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    be aware

    Be very cautious when using it, as it is extremely delicate and the cord will break easily. Had to buy a new one recently, so be sure to handle it carefully. I think the design is so flawed it's ridiculous.

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    Must wrap your cord if traveling with charger

    Since 2009, I have broken 3 of these adapters and I am now on my 4th. Apple had no sympathy and never replaced under warranty so 79.00 x 3 = $237 + tax. So I asked a worker at the apple store last time I replaced my adapter. He told me that you must wrap the cord around those nubs that pull out. If you do not do this, the cord twists and binds which puts high tension on the cable attachments. So now I do it every time and it hasn't broken since. Unless you want to waste money like i did, WRAP YOUR CORDS! Apple won't tell you these things unless you learn the hard way. Learn from my mistake please.

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    Very disappointing and frustrating..

    Have had my MagSafe power cord about 1.5years and it has worked fine, however it has now started playing up, sometimes working and sometimes not which has become increasingly frustrating.. The cord is covered by my AppleCare plan, however the service centre will not replace it without sending my laptop in to be tested at the same time which will take over a week. As I use my laptop for work I cannot be without it for this long and know the problem is the power cord and not the laptop as have tested it in a friends cord and it always works..

    Really disappointed with this service and the quality of this part, especially given the cost of the laptop ($2500) plus the cost if the AppleCare plan.. Has left me with a sour taste towards apple..

    Unhappy customer..

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    Lasts and works great

    Still have the original that came with my 2010 MB Pro. It has survived countless times tripping on the cable and being yanked and being stomped and everything my 2-year old can throw at it. Whatever these others are experiencing is probably related to the electrical in their abode or abuse.

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    Overly Fragile

    I'm on my 3rd of these for my Macbook Pro. The original one and now its replacement have each broken at one end of the thin DC wire that runs from the adapter body to the Macbook. The 1st one broke at the adapter end; its more recent replacement at the magsafe plug end.

    After my experience with the original cable breaking, I was sure to treat its expensive replacement carefully, but it still broke after approx 18months of use.

    The thin cables on these products are not built stringly enough to withstand ordinary day to day use. Apple has already faced a class action lawsuit in the USA about this issue, but its liability does not extend to the UK, so I'm faced with yet buying another expensive replacement (currently GBP65).

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    Lasts maybe a year

    I have had to buy 4 chargers in the 4 years i have had my computer. Apple needs to redesign these.

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    Lucky if it lasts a year

    I've had several now for one macbook. Very frustrating and way too expensive considering how long they last. Apple seriously needs to address this.

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    Don't Last!

    Like many others this is my 5th power cord, for the price they are poor quality, but it seems to be the only option.

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    Expensive and prone to failure

    Like many others I am now onto my third power adapter after two failures in the same place. The wiring becomes exposed and dangerous. The price is a bit of a joke. Great laptop, rubbish adapter.

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    Terrible quality

    For the price that you pay for Apple products, this is unacceptable.

    I have had mine for just over a year and have treated it very well. And now all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it is tearing. All over the whole cord is tearing. I have covered the top part of the cord with tape and then the bottom starts to tear.

    There is no way I am buying another cord at $120. I will buy a new computer before I do that.

    Sort it out Apple.

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    Zero Stars

    I am on my 4th adapter in 3 years. I got Applecare specifically to keep being able to replace this thing. Its useless. Unless of course you carry it around in a special box to avoid bending any of the cords. Because power cords on a portable computer should not be moved.... How is this issue STILL not being addressed?!

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    Power Adapter

    This cable is garbage, upper cable is skinny enough to brake but doesn't fit in the increments that it's suppose to. There is no quick fix on it you have to buy a new one. It takes an awkward amount of room in a bag too.

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    On my 4th adapter--all inferior

    Wire quality poor. I appreciate the magnetic connection best. But the wire still gets bent and disconnected from the small lighted box. It was taped at the store just to get me started. I have tried various tapes since then. None are really able to keep the connecting wire from bending and finally breaking. Today I found a break about a foot down and taped it with a little Duct tape to keep the inner wire inside. Cheap materials, I say. I have other cameras, etc, that need connectors also, they are all sturdy and take the natural bending better than Apple's adapter.
    I realize there was a lawsuit that paid out $$ if you sent in the defective one (up to 2) I missed the deadline. The non-functioning adapters are waiting in a box in the closet for the next class action suit. I'd like to know what Apple store the woman in Albany got a free replacement from.
    I love my little macbook 13" 2008 model. Some of the letters can no longer be read on the keyboard, but it still works wonderfully well and has more features than the newer laptops that have no CD-Rom, etc. It lasts 'infinitely longer' than any brand of PC laptop my friends own. I would hate to change from an Apple laptop to one of the new Windows 8 notebooks, but...
    So, as I stick with Apple it becomes a kind of annual "rent" that I pay $79 for a new ac adapter. When Apple prides itself on its slick and good design why does it continue producing their inferior adapter?

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    Unhappy wouldn't give it one star

    I have had my MacBook Pro for a little over a month. I have been careful with my charger but it is already messing up and it looks like I will have to buy a new one within a month or so. I see that a lot of other people are having the same problem and I am very disappointed that apple has not done anything about it. If the chargers are breaking this quickly why are the expensive? I love all of my apple products but this charger is horrible.

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    Totally shoddy product

    Am now on my third Adapter in 3 years, am furious that I just had to spend $90 to get another one when I absolutely do nothing to cause them to fail. I would consider not bying a mac next time around just because of this ongoing cost and hassle. These have been failing for years and the fact the model hasnt been improved during this time is pathetic. I don't expect this brand new one to last more than a year either which makes me resent this forced purchase even more.

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    $1500 computer, $.50 power adapter

    Seriously Apple, can we make these things last more than a year? I take great care of my property, there are no signs of wear, but like everyone else is saying this charger no longer works. Awful. Simply awful.

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    Shoddy Product

    I've now had the second of these suddenly fail for now obvious reason. Just spontaneously stops working.

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    Love Apple. After 3 years of use and abuse my charger gave out. I was going to order a replacement on line and decided that I would go to the apple store just in case it was my computer. The guy checked it out and said it was the charger.
    He went and got a new one, tested it out to make sure that it worked.
    I asked him how much and he said "no worries, its on us".
    I have to say I felt a bit guilty, until I told a friend and they said this is standard practice with them.
    I have read a lot of negative reviews, but all I have ever had from Apple is the best of the best!

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    5th times the charm

    I am quite aggravated on how these do not last. I have gone through so many, I am on my 5th power adapter. If apple doesn't renovate the cord to be more durable I will not be using a apple product again.

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    Why have I had to buy 3 replacements for this?

    I have had to buy 3 replacement magsafe chargers over the period of 2 laptops because they simply stop working. Very frustrating.

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