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    Broke after only 6 months of use - tired of this, going back to PC hardware

    I bought this power adapter after my original got so hot, it melted the chord and broke. Now, after six months, this so called "new and improved design" has done the same thing. I refuse to pay ANOTHER $80 for a product that CLEARLY has a design flaw, based on all these horrible reviews. Apple, please notice that there is something wrong with your product, give us refunds, and FIX THE PROBLEM.

    After numerous problems with the mac hardware, I have decided to go back to PC. The hardware, of course, though I may keep the software. Nothing wrong with the software...

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    the wire of this charger is so weak :(

    i have change this 3 times now after i use it for 3-6 months, the wire started to break and now i cant use my mac, :( plzzzz make a new one and a better one :(

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    Needs to be redesigned

    I am on my second charger of this type and it is playing up already. The connecter gets very hot and intermittently charges. For a while you can get away with 'wiggling' it around until it starts charging, then it stops altogether and must be replaced. I will be visiting the apple store near me for another replacement shortly. Again.

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    Burning hot while plugged in & faulty connection; IT BLOWS.

    First of all, how is THAT for a ten word review title?

    I have had my power adapter that came with my MacBook for one year. It is starting to get very hot when connected to my computer, and in order to see the green 'charge light', I have to wiggle it around and play with the cord.

    I knew this was going to happen, when I bought the computer - seeing as I used to work at the apple store & saw this same exact thing happening to customers EVERY DAY.

    I know that I need to replace it, but the 79.00 price tag is just salt in the wound. I'm already kicking myself for buying a mac in the first place, knowing what I knew. Of course, I'm hooked now and wouldn't have my operating system any other way.

    Curse you, Apple!

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    pathetic equipment - Apple should be ashamed

    I cannot use my Macbook Pro, this makes it the third time in 2 /12 years that I have to replace the power adapter. Even third party adapters do not work, the adapter is pretty to look at, but horrible engineering!

    So now Apple wants $80.00 to replace a shoddy product with another. I have a Toshiba Laptop, 1/3 the price of the Macpro, adapter has never stopped working.

    APPLE WAKE UP! This is wrong.

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    My Electric wire's 60W megasafe is broken.
    I think this is a bad news for the reputation of apple.
    Today i can't use my computer, I have to buy another one.
    I would be so grateful if you tell me how this could happened.

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    Fire hazard!

    I came here looking to replace the power adapter for my 8 month old mac book and cannot believe they are $80! Unbelievable!!!! After only 8 months, the connector part of the adapter has started to get EXTREMELY hot to the point where I blistered after touching it (accidentally). The connection on my actual mac book has a brown burnt spot where clearly this cord started to burn from the heat. I've never seen this happen on such a new product or power adapter on any other product. And Apply should be ashamed to be charging so much for a replacement. And I was shocked to come here and see that so many other people have the same problem and this is not just a bad apple. Pun intended. lol

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    Charger broke in 3 months

    Bought my Macbook in Xmas 2010 and it started intermittant charging a couple of weeks back. Now a real effort to get my Macbook to charge by plugging and unplugging charger until LEDs light up on the mag head.
    My Macbook replaced a HP laptop that gave over 2 years of faultless service and I gifted it to someone else and they are still living the dream. I have a Sony Vaio and Dell Netbook for 3 years whose chargers have given absolutely no problems. All I ask for is a charger that gives a reliable charge for the Macbook. The internet is full of this issue, why doesn't Apple sort the charger manufacturer out? In the meantime my Macbook is going to end up a very expensive paperweight and I doubt I will buy another one!

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    I just went to order a new power adapter as the one that came with my MacBook has frayed at the connection and gets dangerously hot. Why does a power adapter that is made so poorly COST SO MUCH! Most Mac users are very devoted to their Mac way of life and this is, as stated in other reviews, a real disappointment and betrayal. Do the Apple public relations people read these negative reviews.

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    Great design -Poor quality

    I look after my cables, they never fray but the Power Adapter just dies for no apparent reason. It is not repairable and is expensive, very expensive in relative terms in many countries.
    The connector is brilliant, the design is great but the innards are below acceptable standards. They just don't live up to being "Apple".
    If it was a $10 throwaway then it would be OK, but US$170 for it where I live is suspect ethically.

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    Great overall design, pros and cons vs previous version

    I've always thought this overall design is really excellent, the best power brick design out there in all the details. All the way down to making the cable that goes to the computer as thin as possible to save space and letting you plug the adapter straight into the wall if you choose, it seems as if Apple made every millimeter count. And I've never had any reliability problems with mine-- you just have to take some reasonable care not to abuse it, in my experience (though others' experiences may differ).

    This latest version, though it has the 60 watts needed for the Macbook and Macbook Pro 13", uses the horizontal connector needed to properly fit the Macbook Air, and maybe that connector style is less prone to damage too. It also looks nice when plugged into the Macbook Pro, kind of a tiny design triumph. The previous version, though it did work with the Macbook Air, had a connector that wouldn't let the Air sit flat (you would need to prop it up on a book or something). I like that I can keep this adapter in the kitchen and use it with either my Air or with my Pro when I bring it home from the office. (Of course, if you only have a Macbook Air, you may as well get the 45 watt adapter which is smaller than this one.)

    However, this latest version for some reason uses a somewhat less flexible cable from the power adapter to the computer compared to the previous version, which is a little regrettable. Hopefully they did it to improve durability not to cut costs.

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    A great and bad product

    After using it for about a year and a half my adapter died. It's not too bad but there's a lot of room for improvement. For instance the adapter will overheat when heavily used. I am willing to pay the price IF the product performs.. But sadly this did not perform to my expectation.

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    I just bought my third in four years

    The fact that these adapters are so expensive and of such poor quality is truly frustrating.

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    MacBook Charger overheating

    Im now reluctantly having to buy my next overpriced charger(considering the unreliability of them) . My last one was changed under warranty. I can't believe how hot the second charger got and I'm really not happy about the safety aspect of these items. I would have expected a safety recall because of this. If it wasn't for the fact the macbook was very expensive I would now be looking for an alternative. I love the Apple stuff but this particular worry does let the company down.

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    I've gone through three in three years

    I just bought a third power adapter for my MacBook, didn't even have it for a week and it stopped charging my laptop. the second one i bought a bit over a year ago still works but the rubber around the cord is stripped and the wires are now open, this is why i bought the new one as i was afraid it might burn out on me at any moment and as i am middle of exams i wanted to be prepared. worked great for three days went to use it today and no sign of power going to my MacBook. This product does not last long at all and does not seem to be able to handle regular use.

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    I've had my MacBook for barely a year--- machine is great but I now have no power supply, all I can do is hope my sister's holds out to keep two laptops charged until I can get the money for an $80.00 power cord! Just stopped working, no matter what outlet I use, whether I use the long cord or the short attachment, no amount of jiggling will get the darn thing to charge my machine and I really don't need the grief at the start of a new school term. I'm wondering why something with such a low rating hasn't been fixed yet? Has anyone found a comparable power adapter for less money that'll actually work for an extended period of time?

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    Apple Please fix this!

    This is by far apples biggest fault of their whole product range... This will be my 4th Macbook charger in 1 3/4 years and its so frustrating to have to spend £ 150 for an item to charge my macbook... please apple fix this faulty device! Please!

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    The new proved no better than the old...

    I have had a long relationship with Apple - dating back to 1981 (with the Apple 2+). I've had all the major models between, and we currently have 5 books in our family. I love Apple, I love OSX, the hardware design and the quality. The MagSafe Power Adapter has, however, been a great disappointment!

    I was very hopeful with the redesign of the distal cord-connector. The durability of the new, however, has proven to be even worse than the one it replaced. In contrast with the old version, this one looks intact externally. It appears the cord is able to rotate inside the external terminal sleeve that connects to the magnetic terminal and allowing the internal wires to be stressed. May be the fix would be to weld the terminal components to avoid this kind of stress to develop. The current design is a disgrace and I hope Apple notes the feedback and redesigns this important component.

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    I love my MacBook Pro but the power adapter for it is horrible. I've had to replace it twice because it just stops working after only a couple of months of use.

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