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    What's with all the hate?

    My MagSafe charger on my MacBook 2010 lasted 6 years of heavy use before even taking damage (pulled the powerpoint end out at a bad angle, bent a prong) and the only issue before that was a weak magnetic connection on the computer's end (fixed, FYI). What's everyone else's problem? My mate had one too, and his was fine...

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    Actual Garbage

    This will be the third adapter I will have purchased for a fantastic laptop that just keeps on going. Too bad the adapters don't last... Though the first one died under the original warranty, I have not been lucky with the last two- they are defective and begin overheating and become too hot to touch after about two years - and that's if the cord lasts. Wish apple could make a better product for the price as I have a hard time buying an $80 product that I know will probably only last a few years and I will have to replace out of my own pocket.

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    Two MacBook and four chargers already!

    I bought a new MacBook pro 15 in December 2011 and in 3 year 2 chargers, I bought another MacBook pro 13 in December 2014 last month I was compelled to buy a new charger again. How on earth is that possible for so long. Do not tell me Apple do not know the problem, for instance many Apple employees do have those same MacBook, I cannot believe they are not concerned so what's the reason there is no improvement at all I really would like to know...because yes I am disapointed of course. I did owned my first Apple computer in France in 1992 a Mac SE I remember it very well...and stayed faithfull ever since, I had a performa with a 500 Mb hard disk LOL also an iBook an iMac...and nowadays they managed to disgust me of the company with this poor charger... ridiculous I reckon. By the way I have had 7 iPhone an iPad an iPad mini but some old couple sometimes could divorced for futile reasons too!

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    Design does not stand up to durability

    The design of this is sleek and goes well with Apple's brand. However the cord end that is attached to the power adapter will be the first to break on you. If not visibly, the wires will break on the inside and you will have to find the "sweet spot" where the cords will connect. I've been through two already and now my current one didn't even last a year.

    Love Apple, but this is an issue they really need to fix.

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    Magsafe Power cord for Mac Laptop

    Cord is garbage must be made of bad faulty or cheap materials
    plastic/rubber coating pretty much rubbed away in 2 spots we spent $ 4834.14 on this lap top and the power cord breaks 16 months later great paper weight !
    very disappointed in mac
    best isn't always the best!

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    Overpriced piece of junk

    My cable is two years old and now looks like an electrician's nightmare. The plastic covering the wires has shredded and about a foot of the internal wires are completely uncovered and starting to separate into thin metal tendrils. The rest of the cable is covered with electrician's tape applied when the covering first started peeling away, a year after purchase. The odd thing is that the cable continues to charge but that may change at any minute so I was forced to purchase another one of these low quality cables at the outrageous price of $79. For that money, the cable covers shouldn't be peeling like a molting snake. And now I'm off to cover that foot of naked wire with some more electrician's tape.

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    Not good

    Like everyone else, the jacket ripped. I'm surprised mine still works after 4 years on my first charger -- with electrical tape wrapped all around.

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    Such a shame everyone is having the same problem! Original charger lasted four years, finishing up with sparking and smoking and with both ends of the charger overheating. I decided to buy a cheaper version from Amazon to replace it, and this has just expired in the same way. I was preparing to fork over £60 for a new Apple one this time round, only to see they have increased in price by £19 since last September!! And with people still experiencing exactly the same problem! Such a joke.

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    Great connection, terrible durability. It's my third in 2 years.

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    A case study on how to ruin great design!

    The magsafe power cable is a case study in technical failure. Apple took an innovative design (that they patented, that's why its $99) and squeezed every last pico cent from the design to the detriment of the product itself. The power cable is jacketed by a few molecules of PUR, and terminated in a non-functioning manner-. add to that the L shape connector that gives the user no room to pull the connector from the head itself, and forces the user to tug away from the cable. And since the cable has the same construction as silk underwear and has no strain relief, it fails, and it fails quickly. I wasted so much of my hard earned money replacing these magarbage cables, i am done, i am so done. They got rid of magsafe finally in the end of 2016 line up, but its too late for me.
    This cable will give you so much aggravation, you'll want to quit the apple ecosystem

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    Why do you hate me?

    I find myself in the same predicament at least once a year. The L-shaped magsafe keeps unraveling, and at this point, I'm so frustrated. I do not "man handle" my tech products because I treat them like I would a baby. So I'm not quite sure why it continues to expose its wires to me and stop working. The charger that came with my MacBook Pro lasted about 2 years. I wasn't as upset when I replaced that one. But when you have to fork over $80 twice..it's ridiculous. I'm at the point where electrical tape will not save my current charger, and I'm going to have to invest in another $80 charger that will only last a few months. Functionality shouldn't come second behind aesthetics for the charger. Take a page out of most PC chargers, please.

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    Same trouble

    I too, am adding my voice to those who have already expressed immense displeasure with the charger. I really am impressed with how long my macbook pro has lasted. I use a early 2010 model. Fantastic work on that, Apple. I have had to do very little in the way of keeping my actual computer going, besides constant issues related to charging. It is quite a pain in the rear to have to buy a new charger multiple times a year. And there are no good replacement charger options. I have started buying the $20 Chinese builds just so i don't break the bank. I like what one reviewer said about putting these chargers under warranty. It should not be the burden of the consumer to constantly buy new chargers for Apple's poor design in this regard.

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    Come on...

    For $80, you'd expect the charger to be a true quality product. I'm on my third charger after just 3 years. After about a year, the casing breaks, and the charger has to be wrapped in electrical tape. I've never had this problem with any other computer/phone/ipod chargers. Had I known how awful your chargers are, I wouldn't have purchased a Macbook, which is a shame because this is a great computer. I do NOT recommend this laptop, only because of how awful the chargers are.

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    Worst charger ever...

    I purchased my Macpro early 2012. In early 2013, the first charger got broken. I thought it was my fault for treating it badly. So I purchased the second charger, I treated and carried it like gold. Guess what, it decided to not working when I have my paper due in a few hours. I wish i could take pic and show you guys how horrible the charger is after nearly 3 years of usage. But I have no option other than buying this freaking charger again for my Mac.!!!

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    Macbook Power

    I had got this 3 times during one year.

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    Apple and their chargers.

    I love Apple products but their chargers are sub par. I figured out how to keep my iphone charger from fraying and that's by wrapping colorful string around it. I attempted this with my mac charger and it didn't work as well. I've had my macbook pro since 2011 and have bought two additional chargers. The one that originally came with the computer eventually frayed and started to make sizzling noises. So I bought another one and the same thing happened. I just received my new charger and I'm urgently looking for ways to preserve it now because who has time to buy a new $80 charger every two or so years. Apple is able to make such intelligent products but can't make a durable charger. Unreal.

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    Love Apple but not their cables

    I've had a Macbook Pro since 2011 and I love it. Yet the charging cable that come with is a pain, because the coating is so fragile that it'll break within a year of usage. I'm on my 3rd cable and it is bringing me down that Apple is able to make so good products yet fail so immensely. The same goes with my chargers for my Iphones (4-7) and Ipad. Weirdly enough I haven't had the same problems with my Ipod charger cable. Please up your game Apple, although I suspect you for having it as part of a business strategy to make cables with a real limited lifetime.

    Best Regards

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    Really Apple?

    I've had my macbook for two years (a week ago was two years). and within those two years I have had to purchase five replacements. The silicone casing always comes apart which leads to a charger that has to be covered in electrical tape no matter how well i take care of my charger and don't leave it lying around. For $80 a piece, Apple really needs to improve the quality.

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    Poor design and very expensive

    I have changed my Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter 3 times now as the cable is far too fragile at the device end and always develops a fault despite very careful handling. Considering the high cost, and the fact that Apple prides itself on high quality, I am very disappointed that Apple has not addressed this issue.
    The Macbook is still going strong. Please can we have a solution to what is quite obviously a design fault?

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    Bad quality

    Only at the beginning of the third year, I had to buy a new adapter!!! The skin of the cord ripped at one point. and it started getting hot, very hot, at the ripped point.

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