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    Charger problems

    My charger stopped working 5 months after i bought my Mac Pro. I went to Mac and they gave me a new one, It had issues from the start, I have to wiggle it some times to get a connection.

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    Let's Compare...

    Alright, so it sounds like these have a tendency to stop working after awhile. Mine still works great, and I love it, but I've only had it for about a month. But if you've ever shopped for a replacement power adapter for a PC laptop, you know that they are just as expensive. And the problem with them is that, in my experience, they break EASIER! Because it's not the magnetic connection, every time someone trips over the cord, it not only brings the charger close to its demise, but also brings the connection to the motherboard closer to ITS demise. And once that happens, it's new laptop time.

    It's very difficult to produce a bullet-proof charger, because they definitely get the most abuse out of any part of the macbooks, or any laptop in general. Just realize that ALL laptop users are in the same boat, and really Apple still has higher quality. The magsafe connector is something I wish was on EVERY laptop, patents or not, because they're just THAT MUCH BETTER.

    Oh, and to the few who complain because the wall charger is bulky, just switch to the 3-prong extension, and you have yourself a classic laptop charger with the adapter in the middle of the cord. And if you still want to complain, go buy a desktop, because again, every laptop user fights that same thing.

    Sorry if this post seems a little troll-y. Didn't mean to come off that way, it just seems that many of these reviewers are a bit....ignorant?

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    6 months

    Bought this adapter in June, died in January. No problems until then. Now when I plug it in the orange/green light doesn't come on. Borrowing a friend's adapter charged the battery fine. £50!

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    Necessary evil

    The power adapters for all the MacBooks are incredibly fragile; this isn't a new problem-three laptops, all of which have needed at least two cord replacements. That's six cords I've bought, and given the high price tags on Apple merchandise, I could have bought a cheap PC with a sturdier power adapter. Given how many years customers have been complaining, you'd think someone might actually take note of it and FIX this. Power cord number seven soon to be purchased...

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    What's More Important Than Power?

    You'd think that since power is the life-blood of your system, Apple could come up with a quality adapter at the same price. No dice. My first one died today after a year and a half. I just ordered a new one to the tune of $83.74. Hopefully, the new design will stop this infernal technology from constantly falling from my laptop. The only good thing to come out of this is that I don't have a project due this week.

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    Terrible design!

    This power adapter is so fragile it comes apart on the thin wire so easily. I haven't even had my MacBook for a year yet and I've had 3 now. I've even resorted to putting electrical wire around the thin little cord. Now I need another one because the generic one I bought (unless it's actually an Apple brand power adapter in the box don't buy them on Ebay they are super dangerous!!!) overheated and blew a fuse. This is ridiculous and $79 hello!!! I'm a College Student! I can't afford that over and over again! Apple needs to step up with this I'm super disgusted

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    Another failure

    I'm on my third charger with this design and oh what you know it lasted about the same as old one did. Now this one staring go. To pay $80 for something fall a part in 6-8 months make me feel need kick wall. I for once love apple to make charger cable that last for two years. I'm so tired of this. I pay a bit more for product last longer. But I'm not longer throwing $80 away. It's way over price. I say at most $15 for this one. Note letting off some steam.

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    I bought a Macbook Pro for college almost six months ago and the charger just broke. At first it work if I wiggled it around, but now it's gone out completely. Not sure how I'm going to work a new charger into my budget every six months and I really wish I had read the reviews here before I bought my computer.

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    Poor design

    Magsafe is great but this product is built very cheaply. At $88 a piece here in NY with tax I should get a quality item. In two years I have been through 2. Now the third one is falling apart, the metal piece that attaches to the laptop stays in the laptop! The first two were the older design with the plastic Magsafe end. Neither lasted more then 6 months. I purchased two "knock offs" from eBay, one for work and one from my truck. Both of those have no problems, go figure! Going back to the Apple store today to see if they will do the right thing.

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    Replaceable You

    Ever since my beloved aluminum Powerbook, I've been fighting with the Incredible Breaking Cord on these things. The wire gets broken right below where it inserts into the computer. THERE IS A FIX. I wrap red electrical tape several times around the vulnerable part. The tape cushions and protects the wire. I've never had one of them break since.

    Now there is a new design--and it looks as though Apple have actually been trying to fix the problem. But I think the new design is as vulnerable to breakage as the old one--and harder to protect with tape. But what I don't get is why they don't just accept the inevitable and design the adapter in such a way that the cord from the adapter can be unplugged and replaced--at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole darn assembly. Could it be that Apple makes more money out of these accessories than out of the computer itself. . . .?

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    I bought my Macbook Pro in February '10, I began using it in about July '10, so that's about when I began using this charger. It pretty much fell apart! HORRIBLE PIECE OF ****!

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    Replaced twice in 3 years

    I am on my third charger and have had my macbook for only a little over two years! The chargers work for a few months, then start working only intermittently and then not at all. I don't think many people can afford to buy a new magsafe adapter every time they die and maybe Apple should make it a priority to develop new chargers that last longer.

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    Very Disappointing

    I have high expectations from Apple products. Unfortunately, this adapter does not meet them.

    I initially ordered this adapter as a replacement for the original which came with my laptop (purchased around 2007). The old one worked well, but gradually the connections inside the end had come loose. The new one was in a different style, but attached and powered the laptop correctly. I thought at the time that 80 dollars for a power cord was rather ridiculous, but affordable if it lasted 3+years.
    3 months later, the same problem developed -- the connectors inside the head were loose. I couldn't face paying that amount again so quickly, so ordered a generic one online (25 dollars), which is working fine so far.

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    Second one in three weeks

    ... and we weren't even home for one of those weeks! Are you kidding me? Magsafe is a great idea, but the build quality on these things (ESPECIALLY for the price) is horrendous. My old T shaped one lasted for years, but these L ones are a disaster. At least BestBuy swapped the broken one out without much complaint.

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    Going for #4

    Have replaced this charger three times in the past nine months, and it's dead again. The cable running from the charger "brick" to the MagSafe adapter fails each time, making charging an intermittent, tricky nightmare.

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    Third charger in 21 months

    Am I happy? You do the math.

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    3rd charger for this laptop - can't afford any more.

    These chargers are absolutely awful, truly the only thing I hate about my macbook. My first charger stopped charging all of a suddden one day so I replaced it. Less than 6 months later, this charger seems to have mysteriously disintegrated, I have been holding it together with a mixture of electrical tape and prayer for a few weeks now. I have to buy a new one, because it is the only option - but surely Apple knows how terrible their power cables are? Yet they always stay the same.

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    It is not durable

    I am very disappointed with Apple because some of the products are not durable at all,having my new mac book for more than a year and I just don't understand why the adaptor suddenly stops to work......

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    Bought my white macbook 2 1/2 years ago, about 2 years after my t style charger stopped working so I ordered a new one and was given this new L style charger. Worked ok for the first while then it worked only sometimes. Now 4 months after I bought it it wont work at all. I am so angry that I paid so much for the charger and expect so much from apple. The above reviews that talk about the metal bit of the charger getting hot are telling the truth...it overheats very easily. Overall I think it is a pile of rubbish and I just wish they had replaces my charger with the old t style charger. Dont live near an apple store so I have to travel nearly 2 hours away to see if I can get a replacement...Could not be more annoyed!!!

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    I cannot describe my frustration in having my second charger fail in 6 months!!!! SERIOUSLY something is wrong with this adapter! If apple knows it's going to fail every few months make it cheaper. Nothing is worse having this fail right after christmas when everyone is already broke!

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