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    Lasted 2 years

    I've had my macbook for two years now, and recently the Magsafe Power adapter has started to break down. It still works sometimes , but the cable has to be at a certain angle for it to actually charge the computer. It can be very annoying when you leave your computer to charge and come back to find it wasn't "engaged" properly and your battery is still flat. I don't expect the cord to last much longer so I will have to replace it.

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    Have to go Buy a new Charger !

    My charger for my 13inch macbook pro just broke.I cant really afford this right now but i have to get it for my laptop because my laptop is very important to me and I love apple product and i LOVE my macbook but the Charger design is just stupid.I understand they wanted to have something different but it just doesn't work in the long run! Right now the ecomnic is bad and money is tight i don't have 80$ to buy a new charger every time it brakes. Apple your products are Very good but please change the Charger!

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    Through the years I've owned multiple apple products and have been satisfied with everything but this. When I had my original charger, it would over heat. Over a year ago I had gotten a puppy - who chewed my $80 MagSafe power cord.. Since then I have been purchasing my cords from a seller on amazon, and have come to find that their products are refurbished, and just as well - trash. My 5th charger is now shot, and I'm debating which to purchase, the yucky cheap one, or take a chance with the expencive official apple product that as well has bad reviews.

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    Terrible!!!! Lasted 3 months. It better be under warrantee. I just bought my Macbook Pro at the towards the end of Oct. 2011, and I bought Apple care so I'm expecting this to be covered. I am new to Mac, and instantly fell in love with OS X. But the hardware is garbage. My screen hinge broke within the first month and a half, took a week to get it fixed, now this. Just another inconvenience.

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    do i have to give it any stars? This "L" shaped head just stopped working.

    The connector as a design idea was a good goal, but in practice, it fails the customer.
    By the low stars, other had the same problem.

    I had been using the laptop at my desk for 14 months since buying it.
    The Apple store would not exchange even though in perfect shape.
    Honestly, I really hate asking for the 'favor' exchange as I have been using Macintosh since early 1980s.

    There should be a 'short-life' accessory credit; as I think it cost maybe as much as $5 to get here from overseas and retail for $80.

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    Such a terrible product

    My original charger stopped working before I even hit a year of having my MacBook. Seeing that the price is $80 I bought one from amazon which lasted 3 weeks. Sweet! So now I have to buy another charger. I'm a poor college student, not a millionaire. I love my MacBook but geez .. get it together when it comes to the charger for the sake of your customers.

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    Poor design

    I'm not nearly as impressed with this power adapter as I am with other Apple products. My first adapter stopped working while my MacBook was under warranty. The replacement is less than a year old and the cord is frayed at the magnet. It seems that no matter how the magnetic terminal is oriented the cord still takes an almost ninety degree turn, hence the insulation breaking. They need to work on this component.

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    Not up to Apple quality expectations

    Mine has just failed after just 18 months of owning my Macbook pro. This is the only disappointment I have had with it, and have to say it is a shame. I have had a Dell power supply for 8 years and it still works fine!

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    Poor build quality

    This product is very disappointing due to it's very poor build quality. I have had 4 chargers in 3 years and have been very disappointed with their durability. Advice received from Apple...'try to leave it plugged in at one place and do not extend the cord'...If I had wanted a desktop I would have bought one!

    This is a poor product, my next charger will not be from Apple.

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    This is the only part of a MAC that is garbage! The rest of the machine functions beautifully. I wish Apple would do their wonderful computers justice by designing an equally wonderful power supply. But no they don't, they are ok with this garbage power supply that is over priced. Anyone who has had a MAC for over a year is very aware of this problem. Apple you should be ashamed of this horrible product that you force us to buy. Disgusting!!!

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    never charges!

    I've had 3 of these sporadically stop charging and then completely give up within the last 2 years. I take decent care of them, too. I never wind the cord up tightly, I dont have rolling chairs to run them over (as the applecare genius suggested), and don't have pets.

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    Beyond Poor

    Love my MacBook but must be on the 5th or 6th power adapter now? Such a poor design!!

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    Well I work in the entertainment industry and I'm still using my Macbook Pro Core Duo from 2005. I'm not sure if the quality of the adapter has since changed, but after using it day in and out since purchased, it finally went out. I have never once used the 2 prong plug, which is why I think it has lasted so long. Always use the long cord with the 3 prongs, it's grounded. I still think its overpriced, but I'm forced to purchase one because my old Macbook Pro is still kicking. Just took some upgrades and some tender love and care, but I have definitely gotten my money's worth.

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    Poor quality product

    It has not even been 1 year yet and the power cord just stopped functioning. Purchased a brand new MAC with all bells and whistles ($1k plus!!) and now have to spend an additional $80 to replace a fairly new part. Based on all reviews here, I take it I may have to spend $80 every year or so?? Not good business for consumer who spends a great deal of money up front.

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    Confused & very disappointed

    Firstly, the charger is awful. With any product i purchase, I don't expect it to break after 6 months of use.

    Secondly, People have said "DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT"

    If I don't buy this product, is there another product somewhere that will charge my Macbook?

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    Replaced 3 in only a year.

    Never abused the charger however I've gone through 3 so far... What a hunk of junk

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    Doesn't last

    I've had this for less than a year and it's already broken. I love that it's magnetic, but thats the only good thing about it. The rubber cracked a little while ago and I taped it right away and now it's stopped working completely.

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    Broken for no reason

    Stopped functioning for no reason. I cleaned rigorously, tried pushing the pins in and out of the male piece, and it still won't work. It was not dropped or anything. Definitely a poor product, and I can't believe it is $80 dollars.

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    NOT WORTH $8-

    I have replaced this charger 4 times! Yes, 4 times! 3 times I bought the $80 charger from the Apple store and the last time I bought it on Amazon hoping I could save just a little bit of money. In short, the power adapter is a complete JUNK product and outrageously priced just to make you think that you are paying for a top quality product. Why Apple isn't doing anything about this is absolutely ridiculously! Just a quick search through these reviews would be enough for SOMEONE to do SOMETHING about it you would think, right????

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    APPLE FAILS AT POWER CORDS!!! i dont understand how you can build beutiful products and provide bs power cords with them and charge 80 buck for replacement...i would almost give up macs for this fact!!

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