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    I have to agree with the majority here, and say APPLE PLEASE FIX YOUR CHARGERS.

    -unhappy yet loyal customer.. for now

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    third one in two years

    these adapters are every bit as defective as the earlier design. now spent $200 in adapters. Note that I do not travel and the adapters look new. they simply don't hold up.

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    Breaks due to bending

    I've seen far too many of these either dead, or with the inner wires showing and about to die.

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    Amazing Long Lasting Adapter!!

    What? WHAT? What is all this nonsense about these adapters breaking all the time? You people
    must be beating your adapters to heck! C'mon take care of your stuff... Anyway I have a sister in college has had the thing over 6 years now and is still works like new! Honestly I think people are just spamming this page with fake bad reviews, these things are very well made! Much better than any regular PC charger. Great long lasting Adapter!

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    Yet another charger

    This is the third charger I've had to purchase for this computer, and just this alone is making me think that the next computer I buy is going to be a PC. I love Macs but cannot stand the fact that the hardware is so poorly designed. Very disappointed that this is my third powercord purchase. Yes, I move my computer around daily and I take it with me everywhere, but this cord is way too thin and flimsy for a portable computer. Next design must be sturdier, folks, and I will take it into consideration for my next computer purchase. It's THAT important to me.

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    Fed up of having to replace these.

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    I got Macbook Pro 13 inch. in June 2011 and i already change the adaptor 2 times! its only lasts for a year and i have to buy a new one :( can I use the MagSafe2 60W for my Macbook Pro 13 inch (non-Retina Display)???

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    Cheap product failed after 1 year

    This comes with a one-year warranty. Mine just failed at a year plus a couple of days.

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    Really? I have buy another?

    I am going on my third power adapter for my macbook, now. Terrible terrible terrible. My last one just stopped working. This time the cord frayed under the casing, I suspect -- it just doesn't work anymore and I bought it new about a year ago. The cord casings are FAR TOO THIN -- about half the size of my husband's sturdy PC cable. I don't care if the heavier wire looks ugly, Apple: build these things to last. I feel like I'm throwing 80 dollars away every time on your sucky design, but have no choice because I like the macbook.

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    Terrible chargers

    Awful! On my 2nd replacement. This one lasted less than 6 months. Another £65?? Have a word with yourselves please Apple! You'll be hearing it from me as soon as I can get to an Apple store...

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    I've had my macbook pro (which I LOVE) for 3 years and I've gone through just as many chargers for it. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS! For the price you pay for a computer you'd think you'd be getting a decent charger. I promise I don't throw them around or crease them--after my first one broke I've been really delicate with the charger however no luck. I just never know if it's going to work when I plug it in--sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. I am dreading having to pay another $80 for a new one, but what else am I to do?

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    Worse charger ever

    I now have to buy a 5th charge cord for my 3 year old Macbook pro. It's so frustrating the last one I bought on October 30 so it's only 2 months old. It just stopped working like the other 3 cords did. This really needs to be fixed it makes me mad to have to keep spending so much money on a cord!!!I love my Apple products but I'm thinking I may go with something else the next time I buy a new computer.

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    Need new power adapter

    I have had my MacBook Pro for almost three years. After reading the reviews, I should be grateful my adapter has lasted as long as it has. However, it is a guessing game every time I plug it into an electrical outlet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. For the price you pay for an Apple computer, you should not have to replace any part within a few years time.

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    Great adapter even with its flaws

    This adapter is much improved over what I have used in the past on PC's, and is even an improvement over the old Apple connectors. With the newer "L" adapter (the only one you can buy now) make sure you have Snow Leopard or higher though. My wife's MacBook Pro from 2007 had crazy issues trying to get this to work until I updated her to 10.6.8 and now that she's on 10.7 we never have problems; I assume the charging issue is driver related. As for the cable fraying, that happens with all cables if you coil them up frequently; Be gentle and your mileage will probably be much better.

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    Excellent product if you're responsible

    These cables are great, with an excellent design. Some of the reviews state they break within 6-8 months, but my refresh has been more like 1 every 3 years. A lot can be said for being careful, and keep in mind these cables are covered UNDER WARRANTY and UNDER APPLECARE, so if you're complaining about having to buy one, the first one either paid itself off or its your own fault.
    The new "L" shape design is much improved over the "T" shape used previously and I love the safety benefit of the Magsafe plug itself. Take good care of it and you'll be fine.

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    These Chargers Do Not Last Long!!!

    I love Apple products. I have an iMac, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, Apple TV, iPad (1st Generation), iPad (2nd Generation), iPhone 4s, Apple Track Pad (For my iMac), Apple Wireless Keyboard (For my iMac), Apple Magic Mouse (For several different Mac Products), Version 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)...and I had to buy every system since Tiger...Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and now...Mountain Lion, and my 13 inch Macbook Pro that is about 1 year old...I also was Apple's College Promoter on the campus I went to college at. The only product I have had trouble with is the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter by Apple for my Macbook Pro! The 1st time it messed up, I went out and bought a replacement (the same 60W MagSafe Charger by Apple) at Best Buy for $80. And only 2 months after that, that charger just stopped working. A lot of people say their charger gets frayed at the end, and people even offer solutions on YouTube on how to fix it (DIY). Well, neither of those chargers I had didn't have that problem...they just quit working! Frustrated I bought another one from Amazon (Still the same Apple 60W MagSafe Charger) and this one stopped working after 4 months! So right now, I don't have a charger for my Macbook Pro 13" but I plan to now contact Apple bc this product is a waste of money. Almost $80.00 every 4 months!!! I can't use any of my work I have on my Macbook Pro right now and have lost money every day. I WOULD CONTACT APPLE BEFORE BUYING THIS CHARGER AND SEE IF YOU CAN GET THE APPLE SAFE WARRANTY ON IT FOR 3 YEARS BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE CHEAPER THAN BUYING CHARGERS EVERY FEW MONTHS.

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    Five chargers in 3 1/2 years

    I'm am about to purchase my fifth new charger in 3 1/2 years -- this is a truly flawed product. I could have purchased an iPad with this money. : /

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    Highway Robbery

    This isn't as useful as the old charger!!!! It is only good for 6months to a year until the cord starts to fall apart!!! WAKE UP APPLE!!!!! I have to replaced this twice already... Money is ok but if I earn my living using my laptop and every second counts and because of some poor engineering my projects will put to halt that is inconvenience!!!!!

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    Frays near the adaptor

    After 7 months of use the cord completely frayed near the adaptor to the point that it will not charge anymore.

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    When will Mac replace their weakly designed adaptors for free?

    Same story as so many others... the outside plastic split and the metallic threads of the cord appeared already deteriorated and broken inside after 1 year of gentle care. This happened on holiday in rural Indonesia, when my lightweight Mac Air was supposed to be an advantage - then had to spend time sourcing and traveling to a shop. Mac, you can do better - this 'important purchase' is not optional - is the feedback being taken on board? This baby should be getting replaced for free, the design should never have been released as it is and customers should not have to pay repeatedly for it.