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    Flimsy, Flimsy, Flimsy

    Come on Apple, it is long past time you made these sturdier. Or, make it possible to replace the cord at a cheaper price. It just isn't reasonable to treat a power adapter as a consumable.

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    I have only had my Macbook pro for one year and I have already had to replace this stupid cord twice. With the price of replacing the cord and how long it lasts, this is a complete scam. The computer is awesome, however I can no longer turn it on because I have no way to charge it. I love all apple products- but this cord is making me seriously consider making future purchases somewhere else. My old laptop also had a charger that would spark, now this one stops working and I have to replace it every six months.... seems like apple needs to come up with a bettwer way to charge their laptops....this is ridiculous. Don't waste you money!

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    Poor Quality

    I replaced the charger just 4 months after I got it. Now 6 months later it has randomly crapped out again. I took great care this time to ensure longevity and even my extra caution hasn't prevented this cord from being junk. Shelling out $80 a pop, is not affordable when you're a full time student with bills!

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    It broke after a year.

    As the title suggests, the adapter started to not function correctly just after a week my factory warrantee ran out.. disappointed apple...

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    I've had my Mac Book Pro for just over a year now and I'm already replacing my 2nd power cord, making this new one the 3rd. The cord never even leaves my desk and yet it's broken twice. Why can't Apple fix such a blatant flaw in their otherwise great computers? For a brand marketed on it's durability and portability it's a pathetic oversight when their power cords can't even handle a few months of typical use at a desk.

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    Sad Face

    I've had my macbook for less than a year and my adapter just stopped working. The most abusive thing I've done to it is that I roll it up in its built-it roll up thingy. Major sad face.

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    Great Product

    I have had the same MacBook and MagSafe Power Adapter for over two years and never had a problem with charging. Great reliable product.

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    Power Adapter for MacBook Pro

    Sorry Apple, much as I love you, this product fails the Apple standard. It does not disconnect as easily as it should and the cord frays at the transformer end. We have had 2 in 18 months and at AU$89 that's no joke. Far worse than this, my son's computer was on a table someone tripped over the lead, it did not disconnect, now the computer is unusable!!! Very very disappointed. Get it together. I would rate NO STARS if I had the choice.

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    Breaks over and over

    I am replacing my charger for the second time. The charger never leaves my home and it just suddenly stops charging.

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    Piece of junk!

    My MacPro is not even a year old. This power cord spends its life sitting on the floor beside the desk. The cord is not "abused" rather is rarely moved, yet it is already not working. Love the computer, HATE the power cord. NO REASON THIS SHOULDN'T LAST A YEAR OF LITTLE USE.

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    Flimsy and flawed

    I will join the chorus of critics and complain about the poor quality and high replacement cost of this cord. It's is totally unacceptable that an $80 part which is integral to using a portable laptop computer fails to last for the full life of the computer itself. Especially with its high cost. With regular and careful use, my cords last a mere 18 months—add that to the lifetime of a Macbook which can be 5 years, and that’s an added cost of $250.00 just to replace this part. If there is anything that will prevent me from purchasing another Macbook it will be the headache of replacing this stupid power cord that is guaranteed to fail.

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    Does NOT Work

    I have had to replace my power supple TWICE in a MONTH! These do not work, Apple needs to do better and the price is CRAZY HIGH for it to continually break!

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    Really needs improvement

    I had my Macbook for four years and went through three of these cords. The first and third just stopped working; the second one got so hot that I was afraid to use it.
    I purchased a new Mac Pro in July and now the first power cord has gone out. I think that, if these cords need to be returned so often, they need to be MUCH less expensive.
    Beyond that, we really need to develop a cord that will last.

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    Simply Amazing.

    Simply amazing. My old charge broke so we went to the Apple Store and got this one and it works a charm.

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    connector of this adapter is bad

    connector of this adapter is bad, I need buy more than 4 adapters last 3 year.

    NOT GOOD!!!!

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    Be very careful with this power cord

    Sure this power cord works great, if you only have it in a climate controlled room and that is the only thing you will ever do with it, but if you are a student, this isn't practical. Power cord broke, even though I took good care of it, luckily I had a power cord from my old macbook. Best advice, charge it before you go, and keep the cord in a climate controlled environment, unless you have $80 burning a hole in your pocket.

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    It's not perfect product

    This product is too large to connect on the wall directly. I was likely to kick it sometimes.
    After I used this adaptor for about 1 year, it became not to charge my MacbookPro. It seem a poor contact at the connection part and cable.

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    Fourth replacement this year!

    I'm here to order my fourth replacement cord this year! We have four Mac laptops, and all four of their power cords no longer charge the laptops. With the $240 we've spent in cords this year . . .

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    I love It and I don't Understand...

    So, I don't understand really all this reviews... Look, I will try to explain with examples.

    I am owner of some dedicated servers from a particular NOC (Network Operation Center). Now, many former clients complained because this provider suspended their Servers while my Account is always working perfectly.

    Talking with the CEO of this hosting company I realized that all this account were suspended because they were abusing the provider's AUP and TOS... of course if you misuse a service or a product soon or later is going to be broken!

    Same thing with Computers!

    Now, I own more than 6 Macs, and I never had troubles. While in Texas for job, I closed the connector out of my bag and with the Zip I damaged it. My bad! The MagSafe stopped to work and also the battery stopped to charge fully.

    I had to change it after to weeks because the cord was really and seriously damaged.

    After I changed the MagSafe, my "Travel" MacBook (2007) work perfectly and the Charge of the Battery last more.

    So, due to my fault I had to change the MagSafe... that lasted a lot and the new one is working perfectly! So it's true that WE make the QUALITY of it! If we treat things good they will last a lot but if we use them as TRASH, they are going to finish inside the Trash Can!

    The product is worthy all the money I spent for it and I know I am going to have care of it to preserve it.

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    Flawed Design

    I have the newest version of this charger, and it is just as bad as the last one. The connection at the port is broken after a few months, and to be honest, my computer and charger don't even move that much from my house. Most of the time the charger is sitting on a desk or my bed, not being abused or twisted. Whoever is pumping out the ideas for power sources should stop, and nominate someone new. If the connection at the power block does not break, the connection at the port will. I payed over a thousand dollars for a computer that works great, and I'm very happy with it, but why can't that include the price of a charger that works even half as well? I'm done. Have a nice day!

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