Beware.

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    Bought my Macbook Pro about a year ago, and I love it to bits.
    My charger, on the other hand, keeps playing up, the LED light flicking on and off.
    Had it replaced, and now its doing the same after 3 months.
    Never dropped the charger, no spills, not happy.
    Apple needs to look at this, can't afford this routine!

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    Evidently Flawed

    Having owned my MacBook for coming on 2 years with no problems at all with the power adapter, I was glad I'd forked out the extra pounds on an Apple product. However, in the past two weeks, I've had 2 power adaptors fail on me. Reading the reviews, and experiencing it myself, it seems quite clear to me that there is a serious design flaw with the power adapters. What's worse is that they expect us to pay £50 for an evidently substandard product, with no alternative for the consumer. Now I'm going to have to spend another £10 in petrol travelling to and from the Apple store for the third time in two weeks. That's £80 plus 3 lost mornings of work. I hope this problem is fixed as soon as possible. I cannot afford such frequent journeys to get a replacement. Please, Apple, maintain my loyalty.

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    Failed after 13 months

    I was kind of shocked that there are so many bad reviews but like most my power adapter failed after barely one year. The problem ca from the cord/connector where a wire must be broken/loose.
    At $80 a piece, this is surely an expensive piece of junk.

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    Apple Do Something!

    I bought this adapter to keep at home so I wouldn't have to take the one at work home every night. I bought it for $79, but thought the convenience would be worth it. However, when I took it out of the box and plugged it in, it did nothing. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong, or the outlet was bad, but after trying everything, I went to some troubleshooting blogs. I found that this is a common problem with older Macs that came with the T style adapter.

    The general recommendation I got from the blogs was to take the battery out, and put it back in. It worked! In the last two days of using it, sometimes I have to do it, sometimes I don't, but after paying $80 dollars for something what a pain! There is nothing wrong with my computer, and I'm not getting a new one anytime soon. Since Apple isn't making the old one any more, shouldn't they address this problem? Is anyone at Apple listening out there?!! I would give this product zero stars, but it wasn't an option.

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    Must be replaced every 9 months. You don't just have to pay the Apple Tax when you buy your computer, but to continue to use it too! Never buying a Mac again!

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    Good Quality but awful in Longevity

    So I purchased a mac book pro a while ago. The charger was getting a bit old looking like it was about to rip off, so I had it replaced under the first year warranty. Having it replaced, of course it was fine, but after the warranty was over. Not even a year after the replacement. The charger no longer works properly. It's not a problem with the outlet for the area where it's connected to the pro, but the cord it self. It's still possible to charge after moving the middle of the card back and forth for a good 20 minutes, but other then that...it's a non working charger. So, I don't know how I would feel about purchasing a whole other charger for full price.

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    Second in 3 years - shocking failure rate on this product

    So when you read every review on this product you can see it's a consistently poor performer, I'd just like to add to the list.

    Now reading the others it seems like 2 in 3 years is a great rate compared to others, but in reality a charger going once in 3 years is very poor for a brand such as Apple never mind 2 in 3 years.

    I'd say avoid this product but what other options did I have at the time?? The original blew so had to buy another which blew and now the last one has gone.

    Again, avoid ... But I assume the only other option is to sit with a blank screen MacBook.

    Apple, you really need to do something here, your standards here are appalling. I'm actually angry that I had to give it one star, it doesn't deserve that.

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    sad magsafe is sad

    i just had to get a replacement for my 13" macbook pro, which is not even one year old. the cord never leaves my living room, so it's not like i have been abusing the product, but it started having trouble connecting and finally died for good yesterday. fortunately it is still a free replacement under warranty, but i suspect it will happen again. at $80 a pop, that's not good. looks like there are lots of people with the same problem.

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    Not good enough!

    I own a MacBook Pro from mid 2009 and resently replaced the power adaptor. After 1 1/2 month it stopped working. This is simply not good enough Apple.

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    Worst Power Adapter ever.

    Apple really needs to step up and provide a better power adapter than this model. I've had 2 break on me in just under a year from the cord bending till it no longer works. A close friend had also had similar problems with his, and has replaced his twice now as well. I have never had power adapter problems with past laptops (Non-Apple), and this product is not "innovation".

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    Take Care of It

    I have owned Macs up the wazoo. I have never had an adapter, of any of the many variations die on me. If yours dies it is probably your fault. The adapters cannot overcome the laws of physics. Most people treat these like they are made of iron. Sharp bends, pressure on joints, cable being pulled because it is passing underneath the laptop and it sits there for hours... etc etc etc. Take care of it. Use the brackets to wrap it and always make sure that cord is loose at all connecting points. It will not die on you. Magsafe has saved my laptop so many times... just that is worth the money.

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    Great Product

    I have had this adapter for 3 years, used every single day the adapter still works great! I just lost my old one however in all my travels so I need to buy another. I never had a problem with mine! :)

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    Poor quality

    Less than a year old, now malfunctioning. LED comes and goes, but basically broken. Too expensive for the quality level.

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    Lasted a long time!

    Contrary to many reviews, my adapter lasted 3.5 years. I often brought it with me, so it did not last merely due to underuse. Recently I noticed that it had frayed near where the cord leaves the adapter to plug into the laptop. Today, though, it stopped working entirely.

    It has served me very well, though! I hope the next one lasts just as long.

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    Overpriced And Low Quality

    I bought one two years ago and after one year it just stopped working one day, so I bought another one and once more it has just stopped working after about one year. Ridiculous that I have to pay $80 each year for a new charger. I don't think I ever had to buy a charger for any other computer I have ever owned before buying a MAC.

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    Only lasted a month when handled with care, shocking!

    Firstly - this only gets one star because it looks good (and you can't put 0 stars). I have had this product for 1 month after replacing an old charger that had stopped working. It has already stopped working and after the issues with the last one, I had handled this one incredibly gently to try and get as long out of it as possible. Obviously I can get a replacement but I really shouldn't need to waste my time.

    Serious problems here apple - listen to your customers - replace this charger.

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    OTHER options??

    I am on my second MagSafe Power adapter in a year-and-a-half. Both have just stopped working . . . not sure what the problem is. I see that MANY others have the same issue. FIX IT, APPLE!! Not sure what I'm going to do when this one breaks - can't afford an additional $80 :-(

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    Terrible Quality!

    I find it rather insulting that Apple continues to use such cheap material on the MagSafe Power Adapters. My MacBook is less than two years old but my power adapter looks like I've owned it for ten years. The insulation has begun to fray so much that I find pieces of it on the floor below my desk. This is very unsafe!

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