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    Extremely Poor Design. Please fix this issue!

    I am on my 3rd charger for my macbook pro!! Such poor design and quality that the wires keep shredding and falling apart at the attachment ends. Unacceptable from an apple product!!

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    Lasts about a year

    It's June 2014. I bought my MacBook in June 2010. This is my fourth power adaptor. They may last well if you never take your portable computer travelling but I bought my computer to assist me with work and so it's moved about a lot. The cables simply are not rugged enough. I'm just glad that the previous two replacements were covered by AppleCare.

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    Very very poorly designed

    I really love your product. I have your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and macbook pro. I am a huge apple fan. But let me be honest with you, your adapters is terrible
    I bought the laptop 1 year and a half ago, but I have already bought 2 adapters. Including the one given when bought the computer, that's 3 for 18 months. For an adaptor that costs 90 dollars each, I really expect it to work for more than 6 months. I used to have a thinkpad. I use the adaptor more often because that laptop is really powerful and the battery isn't good enough. But I never bothered to check the price for the adaptor because for the whole 2 years I used that, there was never a problem except it's heavy, but buying a new one really doesn't change that. But I just checked that out of curiosity, it costs around 60 dollars, which is not much cheaper, but considering the time I used that for, it is definitely much cheaper and much more pleasant.
    I don't know how is the new adaptor but this is definitely a poor design. You really should work that more for the further generations of adaptor.

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    Never last more than a year!

    I purchased my Macbook in March 2011. That is 3 years and 3 months ago. I just ordered my FOURTH 60W MagSafe Power Adapter in that time. The original that came with the laptop lasted about six months and this is my THIRD replacement. Fortunately, my APPLECARE policy covered the first three, but this last one was not because my APPLECARE expired 90 days ago.

    In general I have been very pleased with my purchase of my first Macbook and have had very few problems with it, but I (and it seems several thousand other reviewers) cannot say the same about this product. Since I live more than 50 miles from the nearest Apple Store, replacement requires several days to accomplish, not to mention the $80 plus tax. Because this "accessory" is essential to charge the Macbook battery, I would hope that Apple's famous engineering and design staff would spend time to develop a more durable power adapter. It is the only area where Apple laptops fall short in comparison to their PC based competition. But Apple customers pay more for quality and we didn't get it in this case. You can and should do better.

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    Very annoying!

    Why can't we just buy the thin cable part with the magsafe adapter? In my experience, it is always that part that fails. I don't need to purchase the plug and transformer section!! As everyone else is saying - these chargers break too frequently and are far too expensive. It is a disaster when you can't charge your machine so we have no option, but to keep on paying out the cash.

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    Your chargers DO NOT LAST ! :(

    Today I bought my 5th charger - and this time - NOT from you. I bought another brand because A.) Apple chargers are WAY too expensive and B.) They are obviously not reliable. Why do they break all the time? Not cool. Can you either make them a quarter of the price OR better yet - make them more hardy so people don't have to go through these annoying measures to use their device. I still love your products but if this isn't fixed I think I'll move onto another brand of laptop for the future - it's costing me too much $$$$.

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    I love my MacBook Pro, but . . .

    I've replaced my charger 4 times in 4 years. At $80 each time, this is especially frustrating. Apple, please make a better charger, or reduce the price! Seriously!

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    I have had to replace two adapters in the past 6 months

    Come on Apple - you are known and respected for your lap tops. I have been a loyal customer since 1985 (!) and always trusted the Apple brand. However my recent experience with the l-shaped power cords for the 13 " Macbook Pro has been highly disappointing and frustrating. From the reviews by other customers I read on just the first page I can see we are all disgusted with the quality and price. Twice this year the prongs for the magnetic connection have broken off! I can connect them for awhile but then the connection starts to fail and I have to grit my teeth and replace the device.

    Surely Apple could reengineer the power adapter so that it does not fray, burn, fall apart as is reported by so many loyal customers. Paying almost $90 to replace it is wearing on my patience as well as confidence that Apple stands behind its products. I would appreciate it if customer support would contact me regarding the issue.

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    Bad quality charger

    Today I am buying my third one of these chargers in three years. That is one of these chargers per year. I used to think that I was somehow not treating my charger carefully enough so that its condition rapidly deteriorated; but from reading the reviews from others, I see that this is not the issue. The charger frays so easily, that on both of previous occasions of owning these chargers, I've had to use duct tape to keep the cable intact. For such an expensive charger, this is just not acceptable. Shame on you, Apple!

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    I bought a Macbook Pro 13" 7 months ago and the charger that came with it is already giving me issues. Which is bad. Because there's people looking at me like 'Oh wow, you must not know how to take care of your things'. When really, I haven't coiled or wrapped the wires. It's always dumped in a big bag loosely so it's impossible for me to mistreat my charger... yet, the wire wrapping near the charger's core is torn and now I have to spend time to delicate move the wire so the green light lights up again and pray it'll go orange. It takes a lot of hope and prayers to get it right. Which is really tiring. I see Americans complaining for spending 80 bucks on the charger and here I am in Malaysia having to spend 280 bucks for a charger because of the exchange rate. Which is, frankly, insane. Not only is the wire now exposed and I still have to use it, I've checked and there's little burn marks so I'm guessing the thing might just explode or electricute me if I go on using it. Therefore, I /have/ to spend 280 bucks on a new charger. Properly insane.

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    Bad Quality

    I absolutely love Apple products but there is obviously a problem with the chargers when there is this many negative reviews. I, along with every person I know who owns a MacBook, and most everyone who wrote reviews have had their chargers break. The charger itself overheats and stops working. Before my cord completely stopped working the cord ripped at the end, then quickly ripped all the way down, leaving wires exposed/fraying and rubber like dust everywhere my computer charger went. I am not rough on my charger and did nothing to it to make it tear. It is not fair to charge $80 for something that will consistently keep breaking.
    Different issue but I have also had problems with my phone/ipod chargers.
    Please re-design your chargers!

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    Terrible Charger

    My MacBook Pro isn't even three years and I'm on my third charger. For such an expensive charger, it is ridiculous that Apple hasn't created a longer lasting product. Very disappointing product.

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    "Perfect travelling companion" NOT!

    I have a late (Dec) 2011 MacBook Pro. I use it daily at work and at home, and therefore it travels quite a lot. Consequently, the adapter gets wound up an awful lot of times. The product description states: "Designed to be the perfect travelling companion, the adapter has a clever design that allows the DC cable to be wound neatly around itself for easy cable storage."

    What a load of nonsense!! I naively followed the "designed storage" option, only to find that the thinner part of the cable where it leaves the transformer body has frayed and now the whole thing needs to be replaced. I'm not exactly thrilled at paying £65 for a new one, when it is the "designed" storage that has caused the damage in the first place. Even less so, if the warranty is limited to 90 Days as other reviews state. Thing is I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place - a dead MacBook or an extortionately-priced charger? Yeah, thanks Apple.

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    Break frequently

    My first one broke, due to the design of having to twist the cord around to store it. I bought a second one and now that one has broken as well in less than a year for no apparent reason. It is ridiculous to charge so much for such a defective item. If they are going to continue to design or build these so they break at least once a year, they need to charge much less for them. This is the first time I've been seriously disappointed by Apple.

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    3 frays

    I'm careful with my cord, this is my second one (first stopped working out of the blue, but no frays).

    My cord is 3 years old, and it was a brand new replacement. The plastic sleeve broke in 3 spots right by the magnetic head. I guess I have to buy a new one, because it finally stopped charging the computer tonight. Not exactly good timing as I need this computer for school and work. Apple please contact me about this.

    I do like the magnetic part.

    The self clip can tear the cord as well.

    I know I expected better, the computer has always been great.

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    I was working on a project and realized the battery was running out so I grabbed my charger and saw that the cord was burnt. Now it's not working and I only have 9% battery life. What am I supposed to do? Does it burn by itself if its "over-charged"?

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    Way too expensive.

    I've had my MacBook since 2008 and since I've bought it I've had to replace the charging cord several times. While I may not lose the charging function of the cord, it frays excessively. I'm well aware that things will grow weathered and tattered - such is life, nothing lasts forever. This is out of control though. I'm a huge supporter of Apple and their products but this is one thing that really grinds my gears. They look and act cheap but they're sure to put a hole in the average Joe's pocket. It's a shame its our only option.

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    Having to replace mine as the cable came apart and stopped working.

    Really disappointing as £65 is very expensive for a power cable.

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    The Achilles of Apple

    I've had two lap tops, an ipad mini, two phones and 5 ipods, all great products save one phone. Worst part of every product has been the chargers. After 10 years owning apple products I say this, want to keep people loyal? Acknowledge the problem and try not to gauge your customers with another bad replacement part at steep prices. An $80 charger which will be the third one for my pro is pathetic. Every ipod charger has lost ability to give a consistent charge and we're constantly trying to find another cord. I shouldn't have to be buying Belkin chargers (they are smart, they are cashing in on the consistency of your failed chargers and offering them at a replaceable cost) that is cheaper and more durable than the Apple brand.

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    I thought I was having a bad day

    the skin of the cabe started peeling off and I've mended it with electrical tape. I was thinking about buying a new one and started looking on the apple website and on ebay. After reading the reviews, I thought it was best to keep mending my old one until it stops working for good...

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