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    Works great, but not for long.

    This is the clean Apple-style of design that we love. The problem is style over function. My Mac is an "olde beest", bought in Autumn 2009. The charger that it came with, with the old T-style connector, did last a while. After that, I had to buy a new charger nearly every year, being on my fourth now. Like others have said, they all break at the same point; the joint between the connector and the cable.

    This has been a major design flaw for years and Apple has been knowing about it (because, in their defence, my first replacement was given to me for free by them). My greatest disappointment lies in the fact that they have done zilch to resolve this in their design permanently.

    I must admit that this even makes me wary of buying a new mac. What if all their chargers are still like this?

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    Too bad we can't give a rating of 0 stars

    This is second charger of this type I have had to be for my kid's PowerBook, the original and its first replacement failing within 10 months of purchase, amounting to a charger cost of £5 per month so far. The cable strain relief at the base of the outgoing DC cable is poorly designed and not fit for purpose. Put simply, it is not long enough and therefore the cable insulation breaks down where the cable attaches to the power supply. At £65 this design fiasco is overpriced compared to its price in the US, even accounting for the exchange rate and taxes. Moreover, it is unreliable to say the least [note my first way of wording it was rejected by Apple due to expletives]. All Apple have to do is to redesign the plastic cable strain, extending it a few more millimetres, and the cable would be much more robust. More than 200 people have rated this charger as 1 star in the UK, and more than 1000 in the US ('1k+'). Yet Apple seems blissfully unconcerned.

    I wonder how long it will be before the poorly designed cable strain relief fails - creating a short circuit - and causes serious injury or property damage through fire. Moreover, there are irresponsible YouTube videos showing how to 'repair' the cable that are outright dangerous.

    Apple: are you going to listen to your customers and redesign this thing [again, my first use of language was not accepted by Apple due to expletives] or are you content to make your customers furious?

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    The worse quality compared to any other computers!!

    The overall quality of this "power adapter" is the worse from any laptop that I have owned or had to work with before. I tried to protect the cable all the time, especially the part near by the body of this adapter and broke exactly there. First, the protection white cover broke and then it burn all of a sudden, while plugged. It was incredible!
    I used to have a very cheap laptop before (worth of 250 euros) and treated the cable with less attention and care than I did for this MacBook Pro and the charger is still working after 7 years of use.
    Bad and poor quality. Worse than any Chinese cheap product. Shame on Apple!
    It's not worth not even 1 star as it shows, but this system obliged me to "rate" at least one star in order to publish my text.

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    Vastly over-priced junk

    Same as everyone else, this is the fourth one of these I have had to buy as they plastic coating always frays near the adapter base from standard usage. How can they justify the scandalous price when they are clearly not built to last. What a joke Apple.

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    I Am Buying My Third Charger.....

    Yes the new design is better than the old one but I still have problems with the cord. The extender works just fine but I am now buying my third charger because the power adaptor keeps going out. I love my Mac and Apple prodicts but thereis defiantly room for improvement for the chargers (Macs and iPhones).

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    Seriously Apple????!!!!!

    Just bought my third charger in the last two years. The first one that came with the laptop severed near the adapter box (if that's the right term for it) and they wouldn't replace it because my warranty had run out. Now this one has disconnected itself from where it plugs into the laptop.
    I'm so sick of having to buy these things. I expected better from apple. Really disappointed

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    Very disappointed

    Pretty soon I'll need to buy a fifth adapter in as many years of use. Same as what everyone else is saying. The rubber coating starts tearing at the base of the magnetic connector (one time it came apart completely). Then the wires fray and you can bet it'll be game over in days or weeks. This is all from normal use. The first time I had this problem, the Apple Store clerk (oh pardon me, genius) told me it's because I was twisting and turning the cord and that the MacBook Pro is meant to sit still at the same spot for years on end. Which is ridiculous. Of course I move it from sofa to work table to bedroom, travel with it, etc., all just normal use. I certainly don't twist it and turn it. No matter how gentle I am, no matter how hard I try not to cause any tension in the cord, the same thing happens again and again, making the MacBook Pro several hundred dollars more expensive than the list price.

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    Terrible, Poor Quality Product

    I have now gone through 3 of these adapters for my MacBook in 2 years. And I'm not abusing them in any way. They sit plugged into my desk and stay there. So there really isn't any wear on them. All three adapters have come apart where the cord meets the plug for the computer (hope that made sense!). The first adapter was covered by my AppleCare and was told that I probably somehow ended up with a defective product. That adapter lasted about 6 months before the same thing happened again. Of course it was less than a month after my AppleCare expired, so I had to pay for the replacement myself. Now, about another 6 months later, I am going to have to buy yet a 3rd adapter. At $79 it is far too pricey to have to keep replacing them every 6 months. I think I'm going to investigate an after market adapter and see if I can find a better quality product. I would have expected better from a company such as Apple. Very disappointing.

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    Rubbish quality

    this is the 3rd time we have to replace this cable. like previous reviewers have pointed out.. it breaks really easily due to its design and rubbish quality. So disappointed that we have to spend another £65 to replace it!

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    Garbage :(

    My MacBook Pro is not quite 4 years old, and here I am, preparing to buy the 4th power adapter for it. I bought it in England, and when I moved back to the US 6 months later I used it with a plug adapter and wasn't too surprised when it stopped charging after a few months. Before that the wires had frayed at the base of the magnet connector. It was within the 1st year, so Apple replaced it for free, with a US Power Adapter. The following year, after about a year, (the wires having begun to fray at the same spot long since--seems to be a separate issue) the cord broke off from the magnet. I could still push the pins in and get a charge, but they didn't stay long. I even superglued it once or twice, but eventually it just didn't work any more. The exact same thing happened to this one not one year later. Fortunately I had bought the Apple Care plan, so Apple replaced those last two adapters without charge. Last night the same thing happened to my 3rd one. The cable just pulled free from the magnet, pins attached (wires had begun fraying long ago). This one isn't even superglue-able. Apple Care is expired, I'll shell out the money for a 4th adapter, but I'm really disgusted with this yearly hassle and expense. Apple can do much better than this!

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    Apple gets an A+ from Evil University!

    Our family has 4 laptops and two desktops - the desktops are the only computers with power cords that don't fail on a regular basis, requiring new cords at approximately $80 / unit. Well played, Corporate Overlord!

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    the magnet part (the plug to your laptop) KEEPS DISCONNECTING WHEN IT MOVE MY LAPTOP (sorry for my bad english, I'm asian)

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    I've got to replace this thing again. It's fraying at the base of the charging cable near the adaptor. I still have my dell charger from 2001 and it's traveled all over the world...I don't even take this one anywhere. This is my 3rd charger and I'm obviously not happy I have to buy another. Apple...please find another supplier.

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    Horrible Power Adapter

    I am onto my 4th or 5th charger.. i honestly lost count. this is ridiculous!!! My most recent issue is the magsafe part has seperated from the rest of the power cord and i have to take a sharp item to pry the magnet off of the computer to attempt to fix only to have it spirit again!!! this is the worst design ever!

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    Great laptop worst charger

    I have no complaints with my MBP. It runs great but charger is of very poor quality. Insulation near connector is peeling off and exposing the wires. Is there any easy solution than spending another xxx $? I tries electric tape but it only works for 3-4 weeks.

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    The biggest disadvantage of having a macbook

    MacBooks are great. I love my laptop. I love being able to use my laptop even more. I've been through 3 chargers in the past two years which costs me over £90 per year just to charge my mac. For someone with a students budget, this is disastrous. It doesn't matter how you treat the cable. Within a couple of months the joint between the head of the charger and the wire starts wearing thin and then a few months later the wires are exposed. The design is ridiculous. Any idiot could tell that by placing the head and the wire in a line like that, any movement places stress on that joint. This is literally the worst apple product sold. It's expensive, shoddy and completely not worth the money. Alas, today I bought yet another one. At least, it's reliable for the few months the insulation lasts. I wish I could give this less than 1 star.

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    Overpriced for the durability

    I'm on my third adapter and all of them are worn prematurely. The cord wears out at exactly the same spot, ie at the connector. I take good care of my expensive Apple gear, I never twist or stress the cord and I don't even use it outside of my home. Given that this happens over and over again this is clearly a design mistake. Unforgivable for the price Apple asks.

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    Not a good charger, but its all we can use

    3 Chargers in 3 years. These are very expensive. Can't you design something that will last long term or lower the price?
    I have never had to replace my chargers on my non-mac computers even after 5 years. (A Toshiba laptop I had for example)

    I will be getting Linux and other hardware when this computer or charger dies again. I've never had this problem with other company's products.

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    worst power adapter ever

    If you're lucky this adapter will last 6 months in normal use. You can buy a $300 PC laptop and it will come with a better adapter than this. I have owner at least a dozen PC laptops and I have never had a failed power adapter. Apple, however, with $200B in the bank cannot manufacture a product that would work better than a $20 knock-off you can get on ebay.
    Just because of this adapter alone, I will not be getting another MacBook when my current one dies.

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    Poorly made and expensive replacement

    I am on my 3rd broken charger now. First one came with the laptop and I had to buy another 2 after that. Every charger breaks at the fixed connection point (where the white box and the line connects) after about 12/15 months of usage.

    Every charger is anothe £65, now I need to buy another one.

    Apple is really testing my loyalty here !

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