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    I thought Mac was better than this

    My MacBook is 2 years & 2 months old and the MagSafe power adapter went out this week. 2 years...really? Shouldn't an Apple product last longer than that? Seeing how many poor reviews the power adapter gets, this appears to be the norm. I am disappointed and don't expect a long life from the replacement that I purchased today. Can't somebody in Cupertino engineer a better adapter? Please?

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    Backwards compatibility power connection issues...

    BE WARNED late-'09 MBP owners with 'T' connector MagSafes. You might want to track down a 'T' MagSafe instead for less headaches. Been through 3 'L' MagSafes -- all warrantied by Apple under AppleCare -- with all displaying identical connection problems so back on the 'T' train now with no issues since.

    On side-by-side comparison of 'T' vs. 'L' you can see that gold male contacts in 'L' style are a fraction shorter (maybe a millimetre). Not sure if this was done to offset a change of the female contacts in 2010 models, but nevertheless it's enough of a change to cause pre-2010 MBPs to experience an inconsistent power connection and supply even with the magnet fully seated properly. Mine always worked for a couple weeks then failed.

    IMHO has nothing to do with SMC reset, SMC firmware 1.4 update, or taking out battery, which you can't on models with built-in batteries anyways. Simply is either a design oversight for older models or quality control issue on the manufacturing side. Keep in mind, you could very well find one that works for you, but after three identical failures I called it quits.

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    Love my mac, hate the charger

    Clearly there is a design flaw here. They made the wire thinner and then they made the "mag safe" out of metal...So every few months I have to get a new one.
    My friends older macbook charger is still working 5 years in and I am on my 3rd charger 1 year in? Would the good people @ Apple design a mag safe charger that I won't need to replace every few months or at least one that is easily repaired.
    I bought a Mac because I needed a computer I could travel with and depend on, but it looks like I bought an expensive computer that once the warranty ends is attached to the wall with a flawed device that will cost me a fortune to keep replacing.
    SO PLEASE Apple, go back to the old Mag Safe design and just reinforce it better.
    This current Mag Safe is garbage!

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    bad charger

    I have had my 13" charger for about a month and i treat it, along with the charger and case, like gold. About an hour ago the piece that connects the wire to the computer just separated... Since its the only charger you can get for this computer you should get it, just expect to buy another one...

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    Dead Charger

    I received this new charger in the mail literally last week. It is now dead and useless. I did nothing wrong. I kept it plugged into a safe plug. Here's the main thing: I only actually plugged it into my computer three total times, for a grand total of no more than 4 hours. Absolutely absurd. Never buying Apple again.

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    Not a fan of the new design

    This lets the wire work like a lever and apply torque to the power socket. Please bring back the mid-2009 design. I would rather replaced a frayed wire than worry about this.

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    Never any problem with my Power Adapters

    Just want to add my experience with the power adapter. I guess people who review the product have had problems and therefore are purchasing a new one. We have bought several just for the convenience of not having to move the power cord each time we take the powerbook to another location. In all the years we have had powerbooks - probably 5 or 6 now we have never had one fail.

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    60W magsafe charger

    This charger for my Macbook Pro 13'' died on me yesterday.
    Its not even 3 months old. About a week ago the charging had become intermittent and suddenly it died on me.I have a lot of work to do.And I am a stuent who does not earn.so paying $80 for a new charger is way too much.I hate when something happens to my mac when I have paid double the price for half the configuration.

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    Burned my hand

    This power adapter is incredibly unsafe. I have a small blister on my hand from touching it yesterday. The Genius Bar told me not to touch it. To keep the computer out of reach of my kids (9&12...it's a family computer!?) and to put the computer on a flame resistant surface when I'm not home so my house doesn't burn down.


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    60w Magsafe for White MacBook runnigng Snow Leopard

    Was a bit worried after reading the reviews but went ahead and brought one anyway. Have had no problems. No firmware updated needed, just a happy owner with a MacBook that now has power.

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    New style, same problems.

    I have replaced 5 going on 6 power supplies over two years on one machine, all with the same problem, they start shorting out, overheating, and eventually totally die. I thought this new design would fix that problem, since the design seems to put less stress on the connection, and the cord is more substantial, but the new one is shorting out and overheating after only 3 months this time, which is faster than before.

    The new design has not fixed the problem, and I'm now in the market for a new notebook, and I probably won't be buying a Macbook because of this. It is ridiculous to pay almost $500 on power supplies over 2 years. That is an extreme hidden cost of an already overpriced computer in my opinion.

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    Cat ate my first charger. This one just decided to stop working. Hooray for number three. Too bad no third party chargers are any more reliable. My sister has gone through at least three, 2 being directly from Apple itself.... Time for an update perhaps?

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    Improved design, horrendous build quality

    Bought this to replace the original power adapter that came with my first generation Macbook after it began to fail over 4 years of continuous use. It took this new adapter less than 2 weeks to do the same thing. The design is much better than the last adapter, as the previous one would weaken where the wire and DC connector met through bending (which caused my original to fail over time). Unfortunately this design is wasted on this adapter, who's quality is much worse than the previous model. The DC wire feels much cheaper and less durable, as does the plug for the outlet. My previous adapter was hauled everywhere I went and was treated fairly rough at times, and it held out through it all. This adapter has essentially been stationary since purchase (I have yet to even wrap the DC cord) and it has failed continuously, needing to be stationary in a very odd position to maintain current. One significant positive is that it produces less heat than the last model, which tended to get fairly hot over time. Overall, this product has an excellent design, but it's poor quality makes the already steep cost very insulting.

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    Overpriced rip-off, too sensitive to wetness

    My 1st grandson pulled out the cord while I was in the computer. Before I could get it back, he stuck the mag safe in his mouth. Once again, now grandson #2, same thing. And once again, the power adapter will not work. Another $80 down the drain. I do not understand how with such a good design Apple couldn't go one step further. There should be the ability to just replace the mag safe connector, going into the power unit. This way, you do not need to replace the entire unit if the connector is the damaged piece. And hopefully, not be gouged by Apple for so much $$$$.
    I guess ........ spit happens.

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    Expensive and not durable

    Very expensive to replace and the cord just is not durable. Even back when the iBook was out I also had to replace my cable then so obviously little improvement has been made in the durability of Apple power cords very unfortunate for a customer on a budget but very fortunate for a company looking to make extra money.

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    Apple chargers (and Apple cables in general) are unfortunately of such a bad quality that it's laughable - and this charger is of no exception. And are priced so high that it is an insult. Unfortunately you don't have any other choice when you use the rest of their hardware (which is great). Either they break where the wire meets the plug (as in their USB and such cables) or they break where the cable meets the adaptor (as in their power adaptors). Even when you use the well know "loop the cable beforehand if you intend to wind the cable up on the 2 hooks" technique they break (yes. The to hooks strain the cable even more if you actually just use them the way you would THINK that they should work - what "intuitive design").
    I'm working through my THIRD adaptor in three years.
    Thank you Apple....not

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    works but comes apart

    cable comes apart at the power block in the middle, never wrap the cable around the provided hooks, it bends the cable form the block to your mac at a stupid degree, and frays it. still works, but risk of electrocution/burns :(

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    So far so good

    It works now but I would have appreciated a big red arrow pointing me in the direction of the firmware update required for an older MacBook before I spent ages feeling like a dumb blonde when I couldn't get it to work.

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    Good & Bad

    I really love the design of the adapter, but I must say that it was not made for people who move up and down with their macbook.
    I've had my Macbook Pro for 14 months, and I just had to replace my adapter.
    It started heating up, and it would not give me the amber nor bright green lights. I had to move it around in different positions, and keep my computer in one place for it to charge. This shortage in power supply really affected my computers ability to retain charge.

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    It just works

    I replaced my t style old power cable with this after squashing the old one in a door...read the reviews and felt worried as so many comments said it doesn't work. Why was I worried? Opened the box, plugged it in, charged the laptop. Thanks Apple- it is expensive but if I used a PC I would have spent this much just on virus protection this year...

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