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    I bought this computer less than 6 months ago and the power cord just died. I really do not want to spend 80 dollars on a new one.

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    New & Improved

    The new MagSafe power adapter is awesome. The design gets the cord and connector out of the way and to date, eliminates the loose connection problems. The thumbs up!

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    Terrible manufacturing

    This power adapter is very flimsy and broke on me after only a year. Its a terrible design. This is completely over priced and Apple needs to update to a more dependable adaptor. This is ridiculous!

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    Ok, it's an innovative system; fine it may fail at some point, like all wires do eventually (although this one seems to fail earlier than others). However charging 50 quid for a replacement is not fair. Mine is now showing signs of fatigue after a little bit more than 1 year, i.e. need to position the cable in a particular way to get power... how disappointed to find out the instance price of a replacement.

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    With light use, I am on my third power brick in my seven months of owning my pro. Thanks for another stellar product, Apple.

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    Wish I could give this negative stars.

    After 4 years of having my laptop charger (old magsafe design) it finally had to be replaced. When I got this new charger in I was able to use it once to partially charge my laptop before it stopped working. I thought maybe it was my laptop that wasn't working but I was able to use my friends charger just fine. I was told by my friend she had to return this product twice before she got one that actually worked. Apple I am really disappointed in you. Now I have to wait all weekend before I can even try and return this product.

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    Decent Charger

    Its a good charger for the looks but the quality is just decent. It works but it will break if you dont handle it with care. However I like the old chargers better, i dont like the long design and I just found the old ones to be more appealing as they didnt block my ethernet port no matter which way i chose to plug it in.

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    Last time I buy any Apple products

    I am now on my 4th adapter in 3 years. Not only are these adapters poorly designed (wires bend and break, gets unbelievably hot) but they are ridiculously overpriced. I have had less problems with my piece of junk dell than this thing.

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    my macbook charger just burnt out...its brown burn marks on the box and magnet tip

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    Don't understand the bad reviews

    I have an old power adapter from my last laptop that has been working for over 7 years. What do people do to their adapters? It's an electronic device, you can't bang it around and expect it's not going to break. Needless to say, I've been using my new one for over 2 years now with no issues and I have one at all three places I use my laptop most, so I don't have the added weight in my laptop bag...unless I'm going on a trip. I've had no issue with any I've every purchased.

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    Three in on year

    Purchasing my third adapter in one year. Shame on you Apple, shame on you

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    Worst Charger EVER!!!

    I will go to say i love all apple products, BESIDES this poorly constructed magsafe charger they manufacture... I only had my macbook pro for 8 months, and im already on my 3rd charger... My second charger broke less than under a month, and i babied it like a child (especially after the 1st one broke)... I will also add that i am no power user either... i have the same charger cable for my blackberry which i have been using for almost 4 years!!! In fact, out of all the cables, wires, chargers I've ever owned in my entire life, these magsafe chargers have given me the most headaches - NO JOKE!!! if your constantly adjusting your cable to get your computer to charge, BEWARE, soon your cable will fry up (at least thats what happens to mine shortly before they break!!!) Poorly constructed cables id give these guys NEGATIVE 5 stars if i could!

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    2nd charger is breaking as I type

    I've had my laptop for a year now. After a few months I noticed my laptop didn't have a charge anymore, so apple sent me just the part that plugs into the computer as my computer was still under warranty. That was the problem. Now I'm noticing the charge is very low when plugged in, and the light is not on, but i can still wiggle the wire to get the light on. They need a more reliable charger and to issue new ones to their faithful customers. Hopefully they can send me a new one, because $80 is outrageous for a charger that broke because of poor product design.

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    Broke Again

    Within months of purchasing this power plug, it broke. The wires completely pulled out of the metal pin holder at the rubber join. This was my second plug connector in 2 years. I use the macbook only around my home, it has not been subjected to even normal wear and tear. It is disappointing and a bit odd. Apple makes great products, but the engineering and construction of these adapter plugs is sub-standard and brings down the overall value of their equipment. Major letdown, and another $80 in the pocket of the manufacturer.

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    2 out of 3 have died

    We have three of these chargers in my family and one is completely dead, the second only works half the time and the third is fine...pretty pitiful. Somebody at Apple FIX THIS.

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    Needs work

    I've had the same MacBook for 5 years but I've replaced this MagSafe three times due to cord breakage/wear at the connection to the box. I'm not abusive with the cord at all but I do use the MacBook a lot. My current adapter is wrapped with electrical tape in all the vulnerable spots, which seems to be helping but this is definitely not a durable product.

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    Horrible product

    I am now buying the third charger since January, (8 months.) For $80 this should not be happening this frequently. I bought a mac so that it would last, not to be having to shell out money for up keep every 4 months. From the looks of it, this has been an ongoing problem and should have been fixed a long time ago.

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    They all break

    I had my Mac for a almost two years and the power cord stopped working, the price cheaper than one for my PC, and that one stopped working around the same time, so I guess inevitably they all break Apple or PC. However, I'm not sure if it broke because of design or being on the floor, all in all, it held up well and functions as described so I dont mind buying a new one...

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    Really Apple?!?!

    This power cord is awful, i have had more trouble with it then necessary! I have had my MBP for about a year and this will be my second one, luckily I bought the extended warranty so they are going to replace it for free. But still, ridiculous. BRING BACK THE T-STYLE CHARGER!!!!!

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    Come on Apple

    Seriously! You have built this reputation as a provider of solid durable goods such as the mac, but you make a worthless charger to support the computer. My charger lasted 13 months before dying. I hope Apple is enjoying the markup on this charger because you are making a killing. Zero Stars!!

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