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    Very Poorly Made

    This is also my second power adapter in 3 years. They are so poorly made, that even though I was very careful not to abuse and pull on the chord, pack it carefully when I travel, it has broken again!!

    For a ridiculously priced product, for it not to last more than a year in this case is a disgrace.

    The chord has come loose this time where it joins the magnetic head. Last time the chord frayed and was unusable and dangerous (there were blue sparks coming from the wire).

    I will be making a formal complaint. Buy this item at your own risk.

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    Straight Disappointment

    Bought my new power cord last fall upon losing the last one. Noticed that the wiring had a split in it about 4 months in from normal use... I don't wrap the cord tightly or stress it in any unusual way. 2 months after I noticed the split, the charger stopped working. That was it.

    This is my 4th (5th?) mac laptop, so it's not like such problems are new (it's also not like they are driving me back to PCs). I have had chargers fail in the past and replaced them. But things have not changed.

    The fact that these chargers don't last long is frustrating. I am a student, and I expect that my power cord would last the life of my computer. Certainly one year seems reasonable.

    If you could find an alternative I would suggest it, but you can't, so I guess you (and I) are S.O.L. and bound to keep shelling out $80+ for replacements.

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    Well This Stinks!

    Great laptop. Terrible power cord! Mine stopped working after 3 months. And $80 to replace?! Apple needs to do better than this.

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    Another one bites the dust

    My second one in just under 2 years just went out. If these cords are meant to be disposable and have a short life, i wish Apple would lower the price.

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    Apple are you listening?

    The design of this product is poor. Apple, why are you not able to build a power cord that performs and lasts for many, many years? My 7 year old vacuum has a cord that has lasted under much more demanding usage. Can't you innovate like that? If it was a choice I would say don't buy it. But this is Apple. There is no choice. Those who are happy with this product are Mac Loyalists, the type to embrace any Apple product. Apple, your laptops are great. Make a power cord which complements them!

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    Sigh ... 4 month life?

    Mine just died. Gone. & why can't we replace only the part that has died. It seems wasteful to replace the entire thing.

    (I've made a genius bar appointment for tomorrow ... maybe they'll be kind and rescue me? Meanwhile I don't have much time before my MacBook runs out 'o gas.)

    Don't get me wrong; I love my Mac. Truly. I'm just frustrated, as this is the second charger for this computer!

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    Bad Design

    I got my mac book 2 years back and now the power adapter stopped working. Considering the cost of the product , such things should never happen to the accessories. Now when we want to buy the adapter ........it costs fortunes !!
    Design well & then price it

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    I don't agree with the any of the poor reviews and certainly can't understand why anyone having problems hasn't taken them back. I own SEVEN of these things. We are a family with 4 Macbooks - and have been for many years. I'm still using the MacSafe that came with my very first MagSafe Macbook. It's a little frayed around the edges but never fails to make a solid connection or charge correctly. This is the best power connector ever invented and is far superior to it's predecessor.

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    Just broke my second one.

    The connection broke again. None of the melting wires or breaking plasticy bits other mentioned. as far as i can tell i use my mac fairly normally. i mean, i wouldnt expect this at the very least. i mostly use it sitting on my bed, with the pug less than a foot away, and absolutely no stress on the wire so i dont know how this happened. i really hope they replace it again :(

    and to the reviewer who said you would recommend this product? its a moot point becuase theres no other option. we just have to live with this.

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    I've had my Mac for about 6 months and the charger always dies. I have to move the wire around and bend it a little for it work. It's ridiculous, the old charger was way better. Talk about change and progression, they made this worse.

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    Not Worth It

    I have had mine for two years and if broke , with the breakage , it shorted my laptop . It killed two birds with One stone .

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    Power Adapter

    I love my Mac.Book Had it for over a year. The magnetic power cord is wonderful. Charges great. I have this computer where ever I go. I am ready to go overseas and purchased the plug adapter. I hear the white box is already the converter so I am good to go

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    Worse power adapters of any brand

    Bought one of these power adapters and it died after 6 months. It just died. It sits at home so I don't travel with it so it barely gets moved.

    I've had Sony, HP and Dell laptops and all the power adapters are 100 times more durable than these weak Apple power adapters.

    A great way for Apple to make money off accessories because you'll have to buy a new one at least every year.

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    Doesn't last.

    The rubber came off after a couple of months and didn't get it replaced by the guarantee, bescasue it was a "cosmetic" problem... Had to tape the whole thing to avoid getting electrecuted...

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    This is a perfect item. I really like the fact the cord now exits at a right angle rather than straight out. Extremely pleased.

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    Not Good and doesn't last

    The sheathing came off the wires on the original one that came with my macbook and lasted just over 2 years. I had to buy a new one and this one is just over 4 months old and the wires became disconnected and stopped working. Good thing it has a 1 year warranty. Hopefully don't have to replace it again soon.

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    Horrible Product. Way too expensive.

    I miss the old white "T" Shaped chargers. I've had this silver "L" shaped charger for less than a year and it's already quitting out on me. I have taken perfect care of this charger, and my computer has remained on my desk 90% of the time, along with my charger..untouched...yet I constantly have to wiggle and move around the cable in order to find a "sweet" spot in order to get my computer to charge. Such a headache. My MacBook Pro is no longer under warranty, which means I would have to pay full price to replace this charge. $80 + tax is way too much. I love Apple...but this is one of the worse designed chargers I have ever seen.

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    Why no problems with any of my MagSafe adapters?

    I've used the MagSafe adapters without any problems since they were first introduced.

    Between home and office, I've bought well over over a dozen MacBooks and MacBook Pro's for myself, my family and my staff, starting with three early 1.83 GHZ MacBooks, then two 2.0 GHZ 13" MacBooks, then moving to 2.2 GHZ & 2.4 GHZ 13"MacBookPro's, three 15" MacBook Pro's, two 17" MB Pro's and two 13" MB Pro's. Not a single Apple brand MagSafe power adapter has ever failed, though we have had problems with some "bargain-priced" aftermarket clones from Asia.

    As far as my experience goes, the only Apple ones that stop working have had their magnetic connectors stepped on. Aside from that, the only issues we've had are the result of using the hard plastic MacBook covers; some of them prevent the connector from fitting securely in its recepticle.

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    I bought my first Macbook pro in Dec of 2010 and have been satisfied with everything, except the charger. FIrst of all, I take care of all of my electronics with SPECIAL care because I am not at a good economical position in life right now.(especially my mac). My charger recently died, i assume because it shocked me while i was plugged it in and hasn't worked since. I have tried charging my macbook pro on other outlets but it doesn't work. I'm on my last charge so if you buy this be aware that you might have to buy the same product even if its JUST 3 months old.

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    PIECE OF .....!!!!

    Bought a MacbookPro 4 months ago ant the power adapter just stop working, need to buy a new for $80 ????

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