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    Lasted less than a year

    As many others have noted, this "redesigned" adapter lasted me less than a year. After an accident with the one that came with my Macbook, I bought this one thinking it would survive for quite a while. Now, just a few months later, it overheats, makes weird noises, won't charge my computer well, and then after a bit it will just shut off completely. Switching outlets seems to be the only thing keeping it running at all, and even then only for a short time. This needs to be fixed.

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    I absolutely LOVE my mac book pro but why does Apple make such a low quality adapter?? We spend lots of money of your computers so we should get a power chord that lasts more than 7 months. Ridiculous. And if they do break we should not have to pay for it. I am NOT happy. FIX THIS!!!!!!

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    I am most annoyed because I bought this product to replace a previous charger that started to short and in under a year this charger is giving the same problem! I'm a big fan of apple products but this is really annoying because right now I hav work 2 complete and this is inconveniencing me! Make a proper charger!!

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    Apple should be ashamed

    With all the great service provided at the Apple Store, it is hard to believe that Apple would not only sell such a shoddy product, but more important, not admit their poor design and offer all of us customers a break in price to replace the adapter. An $80 adapter---being replaced MORE than once in the computer's lifetime????
    ---THAT is disgraceful!!! Shame on you Apple.....

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    Easy fix. Why isn't it made?

    I really like the magnetic coupling.

    But when a plug -- any plug -- connects to a flexible cord, something's gonna fray.
    In the journey to ineffable durability, one must accept also the beauty of the transient.

    Keep the wonderful magnetic coupling.
    Make the cord itself detachable at both ends
    and cheap.
    Price it at $10.
    Make the first replacement free.

    It is the path of wisdom to embrace the disposable as well as the permanent and not gouge the customer $82 a shot.

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    Seriously, Apple. I love your products, but you would be hard-pressed to find a worse power adapter. Both times I've bought a new laptop, it stops working consistently within a year. And now I'm out of country from my warranty, and I have to replace the adapter! You should see from your merely 1.5 star avg rating that you need to change something. Fix it!!

    Btw, I'm only giving this 1 star because I can't give it less and make it look like I still rated the product.

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    This charger is terrible

    the original charger wasnt working just after few months. New one wasnt better either. For an expensive product like mackbook pro apple should do something about this since replacment is 80EUR!!. This is the worst charger ever, had a windows based laptop and the charger never ever broke there.

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    Ok So I have burned my fingers on the aluminum connector! It doesn't even charge half the time. I have to sit and jiggle it until the orange light comes on. What is going on! And seriously $79!!!!!

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    Terribly designed, it falls out of basically every outlet, so you have to prop it up with something. Who thought the heavy-box design on an outlet was a good idea??

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    Break often and cost a fortune!

    These chargers are ridiculously overpriced and tend to break a lot. Mine broke and it was simply painful to buy another. Apple should really do something about this.

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    Poor Product

    I bought this power adapter less than a year ago and the casing has split open exposing the wires underneath. Apple is a billion dollar company with stock that continues to rise. I don't understand why they can not make a superior power adapter with thicker insulation instead with more resistance to tearing.

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    it gets too hot and it stops working when it overheats!

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    My cord went out just like everyone else in here and i have had this mac for a little over a year and I'm not happy that i have to spend more money on a cord that should work. To me that doesn't make any sense whats so ever. The mac book is great but replacing a charger that goes out is not good at all.

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    Doesn't last

    I've had my MacBook Pro for about a year and a half now, great laptop, charger worked great, and charged the laptop fast. However, out of nowhere it seems to have a sudden short and will only charge when set in an exact way. It hasn't been mistreated in any way and just suddenly went faulty. Getting a replacement seems way too expensive for what it is.

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    New MagSafe Power adaptor

    We have gone through two $79 magsafe power adapters in the last 14 months. You have to admit that the design is very cool in appearance, however the devise doesn't last. Apple really needs to take a look at what people are saying in these on-lin reviews and redesign the charger. The problem is with the magnetic connector which connects into the MacBook. We have found that this is the weak link in the charger and the connector fails within about 7 months under normal use. Replacing these chargers is getting rather expensive and frustrating. APPLE ENGINEERS - WAKE UP AND PLEASE READ THESE REVIEWS!!!!

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    Laptop = Awesome, Charger = BAD Design

    Love my Macbook - everything seems to be designed better than any laptop I've ever had. Except for the cool mag-lock power attachment. The seemingly simple design clearly has a flaw that has been longstanding. Just read reviews or search google and you will see what happens to the wire around the fancy connector after only a few months of even "careful" use.

    This power cord is meant to power the laptop, without it you can't use the laptop. I'm disappointed Apple has placed form over function on this key piece of the user experience. There are now secondary market tools to prevent fraying of the cord. A wise investment, until hopefully Apple smartens up and makes a cord connector that isn't overpriced and lasts longer than the current version.

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    I agree with the over 500 reviews Terrible design & quality and to boot $75.00 Come on APPLE do a RECALL and keep your Reputation

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    Come on Apple!

    My first charger last for about two years, this one about a year and of course it has a short, still charges, but it always painfully hot to the touch. I am disappointed in the charger quality because apple has such good computers. I only wish it wasn't like changing your oil -- something you have to do on a regular basis. C'mon apple! You can do it so much better!

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    I have bought two charges in the year that i had my laptop im now going to buy my third.
    I love apple products but Please make ur charges stronger. some of us are college students who dont have the money to buy a new charger every few months.

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    I am now on my THIRD apple charger. The computer isn't even two years old ! All chargers were bought from certified dealers. Come on Apple look at all the bad reviews ! Just because you have a good product in your Macbook Pros doesn't mean you have to rest on your laurels ! WE NEED A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO THIS CHARGER or if you can't do that, at least cut the price in 1/2 ! This is crazy ! Money doesn't grow on trees and the economy is tough enough without having to rebuy things that should last longer than 10 months ! BACK UP YOUR PRODUCTS DURABILITY PLEASE ! I was forced to put a one star rating in order to get this review posted.

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