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    Great laptop worst charger

    I have no complaints with my MBP. It runs great but charger is of very poor quality. Insulation near connector is peeling off and exposing the wires. Is there any easy solution than spending another xxx $? I tries electric tape but it only works for 3-4 weeks.

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    The biggest disadvantage of having a macbook

    MacBooks are great. I love my laptop. I love being able to use my laptop even more. I've been through 3 chargers in the past two years which costs me over £90 per year just to charge my mac. For someone with a students budget, this is disastrous. It doesn't matter how you treat the cable. Within a couple of months the joint between the head of the charger and the wire starts wearing thin and then a few months later the wires are exposed. The design is ridiculous. Any idiot could tell that by placing the head and the wire in a line like that, any movement places stress on that joint. This is literally the worst apple product sold. It's expensive, shoddy and completely not worth the money. Alas, today I bought yet another one. At least, it's reliable for the few months the insulation lasts. I wish I could give this less than 1 star.

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    Overpriced for the durability

    I'm on my third adapter and all of them are worn prematurely. The cord wears out at exactly the same spot, ie at the connector. I take good care of my expensive Apple gear, I never twist or stress the cord and I don't even use it outside of my home. Given that this happens over and over again this is clearly a design mistake. Unforgivable for the price Apple asks.

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    Not a good charger, but its all we can use

    3 Chargers in 3 years. These are very expensive. Can't you design something that will last long term or lower the price?
    I have never had to replace my chargers on my non-mac computers even after 5 years. (A Toshiba laptop I had for example)

    I will be getting Linux and other hardware when this computer or charger dies again. I've never had this problem with other company's products.

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    worst power adapter ever

    If you're lucky this adapter will last 6 months in normal use. You can buy a $300 PC laptop and it will come with a better adapter than this. I have owner at least a dozen PC laptops and I have never had a failed power adapter. Apple, however, with $200B in the bank cannot manufacture a product that would work better than a $20 knock-off you can get on ebay.
    Just because of this adapter alone, I will not be getting another MacBook when my current one dies.

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    Poorly made and expensive replacement

    I am on my 3rd broken charger now. First one came with the laptop and I had to buy another 2 after that. Every charger breaks at the fixed connection point (where the white box and the line connects) after about 12/15 months of usage.

    Every charger is anothe £65, now I need to buy another one.

    Apple is really testing my loyalty here !

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    I join the bandwagon: onto my 4th charger

    Needless to say, I again purchase a charger for the fourth time! I went to the GeniusBar today, and had it replaced for $61, since they let me keep the adaptor that I had before. But it's the same defect: the cord near the base of the charger disintegrates and exposes the wires. I've had my Macbook for 6 years now... What can I do, but shell out some more bucks...

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    Add your voice. Start a movement.

    I am chiming in on the lousy durability and have voted 'yes' on the helpfulness of each poor review for the last couple months. We have to raise our voices somehow. C'mon, Apple. Show your consumers the love you spend so much time and money cultivating.

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    Not worth the $80

    NOT WORTH THE $80. My second charger decided to stop working after just over a year of use. I am about to purchase my third charger in less than four years which is absolutely ridiculous. I love my Mac and iPhone but the charging cords sold with Apple products are absolute garbage. These chargers are not of the high Apple quality I have come to know from their other products.

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    Poor design resulting in fraying cable. Cable frays then breaks and sparks

    Suggested design improvement would be a cable end that swivels or one that doesn't fray and break.

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    Not worth it

    My power cable just broke.. again. This is the third I've gone through in 4 years. They don't last and they're not worth the 80$. I would recommend going to a second hand store where you can find them for closer to 15$. Not even sure if they're worth that. Anyway, don't waste your money here. Like everyone else, I love my computer, love the mac but the chords are the worst.

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    Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter (for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro)

    I have had to replace the power cable for my MacBook Pro a few times. It frays easily despite my efforts to protect and care for it - each cable replacement costs anywhere between $40 - 80 adding to the overall cost of the computer. I have used electrical tape to reinforce the cable entering the housing of the adaptor but over time it still frays. Unfortunately this occurs even if you use the two "L" brackets that swing open to wrap the cable. My husband and other family members LOVE mac, but everyone of us have had to replace this part. I hope that Apple will improve the design of their power cables to prevent fraying.

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    Least durable adapter

    Apple always position itself as a prestige brand, but unfortunately, the adapter itself is a negative influence of its brand name. The outer shell used is very fragile, more fragile than a PC cord. This is unacceptable because you get at least 5 years of useful life for a PC cord. Obviously, Apple's power adapter's performance is under industry average, especially when you use it "in the wrong" way. I suggest that the outer shell material be changed to increase durability.

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    built-in obsolescence

    And yet another Apple Cord fails. I thought perhaps $50 to replace? No! Just nearly triple that amount. What a joke. Its time I change from Apple. You see, my friends have Samsung phones and surface pro computers and I have stopped defending you Apple. Their cords don't ware and tear like yours. They are calling me back over to computers that don't look so fancy but they can use them. I haven't got a spare $129 to replace my cord so now my apple mac is a giant paperweight. If anyone out there can come up with ideas on what to do with my MacBook whilst I save up $129 I would really enjoy reading them.
    1. Paperweight...
    2. Doorstop...
    3...Pose in coffee shop whilst secretly reading a real book..
    4. Recipe book holder
    5. Shelter for my pet mouse

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    Should be ashamed to put out such a poor product

    This is my 3rd power adapter for my macbook! They all break. The cord at the base of the box cracks and exposes the wires. You'd think the geniuses at Apple could fix this! I guess they are really not geniuses at all. Unless this is all part of their plan to make more money off of us! I wish I could rate this product 0 stars!

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    Would give it 0 star

    Change something to make this product better.

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    this charger lasts max 1.5 years, I've had to buy 3 new chargers in 5 years of having my macbook pro, not for lack of care just because the wire continuously separates from the adapter

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    I don't think I'm adding anything new to the conversation but I am having the same problems as everyone else it seems. My power cord is now frayed and I will have to purchase a new one for $80??? Why so expensive for something that doesn't last? I don't abuse my equipment but it seems that no matter how good of care you take of these power cords they end up fraying. That really stinks Apple! Love your computers, not a fan always of your accessories/cables, thanks!

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    Broken after 15 month

    The original MagSafe adapter that came in the box with my MacBook Pro lasted for 5 years, and the replacement has lasted 15 months, which is silly. The rubber wrapped around the cord cracked, and the wires inside frayed where the thin wire exits the brick, and that is causing the brick and the wire to heat up quite a bit. The rubber around the thick wire is also cracking near the plug. It doesn't charge unless I hold the wire at a certain angle, and even that doesn't always work. Seems like a fire hazard, and I'm really disappointed in the quality of the replacement part, considering how long the original lasted!

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    Broken Charger

    Reading the reviews should wake the people at Apple up. The common thread is that the cords fray and become unusable. I take great care with my MacBook Pro and yet my cord frayed in the same place most of the other reviewers cords did. I only use it at home so I never wrap the cord and always let it lie straight from my laptop. The MacBook Pro is great, but the cords are garbage.

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