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    my third power adapter in as many years just crapped out. this one stopped working suddenly whereas the last one slowly became unreliable. i just updated all my software and then restarted and i got zilch. infruriating!!!

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    This is a great little charger. If you accidentally trip on it, it comes out and your laptop doesn't come crashing down with it!

    Very happy!

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    cheap tacky power supply for how many years now?

    most of my friends have had the problem of the wire coming away from supply (the one to the laptop), they are so cheaply made. Now mine gets to hot to touch and doesn't charge the computer so now I have to pay another $80 for a cheap tacky white supply that doesn't even look like it matches my machine, I mean why make a white plastic supply for a gray aluminum laptop?

    form and function supply fail.

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    About to need my 2nd replacement, or 3rd charger in just over one year. I have not had one physically break yet, but my experience with the original and now this replacement is that the charger gradually becomes more and more unreliable in supplying a charge to the computer until it quits working altogether. What a rip off.

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    Good and ehhh..

    I just got my macbook pro about 4-5 months ago and its great and all but its messed up, like some points were i try to plug it in it wont charge. If i didn't have this problem, i would rate it five stars!

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    Cable detached from magnetic end

    Although the magnetic attachment design is much better, the construction is poor. It started with my charge being randomly interrupted before the cable suddenly detached from the magnetic end. I've always been extra careful with Apple power cables due to their reputation and my previous faulty adapters. This was only purchased on 7.7.10... really inconvenient.

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    I'm legitimately angry. this is the biggest piece of junk ever. They should not be charging $80 for a charger that breaks like it's its job. I unplug it from my room, bring it to the next dorm over, plug it back in and it's decided not to work.... AGAIN! It's a brand new replacement piece.... do not buy

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    This is the worst charger I have EVER owned. It constantly breaks-Im on my third since August, and I swear I havent done anything. Everyone I know has the same problem, and it's awful since the chargers cost me an arm and a leg every time I need to replace them (thank god for warranty). I am very annoyed.

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    this is a great charger

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    It came with my MacBook Pro

    And the very reason I'm visiting this page is because it's extremely low quality and I'll have to buy a new one. The metal head got easily squished months ago, and the cable under the head has now started falling apart with light green stuff coming out of it.

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    HORRIBLE piece of junk!! Zero stars

    I'm on my 3rd cord in a year. Super unimpressed with the quality and that they expect you to PAY for this garbage! Apple should be ashamed!! I'm a single mom who needs the laptop for work - I can't be paying $80 every couple of months for a new cord. Apple has a nice little monopoly and you can tell they don't care at all about our complaints - If they did, something would have been done about this by now!!

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    Great Design, Flawed Execution

    I have liked the idea of a magnetic charger because I work long hours on my laptops and have had people, myself included, trip over wires and send my laptop flying. No longer the case. I owned my first MacBook Pro for 3 years. I always buy the 3 year extended warrantee because I work long hours on my laptops and have burned through quite a few pc models. All the cords on my pcs eventually broke and needed replacing but not at the pace the magsafe adapter. In the 3 years since I've owned the macbook, the cord has been replaced 5 times. That would have cost me $440 (with tax) had I not bought the extended warrantee. The previous replacements were on the old style adapter, where cord fatigue played a big role. The newer models might fare differently, we'll see.

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    Much better then old design

    This is SO much better then the old design. No bent cords or anything and no replacing a charger every 4 months!

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    Found the Problem!

    I've had my 15" MacBook for almost a year now and I was really concerned when it stopped charging, the light on my power adapter wouldn't turn on and the computer wouldn't recognize that it was plugged in. The problem started out intermittently, I would plug the cord in and the either the light wasn't on or the computer wouldn't recognize it was charging. For a few days I simply had to unplug the cord from the wall and computer and replug it in in (to wall then computer, never computer then wall) and it would start charging again.
    Eventually it stopped working all together. Reading all the reviews online I was sure my charger had completely died and that I would have to get a whole new one. I called the 1-800-MY-APPLE in case the problem was fixable.

    IT WAS. Please, please PLEASE TRY THIS BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW CORD. I would've been beyond PO'ed if I'd bought a new cord just to find this was the problem all along.The tech support guy instructed me to push the small metal prongs inside the magsafe connector (the part that plugs into the comp) in and out several times, because sometimes debris can become caught inside it. MY LAPTOP IS NOW CHARGING! He did say to keep an eye on it and that sometimes they do completely die, But at least I know that my adapter can and probably will last longer than a year!

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    Worst pice of junk ever, i used to think the charges for pc laptops were bad but this is embarrassing. my second one broke after only 3 months of sitting on a desk i dont know how apple can sell such poor item.

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    Awful. Makes me think twice about being an apple user.

    I am extremely careful with my macbook as I use it regularly on stage and have done for the 4 years I've owned it. No problems there at all, but the power cable is literally the worst piece of equipment I've ever had to dig in to my overdraft for. What an absolute mess. Thanks Apple, you obviously like to look after your customers don't you? Give them a less than mediocre bit of kit that almost definitely will break in less than a year, then charge catastrophically overpriced amounts to replace it? I feel perturbed and betrayed. Pfft, If I didn't love Logic Pro so much I would get a PC.

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    I dont see what the problem is.

    I've had my MacBook Pro for over 6 months now. The charger has been completely fine. No problems at all. All the other reviews seem to say different but remember, its only people who have had problems who are complaining. There are thousands of working ones out there. They've just got the unlucky ones.

    I always leave mine plugged in and switched on (dont blame me for global warming) and mine hasn't overheated once. Saying that, everytime i've touched it, its not even been close to warm.

    So i'd highly recommend this charger. Most probably the best one on the market by far.

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    Poorly Designed, Broke after 2 Months

    I had to get a new power adapter two months ago after my original one broke. Now my "new" one is broken too. It's not like I whip around my power cord like a lasso. I'm actually really careful with my electronics but here I am again to buy another one. I expected better from a ***$80*** replacement.

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    Doesn't even work

    Bought this less than 30 min ago b/c I needed a power source for a biz trip. This thing doesn't even work. Don't have time to return it before my trip. This is terrible.

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    I've had my Macbook pro for one month, ONE MONTH! Already my charger cable is broken!
    I always took care of it due t the fact that I spent $1,400 on it so I'm not just gonna toss it around, one day it stops charging, and now the tip of the charger breaks off!
    I love my computer but hate the Charger.

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