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    So disappointed at having to get yet another power cord!

    OMG! For the price of these computers, I would think the cords would last longer. I think I've had my computer for about 2 years and I'm searching for my 3rd cord. I got the second one under warranty.... which they are very careful to say "only 1 power supply". Not surprising because these cords are not durable. I use a Dell laptop for work and in nearly 6 years I've replaced the power cord once. And it wasn't that long ago. Step up Apple. I'm not going to pay $80 each time this cord breaks. May be time to switch to Dell.

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    Not durable

    I have replaced four of these over the life of my computer, and in need of a new one. There is a significant issue with the durability of the cord that subtracts from an otherwise ingenious magnetic design. I would not recommend an Apple laptop based on the cost of keeping it powered alone, which hurts because I do like the OS and hardware design other than the power cord.

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    power adaptor

    That is the third power adaptor I need to buy for my macbookAir... There is really something wrong either with my macbook or with the power adaptor... At last, it becomes very expensive....

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    New Design But Broken Anyway

    4/12/13 I'm about to buy my 5th power adapter in 5 years! The last one was the new and improved deal. The problem isn't just in the part that attaches to the computer. It's also the skinny cord that connects to the MagSafe. It kinks and shreds at the connection site. If's too expensive! Either redesign it or at least allow customers to buy just the skinny part & not the whole two part cord & adaptor. Come on APPLE!

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    Does not last

    I've had my MacBook Pro for 3.5 years now, and my current (and 4th) power adapter has just stopped working on me. These are cheaply made, and it is very frustrating that in order to meet college deadlines, I'll most likely have to buy yet another one. How is it that Apple can continue to produce a product that consistently doesn't work?

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    Losing ability to charge my laptop

    It takes a bit of manipulation to attach the charger at the right angle so it starts charging my laptop. What's up with this?!

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    Same experience as many others

    Second charger that broke at the insertion point (which stays stuck into the laptop), and I have to insert the rest of the four pins into the part broken off.

    Also frayed 1-1.5 cms from where the rubber cable starts.

    I feel sad that I'll have to buy another cable, and another after that.

    Poor poor construction.

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    poor quality product, and nobody willing to admit it!

    After noticing that my macbook was charging erratically, or sometimes not at all, i checked the cable of the magsafe adaptor, and it turns out the cable was showing bare wires at the adaptor block end...
    Now this is not stress or fraying (which Apple sometimes admit to and replace), but the cables had shorted and actually melted through the wire casing! the rubber is charred and twisted around the bare area!

    I took it into my nearest Apple store to see about getting a replacement, and the first 'genius' there told me that he'd seen this kind of thing before but had to check with someone else; the second 'genius' tried to blame the shorting on user error and told me that i would need to lay down 90 bucks for a replacement.
    Now i am VERY careful with both my macbook and my charger, and do not submit either to the kind of punishment necessary to cause the wires to MELT their way through the casing.

    Am VERY disappointed, not just with the product but with Apple's policy on the whole matter. At time of writing, this product has over 17,000 reviews giving an average of 1.5 stars out of 5, so i clearly not the only one.

    (note: mine was actually the older version of this adaptor, with the T-style connector)

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    Can't believe APPLE sells this poor of a product

    This is the 4th power cable that I have had to purchase since January 2010. That's 4 cables in 3 years. This means it cost me $79x4=$316 more for my Mac Pro. I am VERY disappointed in APPLE. They should be embarrassed by this product. It's these little things that can turn a generation of people off from a company. Maybe that is why AAPL stock has been tanking. The cables break, stop charging, overheat, and fall apart. The funny thing is I am extremely careful with the cable. My laptop sits in one place. I connect and charge when low, never moving the charger cable more than 3 feet. Within months of getting a new cable, there start to be issues. first it heats up or the plastic cracks. Next, the cable needs to be bent just a certain way to work. then it just stops. Steve Jobs would have heads rolling and replacements sent free of charge for junk like this. I guess that was the OLD APPLE that actually cared. I am a very sad customer.

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    Seems like they will not correct a problem ...

    ... Because it makes them a lot of money. It's funny reading/seeing all these 1 star reviews! lol. I've had 2 faulty chargers, and I learned how to fix them with a soldering iron on YouTube. Then my wife's charger died too. Anyway, I'm ACTUALLY now considering switching to toshiba or something just because of this power issue. I love th Apple UI.software, but I feel taken advantage of. I will switch knowing that I'll miss the apple experience, but I'd rather have a better built product, especially if it's cheaper too.

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    3 years = 4 chargers

    I love my MacBook Pro, but its MagSafe Power Adaptor falls inexplicably short of Apple's usually high standard. I am now purchasing my 4th charger before my computer's 4th birthday. I bought an Apple for its dependability, but I have been plagued by power issues.

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    I have a late 2011 macbook pro 13 inch . So far i went thew 4 magsafe adopters .
    And the thing keeps braking off .

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    So frustrated with these power chords. Don't know how many people I know and have seen with over-heating power chords or fraying power chords.

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    This product is poor. It breaks really easily, the wires become exposed, it fuses itself. I have now had to buy my 4th adapter now. I don't understand why this product is STILL being sold when the quality of it is so weak. For £65 a piece I don't expect it to break so frequently - seriously, sort it out. It's embarrassing and rogue.

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    Terrible Quality

    Apple needs to improve the quality of its product. I barely had my MacBook Pro for 9 months and this thing just dies. Never really travel with this laptop because it's personal and yet I am forking over $80 for a new one. Travel and beat up my HP work laptop outlet for years without replacing it.

    Nice design and intuitive system but the quality is lacking in a major way for these apple accessories. I feel robbed.

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    Bad cord, too expensive

    The cord is weak and due to bad contact the charge is intermitent. Care should be taken.
    For replacement is too expensive.

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    Frayed Power Adapter Cable

    My macbook air's power adapter cable is cracking up and peeling off like an old toast bread. I've only used it from March 2012 till present after I bought it in December 2012. It a shame I'll have to buy another one for $80, which will give way in no time. APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. The rubber material is substandard.

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    MacBook Pro Power Adaptor, weak cable, random power outs

    I think there are 2 main problems that I've experienced with the macbook and macbook pro power adaptors.
    1) I've had three macbooks and all have the same stress fatigue occurring on the cable within about 1 inch of the magnetic socket. The cable housing first begins to crack within the first few months of purchase, within 12 months the housing is completely open and crumbling; it appears to be some kind of chemical breakdown of the rubber casing, occurring at the spot of most fatigue.
    2) The second problem I've noticed, is the same as others on the forum, that the power adapter will stop working for 30 mins or so and will need to be left alone unplugged. This problem first appears within a few months of purchase and progressively gets worse. The fault occurs fairly randomly, It can be left unplugged for days and develop the problem within a few minutes of use.

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    Mac Charger

    Design of charger is not suitable for direct plug into wall socket, it fall down from 90% socket. I think apple engineer forget to figure out balance adjustment, and its big mistake as to me, I need to cary extra extension with my 17" mac while travel. Re Think Please.

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    Oh dear...

    I bought another one of these in store 5 weeks ago, to replace my 18 month old charger, after a service on my laptop confirmed that the charger port wasn't at fault.

    So a brand new charger that gives the same failing symptoms of the 18 month old one: Hotter than the sun to touch after charging for 5 minutes and constant readjusting to try and keep the thing connected.

    High end pricing for low end, mass produced disappointment.

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