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    Frayed Power Adapter Cable

    My macbook air's power adapter cable is cracking up and peeling off like an old toast bread. I've only used it from March 2012 till present after I bought it in December 2012. It a shame I'll have to buy another one for $80, which will give way in no time. APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. The rubber material is substandard.

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    MacBook Pro Power Adaptor, weak cable, random power outs

    I think there are 2 main problems that I've experienced with the macbook and macbook pro power adaptors.
    1) I've had three macbooks and all have the same stress fatigue occurring on the cable within about 1 inch of the magnetic socket. The cable housing first begins to crack within the first few months of purchase, within 12 months the housing is completely open and crumbling; it appears to be some kind of chemical breakdown of the rubber casing, occurring at the spot of most fatigue.
    2) The second problem I've noticed, is the same as others on the forum, that the power adapter will stop working for 30 mins or so and will need to be left alone unplugged. This problem first appears within a few months of purchase and progressively gets worse. The fault occurs fairly randomly, It can be left unplugged for days and develop the problem within a few minutes of use.

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    Mac Charger

    Design of charger is not suitable for direct plug into wall socket, it fall down from 90% socket. I think apple engineer forget to figure out balance adjustment, and its big mistake as to me, I need to cary extra extension with my 17" mac while travel. Re Think Please.

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    Oh dear...

    I bought another one of these in store 5 weeks ago, to replace my 18 month old charger, after a service on my laptop confirmed that the charger port wasn't at fault.

    So a brand new charger that gives the same failing symptoms of the 18 month old one: Hotter than the sun to touch after charging for 5 minutes and constant readjusting to try and keep the thing connected.

    High end pricing for low end, mass produced disappointment.

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    Poor design, expensive replacement

    I had one of the original T-shaped chargers that of course had problems. I was pleasantly surprised that they replaced it for free (as they should since it was a design flaw). But now the new one got a tear in the plastic wrapping and the inside started to fray. For the most part it is still intact but it no longer works. I would be more understanding except for the fact that a replacement is so ridiculously overpriced and will be the same poor quality as the one that I have that should still work but does not.

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    the cord is frayed after less than 1.5 years

    the problem is the same as mentioned by others

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    Horribly constructed.

    I've had my macbook for a while now, but I'm on my third charger already. The connections at either end of the smaller cord do not hold up to normal use. I would rate this product "Zero Stars", but it looks like apple is going to force me give it at least one.

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    Cord is ripping

    I haven't even had my MacBook Pro for one year (just 7 months), and the cord on the charger is already ripping down the middle. I don't take my charger out with me - it stays home, plugged in, beside my bed. It makes absolutely no sense for the cord to rip this early on without constantly travelling or being rough with it. Very disappointed.

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    Apple will REPLACE that!

    I was going to purchase a replacement for my frayed power cord, but the Apple Store sales person said that it was a covered item, and they replaced it for me for free. While I'm not happy that it frayed, the service is unparalleled! LOVE THEM!

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    I bought my Macbook Pro 1 year & 3 months ago. The charger that came with it has frayed and melted close to the power adapter. I was able to position it in a certain way to charge, but it would cause my laptop to overheat and shocked me. I have also gone through 4 iphone chargers in the past 2 years. This has never happened to my old non-apple electronics; my previous Sony lasted 6 years without needed to replace the charger. This is ridiculous; Apple chargers an arm and a leg for their products, yet the materials they use are cheap and do not last... geez I wonder why. I am so turned off. I was the biggest Apple fan and have converted so many people. Good riddance.

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    I'm just about to order another one...

    Because my charger broke YET AGAIN. I seem to have to replace about once a year. This last one lasted a whopping 1.5 years because I treated it like a newborn baby made of glass. Seriously, Apple? This is totally unacceptable. I will not be buying a Macbook ever again unless the power cord situation is remedied.

    I am extremely nice to my chargers, and now that I am no longer a student on the go, my cord usually gets moved from my bedroom to living room and on the occasional out of town trip. It's a pretty light level of use, and yet I had fraying at the plug-in site until it eventually just died. I tried to fix with a bit of a electrical tape but obviously that was a temporary fix. Sigh.

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    This was of ridiculous price to start. After this they are weak and flimsy and easily broken. I am both appalled and disgusted by this.

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    Boo :(

    Same problem as everyone else, the cord is frayed :(

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    Really Bad Product

    Very poor quality. I am on my second charger. The cord on the first charger freighed adjacent to the magnetic connection after a few years. Broke out some solder and electrical tape and managed to squeeze another few months out of it. Finally had a to buy a replacement. The replacement has now stopped working after only a few months. What garbage for over $70!

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    cord is bad

    product is great, idea with magnetic plug is brilliant, however it desperately needs to improve quality of 12V power cord rubber material.
    I own also toshiba, purchased 8 years ago - power cord still looks as new one.
    but, it took 1 year for MagSafe Power adapter and power cord covered with cracks.


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    Enough to reconsider buying Apple.

    My second one just died and now I am stuck with a dead computer. I take pride in my items and treat them well, these are just built to fail. I wish Apple would make a product that last more than a year (if you're lucky). Apple needs to replace these for free.

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    Worst thing Ever from Apple!

    It just lasts up to 6 months.
    I had one with Macbook pro which died in about 7 months. Then I bought another one which too died within 6 months.
    If somebody has found better alternative please inform.

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    I bought my macbook in 2008 and the original power cord lasted 3 years. I've owned the MagSafe for about 1yr and it's now fraying and on the brink of completely snapping. Horrible quality for the price you pay.

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    Me too!

    Just wanted to chime in on the charger complaint list...my 2009 white Macbook has died, and I also have the issue plugging the box into older wall outlets at my home, and at school. The timing of this is terrible too, because I can't afford a replacement and the cpu is now completely dead with all my semester's worth of work on it! Boo hoo, thanks Apple LOL

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    Room For Improvement

    I agree with most reviewers on here. For $80 dollars you'd expect something to last longer. This will be my third charger in 2 1/2 years. I don't understand why they keep crapping out. I thought it was something I was doing, so I went to the store and they confirmed it's just the product. I'm frustrated I keep having to spend the money on a product that should last longer. Especially coming from Apple. Come on guys, get it together!

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