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    this is the absolute worst design for a charger...EVER! I have gone through 3 already! The Genius Bar guy told me that it must be something that I was doing to cause it to break and pointed to the many permanently fixed laptops that the store has and stated that they have never had a problem. Seriously? You mean to tell me that you don't have 8342 customers a day that come in with the same problem? I figured I'd fix the problem by taping it as soon as I got home. Guess what? It doesn't help! I will be returning, once again, to the store tomorrow to get a new one! Argh! I'm going to start charging Apple for my gas and parking fee!!!

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    I initially bought this "redesigned" charger to replace my old one. I am extremely disappointed. The new charger has a very difficult time staying in my computer. It constantly falls out and has a hard time attaching. The apple store no longer sales the old charger so I am stuck with something that does not function properly. :(

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    This power adapter is awful

    Just confirming that these chargers last less than a year. Although I must say that it is my daugter's chargers that have failed twice. I've had a couple that have lasted about 15 months so far.

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    Spontaneously Breaks

    I bought my macbook pro June 2011. Since then, (Sept, 2011-now) I've had to replace the power adapter twice. It looks great and works perfect 99 percent of the time, but when it stops working, it's pretty essential and it doesn't just start working again. I have the Apple Care program, so I get them replaced for free. But being a medical student, it is a hassel to go with out my compter for even a few hours.

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    Terrible product.

    Bought in January- broken by September. It was never pulled up by either chord, and always held in the center, and still-broken. Terrible product.

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    Overpriced and a FIRE HAZARD!!!!

    Come on apple. Why build such a good laptop and use such a horrible charger. I have had my macbook for 3 years and gone through 4 chargers. Right before the charger quits the plug that you plug into the computer gets so hot you can get burnt by it " new style ." The old style would Melt.

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    I've had three of these spontaneously break, which is very inconvenient, and very expensive at £50 a go. And I'm careful with both my charger and my MBP, so to have to keep replacing these (warranty has run out) is just annoying.

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    Bought my 2011 macbook pro in late July, its mid September now and the charger is already broken.

    The charger works when it wants to.

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    so disapointing.

    Bought my laptop to years ago. First power cord failed after 13 months. Second power cord failed today.

    I'm not in the mood of buying a disposable power cord every year. If I had know it would cost me 80$ a year to be on a mac, I would have stick with PC.

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    Apple should be ashamed

    Just out of warranty and this cable fails. Look at the reviews, any normal company would be ashamed with these type of reviews and would fix the problem. I love my laptop but will not buy another without some major improvements to the charging systems. Perhaps apple is getting a little to comfortable with its new found market share and should learn from other companies which have ignored their customers. We all paid a premium for an Apple and I expected Apple to get the details correct and they seemed to have totally missed this one, small, $80, detail. Ouch.

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    Is This How You Get People to Buy a New Mac?

    My Macbook is 4 years old and still works great. The power cord? Not so much. I now need my third one, the first one the original design, the second one the new design, and both had the same issue. They wear at the magsafe end to the point that wires are exposed. After making my 2nd last as long as possible by wiggling and bending, it now doesn't work at all, and I once again must buy another one. Being that my computer is getting older, I contemplated just purchasing a new one, which I'm thinking may be Apple's plan all along! This time I'll be picking up a refurbished one on the internet though. I normally don't buy refurbished products, but this is one cause where the refurbished product couldn't possibly be any worse than a new one, and based on the vast difference in price between the two, it's an easy decision.

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    I need a third charger and it's only been two years! Both have broken and frayed at the connector.

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    Apple? i love your products! this is probably the worst product, mine doesnt work anymore i have to buy a new one and i only have 25% left. ):

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    It's Great charger. soooo much better than the art one. and it lasted 15 months!

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    After scanning the comments I'm realizing I'm not the only one who had the charger fail around a year after purchasing the computer. I love my macbook pro. I really do. And from the moment the charger stopped working I have been stressing out. I'm a College student, I dont have a lot of money. Of course I have to buy a new one. The best part is that the closest apple stores dont have the chargers until late next week. by late next week my school work needs to be done.

    It's really not fair because my charger is physically in good condition. no rips or tears, no bite marks (pets), no worn out areas. and its disappointing that applecare does not cover this. I'm just very upset and I agree, there should be a recall.

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    I just bought my mac and adapter in february ... its now september- my Adapter has a short in it. i have to twist and turn it a certain way for it to even charge my laptop. Now i need a new one AND ITS 73.00 are you kidding me?

    For this adapter to be so flimsy i expect a lower price. Dell computer adapters are sturdier and their adapters are universal (I can go to Walmart and pick one up)

    So I am ordering another adapter now ... 73.00 down the drain- thanks Apple. Please make a sturdier, thicker and more endurable, COST CONSCIOUS adapter.

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    Same (expletive) as the old one

    Two of the old design broke within a year, so I bought 2 of the new design ones - we have 2 MacBooks . In less than 1 year and one of them is broken again.
    For 80 bucks a pop, you'd think it would last a bit longer.

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    If I could select no stars, I would.

    Seriously, Apple? This charger causes more problems than it solves. First of all, the whole notion that it will simply pop out if tripped over is false. That magnet has more than enough force to yank my 13" Macbook Pro off of any table. It also has enough force to rip itself off of the end of the cable (which is what happened to a friend with the same computer). Secondly, the cable itself really likes to fray. And thirdly, The new one I had to buy barely charges my Mac. If it wiggles up or down just a bit, it will stop charging. I love most Apple products but this is one that needs to be buried.

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    Poor Quality

    The first charger has lasted only 14 months! Apple makes a quality computer but drops the ball when it comes to the charger. I have owned many different laptop computers and all of the chargers lasted well over three years. This is a real disappointment especially when I find the high cost of the unit. I'll definitely mention it to others considering a Mac!

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    First adapter has lasted 9 months - time for the second now :(

    Echoes of the numerous reviews describing the initial intermittent connection problem followed by the extremely hot box that is either sitting near you or plugged into the wall. Well, we are at complete failure stage as of last night so, overall it lasted 9 months as I ordered the computer 12/10/2010. Not acceptable if you ask me.

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