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    Sort it out, Apple!

    I'm now having to buy my FIFTH charger in 3 years. Completely outrageous. I wouldn't be able to function day-to-day anymore without apple products but this one really lets the brand down. I'm furious.

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    Not bad :)

    I like it. I had an issue with my old one that was causing the computer to crash completely almost eveytime I plugged it in. After hours of waiting at the mac store for help we finally figured out it was the charger that had something wrong with it, not the computer. I'm still on the same computer, but different charger. So far so good. It seems to be working fine now. I however, do not like how small the charger part is, I think thats part of what the problem was. It seems they could break easily, although with my new one I have not had an issue, so as long as you are careful with it it should be fine. As with anything, mac is always good with their products and replacements. They replaced my charger absolutely free after I had all the issues.

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    Looks good but bad cabling!

    Any Engineer will tell you what one of the problem is here - it is the thinness of the wire that connects the "brick" to the MagSafe plug. Mine lasted 2 yrs but the wire broke where it enters the brick because of constant bending - it's called "work hardening". Would I pay £50 for a new one - you must be joking. I ran my hobby saw round the seams on 3 sides of the brick to cut thru the plastic; prised the two halves apart; cut the grommet from the wire (where it enters the brick); stripped back the covering on the wire that is attached to the MagSafe plug; separated the wires and re-soldered them to the wires inside the brick, put insulating tape on them and put both halves of the brick back together again and secured them with electrical tape!

    It ain't pretty but it works and about an hour's labour saved me £50!! This charger needs a wire on it that is at least double the thickness of the present wire in order to make it more robust. Or is this a sneaky ploy to introduce a limited life to these things so that we have to constantly purchase new ones and thus increase Apple's revenue??

    Don't bother buying a new one, if you can use a hobby saw, craft knife and a soldering iron - FIX IT YOURSELF!!! It's not hard and what have you to lose?

    Come on Apple - don't be so arrogant and get your act together on these things and LISTEN to your customers!!! We're not all wrong - this is a bad design with inadequate wiring and will continue to cause problems until YOU fix it!!! As for the cost of a new one - you're taking the mickey aren't you???

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    Love my macbook, hate this power adapter

    I absolutely love my imac, my macbook, and most recently my new macbook air. But this power adapter has been terrible. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, ready to bring your computer to the office for a presentation, and finding a dead computer that you thought was charging all night.

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    I'm on my 3rd in one year and I'm tired of this...

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    There is a flaw with this product.

    I have had a MacBook Pro for just over a year now. I am about to have to buy a third charger, because my last two adapters have stopped working without reason. There is no damaging to the adapter. I am very frustrated with this.

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    What they say is, in this case, true. My new MagSafe power adapter lasted a month (with little use). Luckily, it was warranted and replace at no charge. But, still....it's cause for concern.

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    I can't really complain, though I'd like to.

    There are 780 reviews for this power adapter, it's clear its junk. Or is it? My dog has chewed through the skinny cable that goes to my Macbook, and he chewed the fat cable on the extension part. I taped both of them back together thinking I didn't have a prayer of it working again. Well, that was 2 years ago, still ticking. A common problem I've had that I attend to, is dirt build up on the magnet. I do the old blow-on-it trick for both the female and male ends. Voila. last night was the first time I couldn't get it to work. This morning I shut it down, took the battery out, unplugged everything. Rebooted and plugged it back in. Nothing. Did it a few more times, Voila. again.

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    Not again!

    Apple makes great products in general, but if it has an external cable, it just plain stinks. I have bought many power and video cables from Apple over the last few years, but the designs are so poor that even with careful use they almost always stop working after a year. I need a new one every year...

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    very poor again

    The adaptor on my sons 2 yr old Macbook stopped working last week. On checking the reviews on this site I counted myself lucky that we managed to get 2 yrs out of ours. Worried however about the experience of others I decided to purchase a new one from a shop rather than on line in case a new one became faulty.

    Thank goodness I did!! A new one was bought at PC World today which is a 2 minute drive from my house. The charger was on less than one hour when it 'packed in'. At my request PC World linked it to one of their in-store Macbooks as I was concerned there was something wrong with my sons Macbook. However, it was completely dead and it was exchanged for a new one. The second replacement is ok for now but I'll be keeping a close eye on it. Ridiculous given the price.

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    I have mine for 3 years now and works fine so far. It is small, light and the magnet conector is great. I dont like to take care of these kind of things and always let it down on the floor, then it is hard to be broken. Awesome.

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    we bought our mac a year ago and we are already on our 3rd charger its crazy that apple can charge so much for their products but cant manage to make them last . COME ON APPLE FIX THE ISSUE!!!

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    Poorly Made

    I have had my Macbook since Apr 2009. I am currently on my 3rd power cord and it is nearing it's end already. I had a Dell previous to my Mac and my power cord lasted the 4+ years I had it and never had any issues or problems. The fact that I have averaged 1/year with my Mac is incredibly disappointing and ridiculous.

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    1 year 8 months since I bought my Macbook, just bought my fourth charger today. And I paid 125 USD in Moscow for this!!! Don't know what to say really.

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    Absolutely rubbish

    I've been using Windows based laptops all my life and not once have I ever had a problem with a charger breaking. I've had my first ever Macbook pro for 3 weeks and it's dead already. Considering this is a generic charger that covers so many of their products, it's practically embarrassing that they got it so wrong and even worse won't admit it. Pathetic.

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    Possible short

    My magsafe adapter is charred! Not only is it charred where it connected with the power strip is charred, not only is that connection charred, but so is my Golden Key charm, but luckily not the wrist it was attached too! I am not sure if it was the adapter or the outlet that went bad, but a spark shot out and scorched my charm (enough that the edges melted). I must admit, I am concerned about purchasing another power cord when this one was possibly at fault...

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    Absolute rubbish

    Always breaks. Simple as that - Apple needs to sort it out

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    Terrible reliability

    Right now I have 3 laptops. One of them is about 10 years old, the other is about 3 years old, and my apple macbook pro which is 9 months old. The 10 year old laptop is still using it's original power adapter, which has had no problems. The Three year old laptop is still using it's original power adapter, which has had no problems. The mac? I'm now on my 3rd power adapter in the 9 months that I've owned it. Needless to say I'm pretty unhappy about the reliability, especially since these things are so bloody expensive.

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    Terrible Make

    I can't believe the lack of durability of this power cord. I am on my second cord in less than five years, and I like to think I take care of my things. Really Apple, for that price it could be made stronger. I think this will be my first and last MacBook.
    Thanks for the head trip Apple.

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    Lasted 2 years

    I've had my macbook for two years now, and recently the Magsafe Power adapter has started to break down. It still works sometimes , but the cable has to be at a certain angle for it to actually charge the computer. It can be very annoying when you leave your computer to charge and come back to find it wasn't "engaged" properly and your battery is still flat. I don't expect the cord to last much longer so I will have to replace it.

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