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    Dont know what you guys do....

    6 years of use, and no issues. My wife has had one for almost 4 years... again, no issues. People must not be using their brains and are either bending the cords or maybe they need to plug into a power conditioner. I know tons of people with MacBooks and NONE of them have this issue. It's like anything else, they aren't indestructible. I have had so many other issues with non-Mac laptops, and you really just can't compare the products!

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    A charger that costs $80 to replace should not break so easily

    It is, of course, broken, like many others out there. I mean, I like the design, I like the magnetic connection and all, but I fear this is why it broke. You see, the magnetic portion of the L connector broke off from the charging part. It's very difficult to describe, so just suffice it to say, I have to tape my charger to my computer to get it to stick at all, which is inconvenient when I want to disconnect my computer to move it somewhere. In fact, when it first broke I just superglued the magnetic part back to the connector, but then somehow the superglue wore off and the same piece came disconnected. And sometimes it still won't charge, even if I have it taped securely in. It just really stinks that a device that should be wireless is not for me, because I don't want to risk losing the placement I found that keeps the charge going, so I just always keep the cord attached, even when I have to pack up my Mac to go somewhere.

    It's stressful, it stinks that it simply just broke one day (I did nothing that could have caused it to break, it just fell apart), and it stinks that I'm sitting here trying to decide whether I want to continue using scotch tape to hold my charger together or if I should shell out $80 to replace it, and just keep my fingers crossed that the next one won't break as well. I wish I could just take it to the Apple Store to get it fixed but 1. The nearest Apple Store is 2 hours from where I live (I live in Iowa. We literally have only 1 store. It's ridiculous.) and 2. I doubt they will just give me a new charger (they would likely just say the fact that I superglued it and have been taping it somehow broke the warranty agreement, even though the nearest store is a TWO HOUR DRIVE away and when it first broke I was in the middle of finals in college, and I didn't have time to just pop over to Des Moines and back).

    It's all just a tough, annoying, frustrating situation, but clearly Apple doesn't care that much, since there's 1700 other people who took the time to leave a 1 star review (and I'm sure there's plenty more who've had issues who simply didn't take the time to leave a review) and yet there's still nothing being done to make the chargers satisfactory.

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    I opened my laptop and it was at 4% battery, nothing new. So i plug in the charger and connect it to the computer and i smell something burning literally one minute later. I start looking around and I see SMOKE right next to my face coming from the charger! It burned through the rubber. This is the second time this happens. I had ANOTHER charger get so hot that it started MELTING.

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    Cord Connection to Charger Block Frays Easily

    I am disappointed in the design of these chargers, which decreases the quality of this product immensely. My second charger is not working anymore because the connection point to the charger block is slightly cut open from the bending, even though I was extra careful this time to not wind it up using the prongs to limit bending (the same thing happened to my first charger). This will be the THIRD charger that I must purchase in the past 2 years. Judging by the reviews, this is an ongoing and persistent problem for many users. Please redesign the charger to make it more durable. Some other companies found a solution to this issue through a simple Google search; I shouldn't have to purchase a third party product. Simply incorporate a stronger support at the connection points like many other PC chargers; it should justify the $80 cost.

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    This is the third Power Adapter I have had to purchase due to fraying in less than three years. At $79 a pop they should last longer. When I first took the cord into the Apple Store I was told it was due to my negligence and carelessness. I take very good care of my MacPro and all my electronics. This is just plain garbage and Apple should be ashamed to sell this cheap, poorly made power cord.

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    What's the freakin' deal with these power adapters?

    How does Apple get away with these god awful power supplies? Why do we put up with it?

    NEVER AGAIN. When this Macbook finally dies (or I can't freaking find a POWER SUPPLY THAT CAN CHARGE IT), I'm jumping ship. My first Apple was an Apple 2C. This will be my last.

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    Im onto my 4th charger in three years. The wire is so poorly made and rips too easily. After my mac book breaks, im not buying another mac book again. My lenovo laptop Ive had for 6 years, the charger looks brand new. I only switched to apple thinking everything is much easier to use, but having to buy $100 adapter twice a year is ridiculous.

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    Absolutely awful quality

    I cannot believe the quality of this charger, also with the chargers Apple supplies with the iPhones. They are all terrible. I have been through a couple of phone chargers and now this. I think after this incident my next phone/computer will be android/PC. I cannot stand electronics that break, and then the company charging an insane amount of money for a replacement. Not impressed.

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    Part near the Magsafe always tearing

    Price does not match the quality of these chargers. Apple seriously makes the worst quality cables. Third charger I had to get within 4 years of owning my Macbook Pro. Cable always rips. If the quality is going to be this bad, please consider lowering the prices of these poor quality products if we're always going to be replacing them.

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    power cord is coming apart

    My power cord seems to suddenly have developed frays and torn around the edge where the wire joins to the plug, and no longer charges (and my laptop is not old), so I came onto the website to see how I could get a replacement and am astonished to see all these awful reviews on here! Can it be true that Apple has been making this shoddy product for years and been receiving bad reviews from their customers for years and still hasn't improved the cable?? And it's so expensive too! $80 that I have no choice but to pay, for something that looks like it's not going to last at all, according to all the reviews on here… I was going to say why haven't they fixed this issue yet, but maybe I've just answered my own question.

    Terrible weak product, please make it stronger

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    What the fray?

    I've been a loyal Macbook user for four years. I have bought at least 3 power adapters in that time frame. This morning, my 4th power adapter finally frayed to the point where when I removed the adapter from my Macbook, the cord literally snapped in half at the top. I would give this product a zero star. The price is too high to have to replace it every 12 months. Apple, you need to step up your game.

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    Went out

    The power adapter to the computer died and I now can not charge my computer….considering this computer was over 1000, it should last a very, very long time. I'm not happy.

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    never worked well, now the cable cover is frayed

    Over-priced, over-heats, cable frayed, has never worked properly. Very stylish though ;)

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    I am purchasing my 3RD CHARGER in less than ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! This is unbelievable. They just randomly break for no reason. I put little wear and tear on them, so it's not like I'm dropping them from the ceiling or throwing them around. There needs to be a better way to go about this. My Apple loyalty wears thin when I realize the amount of money I am wasting on chargers. If it wasn't a completely necessary item, I would certainly not be buying it again.

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    Magsafe Power Adapter is UNSAFE and extremely poor quality

    I bought a MackBook Pro in June 2013. After little more than one year, and no unusual pattern of use, the change cable frayed, and the electrical cables started to become exposed. One year! And this product is called Magsafe! The fraying is now so extreme that I have to purchase a replacement, at the exorbitant price of $79.

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    Never A Problem

    I recently bought a new MagSafe Power Adapter for my 2010 MacBook Pro after not paying attention and my cat chewing the cord in multiple places. I've always been confused by the negative attention, this is one of 3 MagSafe adapters I own and I've never had the issues with fraying cords so many other people mention. I don't know if I'm just lucky because I don't treat these adapters with any sort of care and I carry one with me everywhere I go. Constantly wrapping and unwrapping the cable. I would mention new adapters come with a 1year warranty which comes in handy if anything happens aside from MY CAT CHEWING THE CORD.

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    Sitting on adapter/power supply actually worked

    I found out today that my power supply had stopped working - and with very good reason.
    It wasn't anything that Apple can really be held responsible for, unless I just want someone else to blame. (seems to be the in-thing to do).
    Anyway, the reason that my power supply stopped working, was the little teeth marks all down the cord. I could even see bare wires in the larger of the holes. I was going to make a kitten leash out of the thing until I read the one post that seemed most unlikely. The author said to 'sit on it'.
    I thought that the post was funny, but I also decided to amuse my wife by hatching a repair. Don't you know, the darned thing works.
    Maybe because the cable was stretched a different way. Maybe it was the feline god of laughs. Don't know.
    Anyway, back to the subject matter. We, my wife and I, have been using Macbook and Macbook pro computers for the last 6 years and have never, ever experienced any problems whatsoever. None - NADA.
    Prior to that, with pc's - let me count the ways - I had seven hard drives sitting in a box from old pc's that died - an average of one every 10-12 months. To those that threaten to go back to pc's, life is full of choices.

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    Apple, apple, apple..

    After seeing so many horrible reviews on their website you would think Apple would have finally solved the problem of their power adapters not lasting. NOPE! 3 years of owning my Macbook and 3 chargers later... This time, I was at 30% battery when my charger decided to stop working the night before the due date of a big presentation. Keep in mind it's 11 PM and $80 is usually out of the typical college student's budget. Thanks, Apple, for adding even more stress to my college life.

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    i have to get my 5th charger for my 3 year old laptop

    ive only had my macbook for 3 years and for the 5th time im going to have to drop a bunch of money on a new charger. its frustrating because my chargers rarely move unless im cleaning other wise it is always in the same place. they simply dont last and are too expensive for the quality. i would feel a lot less cheated about paying $80 for a charger if it lasted more than 5-6 months.

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    I'm fairly confident, after reading many review, that EVERYONE is having the same issue, Apple.


    I am about to have to buy my THIRD charger. THIRD. I should be able to have one, MAYBE two chargers for the life of my computer.
    Not only have I already had to have my battery replaced, now I have to buy YET ANOTHER charger for my Macbook pro. This computer isn't even that old. It doesn't matter what you do with this charger, unless you put it on a shrine and bubble wrap it, it isn't going to last very long.

    Apple, help us out here.

    Be better.


    Not buying another one of these cords.

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