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    I love apple products normally but about a year ago I replaced my apple cord from 2009! The first charger lasted almost 8 years! I bought this one last year and I recently was using it when I started smelling smoke the cable had burned through the rubber casing on the chord. That's concerning :(

    Apple if I am paying $100 on a charger I hope I'm paying for quality... this was definitely not quality.

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    Constantly Breaking

    I had to buy this 4 times and I don't even move the charger around that much. My iPhone charger lasts longer than the MacBook's. This is outrageous.

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    Worst product ever! Worn out even with extreme care!

    I literally went to the Apple Store just to learn how to protect my adapter from breaking. I followed their advice carefully. Still it broke again after a year.

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    60W magsafe

    Unfortunately I have had same experience as everyone else: new charger at an extortionate price given there is no alternative which then fails within 3 months of purchase. It worked fine for a couple of months then wouldn't charge the lap top , then started charging again but yesterday the magnetic head snapped off its casing making the cable totally useless. Ridiculous, disappointing and totally unacceptable that I have to buy yet another one in order to use my laptop. 1 star is way over generous.

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    Poor Quality Charge for TOO much $$$

    I am very disappointed in my charger. I went to best buy only two or so weeks ago to buy a brand new charger for $80 because my old one has been freeing. It has only been a few weeks and now my new one is fraying. I am not impressed at all. Now I have two junk chargers and no way to charge my mac book pro. I can't afford to go buy another one. Jesse you think something with its own serial number would be made with better quality. I beet they are made cheaply so we had to keep buying one. Would really love if Apple would absorb the sot on this one and send me a new charger asap! I have school work to do.

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    Defective Product

    My original adapter worked for several years, but the cable frayed at the MagSafe connection. I attributed it to normal wear & tear and went to Apple for a replacement.

    I was mortified that a replacement adapter cost $80! However, I wanted an authentic Apple product for peace of mind.

    Needless to say, like many others I was disappointed when the new cable frayed at the exact same point after just 4 months. My MacBook was used exclusively at home and I believe the fraying came from the fact that the L connection can cause a slight bend in the cable. Although the wires were exposed I covered them with electrical tape because it had cost so much. Eventually it died and I went for a sketchy third party adapter.

    My third party adapter just failed after 15 months, so I came here with the intention of buying an Apple product that would 'last'. But after reading all these reviews again, I can't in good conscience pay $80 for an inferior product that is known to be low-quality and dangerous. I'm just going to retire the MacBook and switch to PC. What an underhanded way to treat customers who've paid a premium for a 'well-designed' product. Never again...

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    What a disgrace

    Absolute garbage. 3rd charger in 1,5 years just broke. 80*3=160. 160/18=8.8$. I pay a steady 9$ per month for Apple chargers. Using my last bit of power to write this. *SHAKING MY HEAD*

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    Why do your adapters lack quality?

    I get that you need to make money on accessories but if you make me keep buying adapters once a year its going to affect the rating you get! Without a rhyme or reason your adapter gave up on me. I plugged it in, checked to see if the wire was damaged or if the dog chewed it - nope nothing. It just wont charge my laptop. 2k ratings of a 1 star should make you focus on making better accessories.

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    Breaks every ~10 months (pathetic, expensive hardware)

    I'm so disillusioned.

    I treat my adaptors better than my children. I literally baby them, no direct sunlight exposure, no overheating, no bending, no touching, no unnecessary usage and yet, they break so often I need to replace my adaptor every ~10 months. For $80 each time. I have bought 4 now for a single macbook.

    Apple have built a horrible product here and they don't care. We are being screwed.I won't buy a macbook again, this is way too expensive.

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    Poor Design and Short Lifespan

    I have a 2011 Macbook Pro and I still love it. Unfortunately, I do no love the charging cable. I am on my third cable (the first accidentally damaged myself). The second and current cords have been faulty at the connector piece. The second cord's rubber cracked and revealed the inner cables so I had to use electrical tape as a temporary fix until I received a new cord. The new cord (which I have had 2 years) has burned a spiraling yellow ring burned along the first 4 inches of the cord. Today, the rubber near the connection piece cracked, and I am once again using tape to keep it together.

    It seems the lifespan is about 2ish years per cord...

    I'd be more than happy to invest in the newer cord design if it was compatible with my 2011 Macbook Pro, but unfortunately, that is not the case. If possible, could this cord be redesigned? I have to agree with many others that for $80, that quality of this cord leaves me disappointed. Your computers are fantastic, but the hardware needs some adjusting.

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    It Was Nice...

    It was nice in the first 30 days and then it got a tear and not because of my doing! It was actually because the part of the cable, that holds the cable when folded, cut the cable and now a piece of wire is exposed and every time I connect it to the power, it will spark. This is totally not safe. I wish Apple would do something about this. You'd think years of having mostly 1 star ratings, they'd do something about it.

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    Cord Breaks

    Two of these have broken wear it connects.

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    Fierce apple supporter ready to switch camps

    Lifelong mac user and seller to friends no more. I don't write reviews but this has pushed me over. My first two chargers admittedly may have been roughed up. But my last 3 have been handled with care and obsession due to the $80 a pop. Yes, three, lovingly cared for cords. I know all the weak points, avoided it, rolled it carefully and positioned properly. I love my computer, it has held up well for 6 years. But I am supposed to have this dedication and money ($320) on my computer, not the charging cable. On the verge of leaving apple in my wake.

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    Poor Design

    The wire frays quite easily from light, everyday usage. I almost never bend or move the cable and yet it still managed to break. This is something I would expect from a $5 Chinese knockoff, not an $80 Apple product.

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    Apple has outdone themselves once again as always, have to say that this has only rethought how charging can be done.

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    May Want to Buy Three to Last You

    Once again the wire connecting from the block to my macbook has frayed and the charger will not charge like it should. Now I have to spend $80 on another charger that may or not last me until the end of the year. This product is poorly designed and WILL stop working long before it should.

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    Paying so much money for a charger and then it doesn't even work for a year. My second one died just now, wires all loose despite being handled with care. SO disappointed, when are Apple going to change the design????

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    These things do not last

    it's my third adapter in 5 years, and they're so expensive too! i'm very angry about this, i'm gonna have to buy a new one AGAIN. 4 macsafes in 5 years

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    Power cord is bad design

    My second cord for my mid 2012 computer just died - after less than a year. The end design is just not good. The rubber coating is weak and breaks, as does the wiring inside. And for $80, it should be EXCELLENT; instead it is POOR.

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    Piece of garbage

    Terrible quality! I've only had mine for TWO MONTHS and the insulation is already fraying! I was very gentle with it too! What an expensive piece of garbage!

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