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    This is literally my third one and i've only had my computer for four years. They are terrible quality and terribly overpriced.

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    For making computers that last me so long, these chargers really stink. Mine has been on the frizt for months and you have to play with the cord for 20 minutes to get it into a position that allows the charge to go through to the computer. Today it is totally dead. No charge no matter what I do. Wish these were a little better. Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem.

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    You know what that means. Terrible design and quality. $79 bucks to replace?!?!?!?
    Get it together Apple.

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    Doesn't Work after 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Poor design.

    This is my third power adaptor. Poorly designed. I would not buy it, but need it for my computer. Apple needs to redesign this product.

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    Poor quality!

    After my original charger for my MacBook eventually broke, I had to buy this, the updated version. My first one broke within a couple of days and I had to take it back for a replacement. I've had this one about a year and it's just starting to go. The metal connector into my MacBook keeps overheating, and I almost burnt myself on it the other day it was so hot. Very dangerous!!!!! It looks as if one of the wires is loose as it will only charge if the wire is in a certain position. This is probably due to the fact that my power source is at a right angle to my MacBook, not in front or behind it so the wire has had to bend to the side. My MacBook is quite old now, and I hope to replace it in the next six months/1 year. I just hope the power adapter holds out till then as I don't fancy spending £65 I don't have on a new adapter. May just look for a 3rd party one for the time being. Disappointing!

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    I am very gentle on my chargers and laptop, I have now had two of these very overpriced chargers break. Terrible design and ridicules price, MUST FIX.

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    Extremely poor quality

    I bought a 13" Macbook Pro 2 years back. Unfortunately, it's my 2nd adapter that has stop functioning due to some reason ( I'm sure Apple service people would find some reason to say that they can not cover this under warranty).

    Extremely frustrated with the poor quality of their adapter and Apple's excuses to acknowledge that their adapter is a big design failure !!

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    Another one Broken-Design Flaw

    My second power cable has now bitten the dust

    These seem to die after around 1 year of use

    There is a design flaw but nobody at the apple store seems to care

    Very Poor but what can we do

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    Do not buy - 0 Stars

    Avoid. When I was working on my MacBook Pro 13'' 2009, my computer shut off and won't turn back on. Got a new charger, works but with "Shift" key stuck, requiring a repair by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Avoid buying this product

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    Why did Apple change adaptor so it won't stay connected?

    I just got a new MacBook Pro 13" Retina to replace my first generation MacBook Air. I LOVE the computer, but I can't for the life of me figure out why Apple changed the adaptor from the previous slim version that would stay connected when you bump it to this new version that gets knocked off if anything touches it.

    I think of Apple as a pretty smart company, but it is as if they designed this in some software program and sent it to production without ever having used it. I have to remember to charge my computer at night because the adaptor won't stay in with the computer on my lap or on my bed. I have to set it on a stack of books so that nothing will bump the charger in order to keep it connected.

    Seriously, what were they thinking?

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    Very badly made, and this has been known for years

    My wife is going on to her third power cord for her 13" Macbook Pro in the two years that she has owned this laptop. In any other industry this would have been subject to an industrial recall.

    Step up Apple, your whole brand rests on high quality and you are ticking off alot of otherwise lloyal customers with this poorly made power cord.

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    Pro's and Con's

    I have had a MacBook Air since November 2011. It is honestly the best thing I have ever purchased from apple. I understand that the battery isn't going to last long due to the size of the computer, but I still think apple did a great job. However, I haven't had a problem with my charger in the about 2 years I've had it until yesterday. It started deciding when it wanted to charge? I had it plugged in and it said not charging? Then overnight it just gave out.. during finals week.. I'm happy with the life expectancy I go out of it, however I am very very careful with my technology, meaning it is always kept safe, clean, and never touched by anyone other than myself. This has led me to keep apple products much much longer than normal users, so to me 2 years of just being plugged in at my desk isn't very good. The price is absolutely outrageous too. I have the 3 year apple care protection plan that I haven't used once, so today when I'm at my appointment I certainly hope they will replace it, if not they will certainly have one unhappy customer on there hands.

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    3rd charger just broke

    Got my MBP in 2009 and already on my 3rd charger. The last one I got in Auguts 2012 broke today.

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    Doesn't Last

    Casing around wires do not hold up well, wires fray easily

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    Magsafe Adaptor

    I now have to buy my third adaptor in three years due to the cord fraying at the connection magnetic point. The cord and the product are clearly not of the quality to perform the task. Apple should be ashamed at the performance of this power cord!

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    Original Adapter

    My original adaptor looks like it was in a fire, which is what concerns me. The thin wire is shredded from the magnetic attachment just about to the block. I've had many issues with power cords in the past, but have never seen a cord shred like this and so quickly. It wasn't long after purchase that this process began.

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    So disappointed at having to get yet another power cord!

    OMG! For the price of these computers, I would think the cords would last longer. I think I've had my computer for about 2 years and I'm searching for my 3rd cord. I got the second one under warranty.... which they are very careful to say "only 1 power supply". Not surprising because these cords are not durable. I use a Dell laptop for work and in nearly 6 years I've replaced the power cord once. And it wasn't that long ago. Step up Apple. I'm not going to pay $80 each time this cord breaks. May be time to switch to Dell.

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    Not durable

    I have replaced four of these over the life of my computer, and in need of a new one. There is a significant issue with the durability of the cord that subtracts from an otherwise ingenious magnetic design. I would not recommend an Apple laptop based on the cost of keeping it powered alone, which hurts because I do like the OS and hardware design other than the power cord.

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    power adaptor

    That is the third power adaptor I need to buy for my macbookAir... There is really something wrong either with my macbook or with the power adaptor... At last, it becomes very expensive....

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