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    I don't think I'm adding anything new to the conversation but I am having the same problems as everyone else it seems. My power cord is now frayed and I will have to purchase a new one for $80??? Why so expensive for something that doesn't last? I don't abuse my equipment but it seems that no matter how good of care you take of these power cords they end up fraying. That really stinks Apple! Love your computers, not a fan always of your accessories/cables, thanks!

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    Broken after 15 month

    The original MagSafe adapter that came in the box with my MacBook Pro lasted for 5 years, and the replacement has lasted 15 months, which is silly. The rubber wrapped around the cord cracked, and the wires inside frayed where the thin wire exits the brick, and that is causing the brick and the wire to heat up quite a bit. The rubber around the thick wire is also cracking near the plug. It doesn't charge unless I hold the wire at a certain angle, and even that doesn't always work. Seems like a fire hazard, and I'm really disappointed in the quality of the replacement part, considering how long the original lasted!

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    Broken Charger

    Reading the reviews should wake the people at Apple up. The common thread is that the cords fray and become unusable. I take great care with my MacBook Pro and yet my cord frayed in the same place most of the other reviewers cords did. I only use it at home so I never wrap the cord and always let it lie straight from my laptop. The MacBook Pro is great, but the cords are garbage.

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    Thoroughly pleased

    There are a lot of bad reviews for this product and while I agree that some of Apples chargers do not last as long as they should, mine have lasted for a decent amount of time. I purchased my macbook pro in late 2010 so this charger has lasted me 5 years. Taking it to school and uni and now work aswell as on holiday interstate and overseas! It has a few war wounds that are my own fault and the white plastic has come apart around the charger head, but I think 5 years is a fair effort! Especially seeing how much use and travel it has done!

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    I wish I could give NEGATIVE stars!

    First I have to say....I LOVE MY MAC. It's sentimental to me because I bought it while deployed in 2008. However, I now have to buy another charger because the craftsmanship of this product is subpar. My cord is frayed and I'm surprised it hasn't caused an electrical fire in my home. For an 80 dollar charger, you would expect it to last at least 3 years or more. I seriously think it's time for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. This is criminal!

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    All Apple chargers are garbage.

    Apple cares more about the aesthetic properties of their power cables than functionality and integrity. Even when stored properly at home or for travel, it's unlikely that any of their chargers will last a year before the white rubbery plastic covering the cables will crack and fall apart, exposing the wires underneath.

    You'd think that since they care so much about their image, Apple would start using the tried and true plastic that insulates the wires on virtually every other electronic device. Like my desk lamp; I've had it for six years, ran over the power cord countless times with a vacuum cleaner, and the chunky black plastic has never split. I haven't even subjected my MacBook charger to that kind of abuse and the plastic on the cable was falling apart after just one year.

    Seriously Apple, I thought you cared about me looking cool, Like Justin Long! Now whenever I have to charge my MacBook in public, I have to use the terrible abomination that is my 60W MagSafe Power Adapter: a disgusting, dusty, hairy, multi-colored serpent of electrical tape wound nearly a quarter of an inch thick. I seriously feel like a clown whenever I have to pull it out of my backback; not only because it looks like I'm reeling in one of those endless rainbow magician handkerchiefs, but because children start to cry.

    I feel like Apple is treating me like a clown too, because now that the cord has become completely separated from the power brick, I have to go buy a new one.. FOR EIGHTY DOLLARS! An $80 mistake that will undoubtedly fall apart by the end of 2016. I don't even know If I'll be around to see 2016; a Coulrophobic lynch mob could take me at any moment!

    It stinks, because I know I'm going to have to buy a new one at full price. This time around, I'm going to try a couple different things to protect the charger's god-awful Play-Doh cord from the dangerous, abrasive environment created by a carpeted floor. Obviously, wrapping the cord neatly around the power brick's retractable hooks is pointless. Perhaps prayer, or using a microfiber cloth to work leather conditioner into it every day will do the trick. Or maybe a preemptive layer of electrical tape will prolong it's life a couple years (It would be great if this new one lives long enough to be enrolled in kindergarten!). Either way, I'm open to suggestions, hopefully Apple is too.

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    Cord keeps fraying/breaking...

    Onto my 4th one... The last one barely even left my house either. This is getting expensive...

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    Why can't apply make a decent charger? this is ridiculous. As most customers on that have written a review we take care of our apple products but when its poorly made what else can we do. Its really a (fill in the blank) shame.

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    Broken again!

    I have had to replace 2 chargers already and now onto a 3rd. This last time the wires become damaged and exposed at the connection point of the charger. I have been told by apple employees that I am just not storing it properly but I have taken their advice each time and STILL it ends up breaking. My boyfriend and I now have to share his charger until I get a new one but it doesn't even charge the computer, so I have to always have it plugged in - another problem I have been told is common.
    I love my Mac computer but am so disappointed with this accessory. They are way to expensive to be breaking this often!

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    Not Impressed

    As a college student..........I bought my white Macbook Summer of 2010 and I'm about to replace the piece of (fill in the blank) charger for the second time. I went with a Macbook to avoid the problems that the cheap computer buyers go through. I take very good care of my equipment because I work hard for the nice things I have. Needless to say...........here goes another $80.

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    My 60W MagSafe charger broke again. This is shoddy workmanship. For $80 a piece, this should LAST. Apple, do a recall already AND apologize.

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    Recall and redesign these things

    Other than the clunky size I have had no complaint about this power adapter for the last two years. I use mine with the longer power cord attached. I have always been particular about wrapping it loosely in a way that does not damage electrical cables and store it in my bag in a place where it won't get abused. This weekend, the smaller wire separated from where it inserts into the rubber piece that passes through the center of one side of the square transformer body. I noticed it, but didn't think much of it beyond it being pretty poor that it was falling apart until my wife said, "It smells like something's burning." Sure enough, she sniffed out my electrical cable burning the insulating rubber wrapped around it. I touched it and it was very hot. I also noticed that it wasn't charging (unless I crammed the wire back together). In class today I asked the person next to me if she had the same type of charger (since my computer was dead from not being able to charge it). She took one look at my charger and said, "Oh yeah... that happened to mine this weekend. I had to borrow my boyfriend's. You can use it." So, apparently these things are so bad that the odds are high enough that you can go up to a random Apple user and find one who had the same thing happen to them in the same time period yours went bad!

    Apple, recall and redesign these things! They are fire hazards.

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    Bad quality

    Apple should do something about the way it's built because it's extremely delicate and the normal usage makes it fail. Not fair to have to pay again for the next charger, need to do a recall and change materials!

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    Worst Charger ever!!

    I can see LIVE WIRE!!! My house could have caught on fire. Protective cover ripped open in the middle and I didn't see it. NO STARS!!

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    Bad quality

    I'm now in my 2nd charger in less than a year. Is this charger was meant to do exactly what Apple want it to be, to failed miserably so that mac user need to buy again and again? What a great business plan.

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    Apple is about to lose my business

    I've gone through 4 chargers in the last 5 years Luckily the first one was covered with apple care but I've since had to buy two others. The only thing I use my laptop for is school. Every time my laptop goes into my backpack I wrap the chord around the duckfeet (the way it's supposed to be used). It frays and stops working within a year.

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    I absolutely love my MacBook Pro but these chargers are the worst. I have had my laptop for 6 years now and have had 4 chargers, with the most recent one almost starting a house fire. The cord melted out of nowhere and started smoking, thankfully I was home to notice this happening or it would have been a problem. Wish the adapter was up to the same standard as the laptop, especially given the price. I wasn't planning on spending $400 on power adapters for a $2000 computer. Ridiculous.

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    When my first adapter showed what Apple call 'strain' i.e. the plastic wore away, exposed the wiring and eventually broke right off, I had no choice but to buy a new one. I went to extreme lengths to make sure I didn't put any strain on the 2nd one. But - lo and behold - it has happened again. I NEVER wrap the cable around he duck feet and I ALWAYS makes sure the cable is flowing straight out of the magnetic head but the plastic has once again eroded. I have checked on the Apple site and see you now have a mention of this in your troubleshooting section. This leads me to think that there must be lots and lots of people experiencing the same issue. I think this is a very poor design and given that there is no other way to power up your laptop once the battery has run down, this is something that needs to be addressed. Why should I have to keep replacing the adapter? And at £65 ($79) a go, it's unreasonable expensive for the usage one gets from it.

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    What's the problem? Works great, has been durable!

    I have had my macbook air for many years, and now have to replace the charger only because my cat chewed through the wire. Cat's lucky he's cute because this charger has been used a lot, tossed around, and was still looking and functioning like new before he sunk his teeth into it.

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