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    Magsafe woes

    I bought a L-shape Magsafe adaptor in March 2010 to replace my second burned-out T-shape adaptor and guess what, it dies in September 2010 - 6 months lifetime! OK the first was replaced under the warranty covering my MacBook but the third L-shaped one is only covered by a 90 DAY WARRANTY, so beware. I was told by Apple Support that it may be a fault with my MacBook and to have it checked out but having read other reviews it seems that there is a problem with the quality of the adapter, The guy at support agreed it was ridiculous that these adapters are only supplied with such a limited 90 day warranty but I am still left having to buy another. At this rate, it could cost around about £90 a year for adapters!

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    3rd one in 1 year


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    It not nearly as good as the old one.

    1. It tangles way too easily, unlike the old one.
    2. you have to wiggle it to get i in properly.
    3. The end is a terrible shape, completely impractical.

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    Terrible Design

    Same problem as everyone else - wouldn't fit with my speck case on my laptop - and once I finally removed my laptop cover, the adapter stopped working after 1 time of charging! Major bummer!

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    Poor compatibility

    This is a terrible design! Apple claims it is compatible with the old-style adapters, but it is not! I have been through three new adapters and they all have the same problem: about 50% of the time, it will not recognize that you have plugged your computer in. The only solution is to shut down and power on with the battery removed, reinstalling the battery after it is up and running. Very annoying!

    Please, come up with a fix for this Apple!

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    Lasted just over a year before dying.

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    It doesn't charge my macbook

    Bring back the t-connector and throw away the L connector. It is more secure and worked like a champ.

    Has Apple become too big to care about their costumers?

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    less safe design

    A major design point of the original MagSafe is that if you accidentally yanked on the cable it disconnected rather than drag your computer off your desk (or wherever). The latest design, which lies flat against the laptop, is much more likely not to disconnect, if the cable is yanked mostly parallel with the edge it's plugged into. This is a serious defect in the new design. The new design may look nicer, but it's significantly less Safe.

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    This power cord should be recalled

    Yes, looks slim and nice. However, it does not charge my Macbook!! Old power cord worked much much MUCH BETTER!! Folks who have old macbooks must not buy this power cord and look for old ones! Once you have the problem of charging, you have to take the battery out and put it back. Does it sound stupid? Yes! This is how the new power cord is, and you will lose $80.

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    Beware of EXPOSED WIRE!

    I've had my MacBook for 4 years and am on my 3rd power adapter because of exposed wire. The first time the wire was exposed near the base that plugs into the wall. My 2nd one had exposed wire near the magnetized part that attached to the computer. Since Apple's warranty is only for a year, I have to shell out $79 every two years. Every other apple product I own (ipod, shuffle, wireless internet router) have been great. This is the one exception. MAKE A BETTER PRODUCT!

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    I have went through 3 chargers breaking on me with the old charger for the Macbook Pro. In desperation I went looking for ANOTHER charger because of the third charger breaking.
    I came upon this charger and was really excited to see how much they have improved their product. This charger feels very different from the old one and it is well worth the extra $20 to $30 difference.
    The charger is sleek and very sturdy. The peice that connects to the computer is made VERY VERY well and when plugged into the computer stays in place when bumped and fits nicely to the side of the computer unlike the old charger that stuck straight out.
    If your iffy about buying this product ... DONT BE ... I garuntee you will LOVE THIS CHARGER.

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    Wow! I've had 2 of these & both have failed

    I'm not certain why this is so difficult to build a quality notebook charge adapter that is dependable & reliable. I'm going back to the store asking for a resolution. My MacBook Pro works well, but I cannot understand why I keep having a power adapter issue...

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    NO STARS--this product is defective

    I'm a longtime Apple fan. I can't say enough good things about their computers.

    However, I ordered 2 of the new adapters. Neither of them work. I use my laptop for work--and am obliged right now to stop every few hours when the adapter light goes out because it has stopped working. I have to stop writing, power down the computer, remove the battery, etc., in order to get the adapter working again. Extremely irritating for those whose work requires intense, uninterrupted focus.

    I would expect this sort of performance from HP or Dell, but NOT Apple. This is unacceptable--Steve Jobs, help! And I see I can no longer order the old adapter, which worked beautifully.

    I'm using a 2009 17" MacBook Pro. Can't you support a year-old computer, Apple?

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    I bought my Macbook Pro in the first week of August this year. My power adapter sometimes does not work at all. It makes me frustrated and upset. The new adapter is too expensive. OMG!!! I found that there are many people who have the same problem with me.

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    Failure to charge; same problems as everyone else

    When I broke the cord of the adapter that shipped with my MacBook in late 2007, I bought this MagSafe replacement at my local Apple Store. My purchase worked for a few hours, then the LED light stopped illuminating and the computer stopped charging. I hauled myself back to the Apple Store, bought another one, and had the same problem.

    The adapter started working again only when my battery was completely drained (which I assume has an effect equivalent to the battery-pull fix described by other users). I've had to let the battery run to empty three times in the span of the last several days.

    Most frustrating of all, perhaps, is that when I called AppleCare (thinking that the problem was with my MacBook), the rep didn't mention that the new MagSafes were faulty; she assumed, as did I, that the problem was with my MacBook's port. Luckily I found these reviews before I mailed it in for service. Suffice it to say, Apple should at least make its own people aware of the problem.

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    I'd give it less than 1 if I could

    I recently went in to replace the charger that came with my computer- a black macbook from dec 2007- and noticed the new design on the adapters and thought they looked sharp, however once I got back to my place to try the product with my computer, I was highly disappointed. The problem was that the new charger wasn't correctly recognized by my computer, in part because the new design limits the ability of the magnetic male end to go into my computer's receptor, and in part because my computer's internal battery system did not recognize the new charger, as it was fine with the T-shaped ones. It was really a coin toss as to whether or not the charger would charge my computer when I plugged it in. I was not satisfied with the product, and certainly wasn't happy about spending over $80 for a faulty product. It also still was prone to overheating and blocked other connection ports on my laptop, just as others have said. I returned the product, only to find out that others had done the same, as they had the same issues I did, and yet nothing has been done about it. I have checked online, and I discovered that this is a common issue, but when I ask for an old adapter at the Apple stores, they just tell me that this shouldn't be happening and that they know the new adapters work with the old computers. I am beyond fed up with this service and with the products, and as much as I love my macbook, I may switch to PC if Apple doesn't get their heads out of their rears soon.

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    Recently purchased a macbook, this power cable came with it. Have had to buy a new one, a week or so after receiveing my macbook. Truely bad form no-where near Apples normal product standard. V disappointed.

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    Great Aesthetically but could be more ergonomic.

    It really does look cool. It doesn't just jet out of the charge port and there are two directions that your Macbook (Pro) could wear it. It comes off pretty easily, though so I think it could use a bit of a redesign. Probably the only reason I bought it, is that my old adapter died and I my Macbook wasn't under warranty any more.

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    60w MagSafe power adapter failure

    Just reiterating all that have gone before. Purchased 13in macbook pro less than a week ago. Adapter worked fine..... until today. It is now as dead as a dodo. Would half expect something like this when buying a product from a $2 shop. Would not expect this sort of failure after only 5 days, when purchasing a $2,000.00 laptop from a brand that prides itself on its clean green image. I wonder how much extra non-biodegradable material has been used in the production of the replacement adapters. Also, to post this review I have to give the adapter 1 star. To rate an adapter that fails in its only function, to charge the laptop, at anything above 0 stars, is laughable. Perhaps a negative star rating could be made available if its absolutely necessary to give a star rating to post a review.

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    3+ broken in 3 years - another one not functioning although just purchased

    Had one of these fray badly at the connection between the brick and the smaller end of the cord for no reason after a year and a half or so of normal use (Granted, this was the older model which was even more poorly constructed.). Had another one melt and nearly catch on fire in the course of a few minutes at that same spot after less than a year of normal use (also the older model). I just bought a third one about two weeks ago and have only been using it for about a week - today the small end of the cord has ceased to function - no visible physical damage, still perfectly white and intact and was working this morning, but (although I can switch out the small computer end or the travel adapter part or whatever it's called and get power, so the grounded end of the cord is still functional) the magsafe end has entirely ceased to function - no charging, no green or orange lights, no response from my computer or battery meter, nothing. I love my Macbooks, but the chargers are a horribly inferior design compared to the relative brilliance of the computer itself.

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